What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok In 2024? Decode The Slang Term Here!

What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok In 2024? Decode The Slang Term Here!

Are people growing tomatoes and roses on social media platforms now?? If not, then what does Gardening mean on TikTok? It’s a term that you must have scrolled through TikTok videos, and not knowing what the term means, you have ended up confused. 

Well, the meaning of Gardening on TikTok is not something you’d have expected it to be. It’s not a new trend for people to show the cute little gardens that they have cultivated. Instead, it is a new TikTok buzzword that has a pretty twisted meaning and is used to bypass content restrictions. 

So, what is it really? What does Gardening mean on TikTok? Well, to help you navigate the app more efficiently, the meaning of this term has been discussed in the article below.

Find Out What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok Here!

What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok In 2024? Decode The Slang Term Here!

The term “Gardening” has become incredibly popular in recent times. Ironically enough, it has nothing to do with cultivating plants. It means something entirely different. If you’re familiar with the meaning of terms like ‘304’ and ‘accountant’ on TikTok, you know what to expect. 

On TikTok, the term “Gardening” is another slang going viral. It is used to refer to smoking marijuana. Since TikTok’s community guidelines prohibit promoting drug use, this buzzword was created to bypass the restrictions. 

So, tell me. Did you see that coming? No! Right? Do you want to understand what does Gardening mean on TikTok in a little more detail? If the answer is yes, keep scrolling, and I will explain the term further. 

What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok?

What Does Gardening Mean On TikTok In 2024? Decode The Slang Term Here!

As you just saw on TikTok, the slang term “Gardening” refers to smoking marijuana/ weed. Similarly, a “garden” on TikTok is not where flowers or vegetables are grown. Instead, it’s a place where people consume marijuana. Furthermore, a “gardener” does not tend to plant but participates in Gardening, i.e., smoking weed. 

The term “gardening” was first used by the TikTok user who goes by the username @notnataliebenson somewhere around Novermeber 2023. TikTok banned her previous accounts for talking about marijuana use, thereby violating TikTok’s community guidelines. Therefore, she created this buzzword to talk about drugs and not come under fire for doing so. 

As you see, TikTok content and community guidelines strictly prohibit discussions around drug use, among a variety of other things. Accounts breaching these content policies repeatedly are often suspended or banned– depending on the degree of misuse. 

So, instead of stopping discussions around prohibited content topics, people have devised unique ways of bypassing restrictions. Having buzzwords to avoid mentioning the actual term is one of them. 

Wrapping Up

Okay then, people! I hope you have now understood what does Gardening mean on TikTok. In this article, I walked you through the meaning of a new popular TikTok buzzword. So, now that you have understood its meaning well, I hope you can navigate your way around the app better or, say, more carefully. If there’s some other buzzword you want to understand, mention it in the comments, and I will share an article on that, too! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does gardening mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, gardening is a slang term that refers to the act of smoking weed/ marijuana/ consuming cannabis. It is a term created to bypass TikTok’s community guidelines as they prohibit talks and discussions of drug use.

What does gardener mean on TikTok?

On TikTok, gardener is a slang term for a person who participates in smoking weed.

What does garden mean on TikTok?

Just like gardener and gardening, garden is another slang term on this social media platform that refers to a space where people go to smoke marijuana.

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