What Does PC Mean on Instagram: 8 Possible Meanings

What Does PC Mean on Instagram

If you love to scroll through Instagram and see the pictures posted on it, you must have come across the term “PC.” It is commonly used under pictures posted on Instagram. Are you wondering what does PC mean on Instagram? Then you are at the correct place! 

As an active Instagram user, you might have noticed the abbreviations and slangs used on the app. Sometimes it might get tough to decode the abbreviation or decipher its meaning. Every other day a new slang pops up and becomes trending. Keeping up with the updated slang can be tough for some people. 

‘PC’ is the slang that is the most commonly used on the platform under pictures posted. Don’t worry about what does PC mean on Instagram as I have brought a detailed guide on all the possible meanings of this slang in this blog below.   

What Does PC Mean on Instagram? 

‘PC,’ which you commonly see under pictures and posts of people, stands for Picture Credits or Posts Credits. In a nutshell, it is an attempt to give credit to the person who has photographed or made an attempt to do so. It is very commonly used on picture-sharing sites and apps.

It is associated with Instagram because on Instagram most of the content is either photos or videos. Under a post or a picture, sometimes the other person is tagged beside the PC just to let the world know he/she has clicked/taken the picture. 

According to the new generation, it is just a simple way to honor a person who has taken the picture. The person posting the picture is giving him appreciation and credit. This is the primary and most common full form and answer of what does PC mean on Instagram. Hence, you can primarily consider PC as Picture Credit if you have seen it on Instagram under a picture. 

What Does PC Mean on Instagram Other Than Picture Credit?

Instagram is such a huge platform that there is a great possibility that ‘PC’ can be used for many other things other than Picture Credit. The most commonly used one on Instagram is Picture Credit, but the list of other words which could be meant if you see them somewhere on Instagram is also not short. Let us have a look below:

1. PC as Picture Courtesy

Picture courtesy is also very similar to Picture Credit when mentioned under an Instagram post or picture. At times it is used as an alternative for Picture Credit as Picture Courtesy. The difference is that there can be more than one person involved in the creation of that post or content. And then, the credit is given to everyone involved in making that piece of content.

2. PC as Politically Correct

Politically Correct is the second most common meaning of PC that can be considered. Politically Correct as PC is used when a person accepts society’s or another person’s progressive political views and is not opposing them. This makes sense because today, everything seems so involved in politics and social opinions all over social platforms, which include Instagram too.

3. PC as Perspective Correction

Perspective Correction is a term very common among photographers. Perspective Correction means using a 6 square grid to correct the alignment of your image. It has X and Y axis when you upload them on social media. This term is very common among professional photographers and admirers of photography. PC, in some places, may also be referred to as a Perspective control lens in the field of photography.

4. PC as Private Conversation 

PC as Private conversation is also used at many places on Instagram, especially in Comment sections where multiple people are conversating or in Group chats. It is commonly used when we want another person to slip out of a group conversation and talk to you directly. It means when someone wants to talk, continue the conversation with you out of a group discussion.  

5. PC as Personal Computer

PC is an abbreviation for Personal Computer; this is known commonly on social platforms too. Instagram users who keep sharing some tech Information use this abbreviation a lot. While browsing, if you see ‘PC’ mentioned somewhere among the guidelines or any app policies, there’s a high possibility that it stands for Personal Computer. Also, Instagram Community guidelines have also this abbreviation in many places. 

6. PC as Police Constable

Police Constable is an official of the department of police. The word PC can easily relate to Police Constable if you have seen it anywhere on Instagram where the conversation is related to policing or anything that is to do with police. If you see a picture of any Police officer with the caption PC, you can easily relate to it. 

7. PC as Protective Custody

PC as Protective Custody means jailing somebody for their safety or security. If a news article or post appears as you scroll, the possibility is that it may be referred to as Protective Custody.  

8. PC as Professional Corporation

PC at certain corporate posts or articles may refer to as a Professional corporation. The PC in this context is mainly used as a suffix after the names of the big companies and private limited. It is used for business names and brands that have licensed professionals working in their corporations.  

That were all the possible answers that could be of what does PC mean on Instagram. Depending on the text, article, content, or post you are going through, it can be referred to as any of the above. 

Wrapping Up

It is hard to give a definite meaning of what does PC mean on Instagram. To give a definite definition to it is difficult, but you can consider joining pieces of the puzzle by fitting the above-mentioned meanings in the appropriate relatable content. I hope this article helped you in the best way possible. To read more such blogs, visit our website Path of EX. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What does PS mean on Instagram? 

PS on Instagram can stand for Postscript. PostScript is a word usually used under the picture or as captions. Postscript is used as PS in emails and official notes as well. 

What does PC mean in Dating? 

PC in Dating or relationship context stands for Prince Charming. It can be referred to as a boy with a handsome and charming personality.  

What does PC mean in Gaming?

PC in gaming means Player Character. In video games and role-playing games, this slang is commonly used. It is very popular among gamers.

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