Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? 9 Possible Reasons (2023)

After a long day, when you finally get comfortable on your couch, dim the lights, and put on your favorite show to binge, you can’t hear the audio in your earphones. You increase the volume to the highest level, and still no sound. Frustrated, you start wondering Why are my Headphones so Quiet?

Headphones have become an inseparable part of our lives since phones became more than just calling devices. The use of headphones, from calling to listening to music and from watching YouTube to making reels, they also have come a long way. From being wired to wireless and now to the size of earbuds, they are becoming more and more annealed in our daily routines.

In today’s time, as easy as it is to have access to thousands of brands of headphones with one more durable than the other, facing an issue with a headphone is equally common. As nothing is permanent in life, headphones are no different. There are so many problems that one can face in this regard on a daily basis. Let’s ponder upon why are my headphones so quiet.

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet?

There can be various issues when it comes to headphones. Some of the issues are discussed here:

1. Wired Connection Issues (Headphone Jack or Plug)

The usual type of headphones with wires are old but still popular to date. The most common issue with such types of headphones can be the earphone jack either not being connected to the phone jack properly, or the wire can be broken or damaged.

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? 9 Possible Reasons (2023)

The most common fix to the headphone jack or plug is to check the connectivity between the headphone plug and the phone jack. While you are at it, also check if the phone jack is dirty or filled with any kind of debris and clean it with proper instruments without damaging it. Another thing that should be checked is that the wire should not be damaged.

2. Wireless Connection issues (Bluetooth and other)

We are in the era of wireless technology, and headphones are no different. The most basic issue with such headphones can be connectivity with Bluetooth of the device or pairing issues.

The fix to the Bluetooth issue can be to make sure the Bluetooth of the device and the headset are both turned on, and the device is paired to the headphone correctly. Also, make sure that your device and headphones are within the prescribed range with each other to connect properly.

3. Low Battery

It is a possibility that your wireless headphones or buds are not working because they ran out of battery. This is a very common issue, and it is usually encountered with earphones that are wireless and also with earbuds and AirPods.

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? 9 Possible Reasons (2023)

The low battery issue can easily be solved by plugging the charger into the headphone till the charging light is lit. It is imperative that you charge your headphones from time to time to keep them working.

4. Issues with Audio File

Maybe you are looking in the wrong place! All this time, you were wondering why are my headphones so quiet, trying to figure out the problem with your headphones when the problem was with the audio file you are listening to. Sometimes the audio file that you have downloaded or are trying to listen to is either not of the proper format or is not supported by your device.

To make sure that the audio file is the issue, try listening to some other file on your device or accessing youtube or any other audio or video file that can also clarify. 

5. Low Volume Issue

Some headphones come with buttons that help us to increase or decrease the volume. The buttons can be found on the control panel of the headphones.

Checking if the volume of both headphones, as well as the device, are at optimum levels by pressing the volume up of the headphones at the control panel. 

6. Audio Settings

Make certain that your device settings are turned up. The device you have connected the headphones to should also have volume levels within the audible range. The too-low volume will also make it seem that the headphones are not working.

The device volume should be checked by pressing the volume up key on the sidebar of the device.

7. Damaged Headphones

Why Are My Headphones So Quiet? 9 Possible Reasons (2023)

If all the above steps don’t solve your issue, then there is a possibility that your headphones are damaged. Connect your headphones to any other device, and if still the same problem persists, then you need to accept that your headphones are damaged, and you need to either get them repaired or buy new ones. 

8. Issues with the Ear

This can be overlooked, but it can not be ruled out that your ears can be damaged or filled with too much wax and need to be cleaned out. Make some other people listen to the audio from your headphones; if they can listen normally, then maybe it is time to see a doctor and get your ears checked.

9. Contact Customer Support

This is probably the last but definitely not the last resort to figure out why are my headphones so quiet. All the brands provide customer support for any kind of issues faced by the customer. They can be reached on call as well as by email.

Some Major Brands Customer Support:

1. Sony – 1800 103 7799          
Email: ProSupport@sony.com

2. Jbl – 1800 102 0525        
Email: India_csupport@harman.com

3. Sennheiser – 1800 309 3632  
Email: in-info@sennheiser.com

Wrapping Up

No matter how good the brand or how expensive the headphones are, they are meant to get deteriorated over time. The durability of anything is not constant or permanent. Things last longer when taken care of properly. It is mandatory to keep the headphones safe and in proper condition to make them last longer. 

Hope this helped you to figure out Why are my headphones so quiet?

So, take care of your headphones, and Happy Listening, folks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the volume of my earphones so low?

The volume of some earphones is low due to the operating systems on some phones. The popular solution for Android devices is to disable Bluetooth Absolute Volume in your phone’s settings. This might be found in the phone’s developer options for some devices.

Do headphones get quieter over time?

Yes, it is possible that due to the wear and tear of the headphones, the volume is reduced over time. The quality of the sound can also deteriorate over time.

How can I increase the volume of my headphones?

Check the volume of the device in the settings or with the volume up. If the volume is at the highest and still the volume is not loud, then you can install some volume booster apps like boom music, kaiser tone, bass booster, etc.

How can I make sure my headphones last longer?

To make sure they last longer, clean them properly at the proper times. Also, make sure you store them in dry and good places to avoid damage to the hardware. With the wired headphones, wrap the wire carefully after each use and avoid too much strain on the wire.

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