TikTok New Search Features: Is it a Potential Threat to Google?

TikTok New Search Features | Is it a Potential Threat to Google?

TikTok is a platform that has made a mark for itself in the social media fraternity. They have introduced new features to their platform and have constantly refurbished themselves to bring in unique changes. The latest change in testing mode is the TikTok New Search Features. This feature is the most awaited addition to the platform, and many other social media platforms are also looking forward to it.

The latest addition to the platform has taken Google by storm. As per reports, the features would force Google to strategize its search options to take a new turn. TikTok has proven to be a threat in the social media industry. It is gearing up to take on Google Search by enhancing its search functions. 

So, for more information, refer to the latest article and read ahead. I am sure you would be eager to know about this update. I also hope the article will help you get much clarity about the new features.

TikTok New Search Features

TikTok New Search Features

TikTok is testing a new feature that helps to enhance the popular video app platform. The new feature is exciting and highlights the keywords in the comment section and links as search results for the term. The search function in TikTok allows the user to discover content and trends. But now, the enhanced features would take the search capability to new heights.

The test feature has shown that TikTok is not only bringing in the new feature to compete with other social media platforms but also with Google. The test is being conducted among fewer users, with a handful selected for the test. As of now, TikTok is not ready to officially share anything about the new feature.

Changes in Google’s Strategy

Google Changing its Strategy

The new search feature of the app would make it more popular among GenZ and pose a more significant threat even to Google. Google has even vouched for the same. According to the Senior Vice-President of Google, the young generation is looking for more immersive and unique ways to search for anything. Hence, they are turning to platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

40% of the users who belong to the younger crowd are turning to other social media platforms for visual content. Hence, the new update on TikTok has forced Google to change its strategy and reintroduce features that are more compatible with the young generation.

Wrapping Up

When TikTok is looking to position itself as a search engine. So it must ensure that the results it surfaces are high-quality and good. Google also has to keep at par with its features to suit the preferences of the younger crowd and meet their demands. We can only wait and see how the features work and are accepted by Gen Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TikTok new search features?

This new feature on TikTok would enhance the platform’s search results based on the keywords in the comments and the links.

Is the new search feature on TikTok a potential threat to Google?

As reports are to be believed, the new search feature on TikTok may hamper the search type of Google as users are changing their preferences in the search types.

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