UPDF: A Powerful PDF Editor That Can Read Ten Articles In One Minute

UPDF – A Superfast Way to Read Your PDFs on the Go

You have just received a complex PDF report while your client presentation is fast approaching. As you struggle with complex charts and intricate terms, time is running short. It might be quite frustrating at times. But you need not worry. We have the solution for you. 

This article will explore how UPDF – a powerful PDF editor- can help you span lengthy PDFs in a minute! Get UPDF at a 63% discount and say goodbye to compromising productivity or juggling search engines to understand intricate terms. Now, let us dive into the nitty-gritty of UPDF. 

A Super-Fast Way To Read PDFs With UPDF

Alright, folks, let us dive deeper into the magical world of UPDF. Imagine navigating complex PDF reports – reading, highlighting key points, and adding feedback on short notice. Enter UPDF’s exquisite PDF reader mode that will easily span your documents!

First things first, UPDF is no ordinary PDF editor. It boasts the ideal system for improving readability. You can effortlessly navigate through PDFs by customizing layouts. Plus, Mac users can enjoy UPDF’s dark mode for a delightful reading experience.

1. Set Page Layouts As Desired

UPDF – A Superfast Way to Read Your PDFs on the Go

As for the Page layouts, UPDF offers a whopping 4 types of layouts to supercharge your reading experience. You can view your PDFs in a single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, or two-page scrolling with UPDF.

2. Sailing Through Your PDF Documents

UPDF – A Superfast Way to Read Your PDFs on the Go

Read your PDFs at lightning-fast speed with UPDF! Add bookmarks and search for your required text across PDFs effortlessly. Plus, you can click directly on a page number to jump to that page in a cinch. 

3. Multi-Tab View Ability

Need to span multiple PDFs urgently? No problem! UPDF’s multi-tab viewability lets you quickly read through multiple documents at once. 

4. Enhanced Reading With Slideshows

Don’t want accidental clicks to tamper with your PDFs? No worries! Switch to UPDF’s slideshow mode and enhance your reading experience under a coupled reading aura.

5. Read PDFs Aloud

Are you tired of reading word-by-word through lengthy PDFs on Mac? No worries! Let UPDF read through PDFs aloud while allowing your eyes some much-needed rest.

So, it can be said that in the world of PDF readers, UPDF is a cut above. It is your trusty sidekick when the work needs to be done on the go. UPDF’s intuitive PDF reading abilities shed light on only one aspect of this PDF-handling powerhouse. UPDF holds more nifty tricks up its sleeve. 

Not Just a PDF Reader – UPDF is Your One-Stop PDF Solution

UPDF is not just one trick pony.  It is a full-fledged PDF manager that has the ability to transform your daunting PDF tasks in a breeze! Whether you need to edit PDFs, annotate reports, organize lengthy files, or authenticate documents, UPDF has everything you need. 

The best thing about UPDF is that you can streamline your workflow by accessing your PDFs anytime and anywhere. In addition, it also offers a treasure trove of features for the professional handling of PDFs. The features of UPDF can be summed up as follows.

1. Edit PDF Text and Images Efficiently

In case you are tired and bored with static PDFs. With UPDF PDF editor, you can add your personal touch to any document by adding or removing any text you desire. Besides, you can crop, extract, delete, and move images from your PDFs in a breeze. 

2. Convert PDFs Effortlessly

UPDF allows you to convert your PDFs to and from popular Office file formats like Word, Excel, CSV, and PowerPoint, as well as complex formats like HTML, XML, RTF, and TXT. But that is not all. The icing on the cake is UPDF’s ability to let you convert PDF to and from image files as well. 

3. Use OCR for PDFs Precisely

UPDF’s OCR feature is no slouch when it comes to converting scanned documents to editable and searchable PDFs. With its full command of roughly 38 languages,  you can quickly convert any document to PDF.

4. Handle PDFs with UPDF AI Quickly

UPDF AI helps you to get your PDF work done faster with your trusty sidekick for handling PDFs with remarkable accuracy. If you want to understand your PDFs better, UPDF can do it for you. UPDF AI will summarize, translate, explain, and answer all your PDF-related queries in a snap. 

5. Highlight and Mark Up PDFs Delightfully

UPDF’s PDF annotator lets you highlight important information with its markup tools. Need to review a PDF for feedback? UPDF has you covered! You can add comments, sticky notes, stickers, stamps, and even your digital signature in a few clicks. 

6. Manage PDF Pages Swiftly

You can manage your PDF pages fast with UPDF’s PDF organizer tool. You can add, delete, rotate, replace, extract, and split PDF pages in a few clicks. And the fun part is that you can rearrange your pages quickly with the simple drag-and-drop using UPDF. 

So, it has come to the fore that UPDF is not just a PDF reader. It is just more than that. It is your all-in-one solution to PDF problems. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, download UPDF now and witness its magic in your PDF workflow. 

Why is UPDF the Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat?

UPDF is hands down the best PDF editor compared to Adobe Acrobat. But what makes it so great? Let us put UPDF against Adobe Acrobat in this showdown and let you decide the winner yourself. 

1. Affordable Choice: UPDF offers a budget-friendly alternative at only $25.99, while Adobe Acrobat charges a hefty $155.88 per year.

2. Clear and Intuitive User Interface: UPDF shines with a stellar 5-star rating for user interface design compared to a 2.5-star rating of Adobe Acrobat.

3. Universal Compatibility: Being a Universal PDF Editor, UPDF is equally available on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. At the same time, Adobe Acrobat is limited to Windows and costs more for other platforms.

4. Combination of Simplicity and Functionality: Easy navigation without intricate steps sets UPDF apart from its rivals. Its stellar 5-star rating for performance speed leaves Adobe Acrobat in the dust. 

5. Rich Functional Experience: Unlike Adobe Acrobat, UPDF goes the extra mile with its rich functions. UPDF lets you view PDFs in slideshow mode, annotate with 100+ stickers, and use advanced conversion formats. 

So, it has come to the fore that UPDF has emerged as the sole winner in this showdown. It boasts a refreshing user interface, universal compatibility, faster performance, and an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat.


Say goodbye to inefficient workflow and the hassle of switching between PDF editors. Let UPDF handle your documents with lightning-fast, intuitive features beyond PDF reading and editing. So why wait? Download UPDF now for efficient PDF editing at an exclusive 63% off. Give UPDF a whirl and watch your PDF work transform. 

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