How To Get Alan Wake 2 Shotgun Code | Acquire Pump Shotgun

How to Get Pump Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake 2 is one of the most intriguing games available, allowing us to strive for our survival throughout the gameplay. A shotgun is a powerful weapon in the game. Let’s go further and learn what is the Shotgun code and how to unlock it at the Sheriff’s station. Let’s follow the steps mentioned below. 

Based on survival-horror gameplay, Alan Wake 2 allows its players to be smart enough to crack various puzzles and challenges throughout the game. One such puzzle is the Shrine St Station Light Puzzle, where a player has to make complete use of the Angel Lamp. 

Players can also add multiple weapons, like Crossbow and Pump Shotgun, into their collection to ace Alan Wake 2. However, a player would have to get a special code to unlock such an item. Go further and learn how to get Alan Wake 2 shotgun code. 

How to Get Pump Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2?

How to Get Pump Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2?

Well, we all need the most powerful Shotgun that upgrades our gameplay to another level. To get the Shotgun code, you would have to crack the mystery behind the author’s names. Let’s follow the steps below to get a Pump Shotgun code in Alan Wake 2. Make sure you enter the code to unlock Shotgun in the game.

Steps to Get Shotgun Code in the Police Station in Alan Wake 2:

  1. Firstly, make sure you note the clues spread around the office. The main credentials of the code will be related to the handwritten notes and three books beside the computer.
  2. There will be three volumes of the books, defining the three numbers in the code.
  3. The main part of the code will be beside the author’s name of every book. That note uses a cipher to transform letters into numbers for the padlock. 
  4. You can get the correct numbers for the lock by cycling through the number pad and counting a letter every time, starting with A as one, B as two, and so on. J and U are both zero. 

The Shotgun Code in Alan Wake 2 is 723

The name of the first author is Quincey, the second author’s name is Batson, and the last author’s name is Westmore. Hence, that forms QBW, which is 723. After you enter this code, the pump shotgun is yours. According to the number pad, make a note that A counts as 1, B counts 2, and this goes along till you reach J and U with these letters; the counting refreshes from 0, and you have to start from scratch.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Alan Wake 2 pump shotgun code. After you enter this code, you will get the shotgun. You would have to free your inventory room, so head back to the morgue and deposit your items in the shoe box. The Shotgun code in 723, cracked from the book author’s names, starting from QBW. Get your hands in the shotgun, and make us a part of your crazy experiences. 

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