Why Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Need The Internet?

Why Does a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Need The Internet?

Fifteen years ago, robotic vacuum cleaners looked like aliens from the future. But today, they hardly stand out from the rest of the home appliances. But cleaning is not all they are capable of. Modern models of robotic vacuum cleaners offer many interesting features, including support for Internet access. If you are concerned about the question “Are signal boosters illegal or not?”, then this article will inspire you to install a repeater to use innovative solutions, including robotic vacuum cleaners, effectively.

Functions Of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners have become a new stage in the development of household appliances. It is a miracle that they easily move across the floor, collect garbage, and skillfully avoid light obstacles such as a height difference of a couple of centimeters or table legs. The equipment is perfectly oriented in space and works autonomously- you can leave it to clean the apartment in your absence. Over the past few years, robotic vacuum cleaners have become smarter, and this is largely due to the support of wireless data transmission via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. What does this innovation provide?

1. Smartphone Control

This is one of the most useful features for robot vacuum cleaner owners. By downloading a proprietary application to your smartphone, you can easily manage and control the operation of the vacuum cleaner from another room, from an office, or even from another city. Control from a mobile device is supported by all popular models:  iRobot Roomba i7+, Xiaomi RoboRock Sweep One, Ecovacs Deeboot OZMO 900, Mamibot PreVac650, Karcher R3, and others.

Let us look at the control capabilities from a smartphone using the example of  iRobot robotic vacuum cleaners:

1. At any time, you can start or pause cleaning the room, as well as monitor the movement of the robot vacuum cleaner in real-time. 
2. Depending on the region, robot vacuum cleaners work with select voice assistants. You can send commands to the robot not only through the application but also by voice. 
3.  The robot vacuum cleaner transmits information about the state of the battery to the cloud (how long the charge will last), and in the case of a critically low charge, it goes to the charging station. This information can also be obtained through an application on a smartphone. 
4. The home assistant stores statistics about cleaned rooms, which the user of the proprietary application can access at any time, view the report, or even select rooms for the next cleaning. 
5. The robot vacuum cleaner becomes part of the smart home ecosystem; that is, it can be controlled together with other devices and included in complex scenarios. For example, launch at a given time on a certain day of the week or when sensors record changes in air composition/temperature. 
6. The robot vacuum cleaner sends important notifications to the owner’s smartphone. The reason for a push message may be a low battery charge when the device is unable to complete the cleaning program or a large obstacle that prevents you from moving on. 

The device automatically updates the firmware when a new version is released. It automatically connects to the developer portal and, if the internet is available, download the current firmware version. 

The need for a stable internet is very important when using a robot vacuum cleaner and other smart home solutions. To improve the signal of a particular British operator, you can use signal boosters that are completely legal.

Augmented Reality And Security

The functions discussed are basic, and every year, more and more devices appear on the market that support them. But some manufacturers, trying to differentiate themselves from the competitors, are developing something new and revolutionary. For example, LG has implemented augmented reality support in the LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ robot vacuum cleaner. Now, using the camera of a smartphone or tablet, the owner of the house can show the robot which area in the apartment needs to be cleaned.

LG robot vacuum cleaners provide additional safety. They send alerts that intruders have entered the house. When the device detects an intruder (LG HOM-BOT Turbo+ has two front cameras for this), It instantly takes a photo and sends it via the internet. And the owner of the house decides what to do with this information – come home or call the police.

Controlling The Movement Of The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners support two cleaning scenarios: automatic and manual. Users usually limit themselves to the first option since it is way more convenient, takes minimal time, and the vacuum cleaner does not need to be controlled separately. The home assistant itself will build a map of the room, divide it into zones, and begin cleaning.

Manual cleaning mode is like rooting a smartphone. It opens up new possibilities but takes more time. In manual mode, the robot vacuum cleaner turns into an analog of a radio-controlled car. In the Xiaomi app, the movement of the vacuum cleaner can be controlled using both buttons (forward and backward, left and right) and a virtual joystick. Choose which option suits you best and spend your time productively, for example, on public transport or having breakfast in your kitchen.

How To Provide a Robot Vacuum Cleaner With a Stable Internet Connection?

Place the Wi-Fi router in the center of your house or apartment so that the robot vacuum cleaner can receive a reliable internet signal from anywhere. In addition to this, you must take into consideration the following steps. 

1. Do not install the router near powerful electrical devices that generate high radiation levels and may cause radio frequency interference.
2. In one-story houses, the router should be located as high as possible – this will help it better disperse the signal. In two-story buildings, it is recommended to mount the router (if there is only one) high on the first floor or closer to the floor on the second.
3. Ensure that there are no “blind spots” in the room where the router’s signal cannot reach.
4. Use a router to strengthen the signal.

Wrapping Up

Many of today’s robot vacuum cleaners offer incredible capabilities for cleaning and protecting your home. This requires a stable Wi-Fi connection and the use of mobile applications. If you have problems with your mobile signal, it is recommended to connect UCtel to install a signal booster. This is a solution that is legal and effective in the UK.

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