All Subway Surfers Characters | Choose Your Avatar & Outfit!

All Subway Surfers Characters: Complete Subway Surfers Characters list 2022

Who does not love Subway Surfers? Most of us have spent hours on our phones while enjoying this epic free runner game. Choosing our favorite Subway surfers characters and then running, running, and running, with all we got! The different Subway Surfers characters of the game are what genuinely keep the game’s soul (and soles) alive, even after 10 years of play. My personal favorite subway surfers character was Lucy. What was yours?

Many addictive action games like Subway Surfers are known for their lively cast that provides such a playful sense of life to the title. From kids to adults, all of us have enjoyed playing Subway Surfers and experimenting with all Subway Surfers Character skins. However, do you really know the name of all Subway Surfers Characters? Head down and find out! 

We all know about the original Subway surfers characters, “Jake and his group”. However, the developers did not stop there; with updates and changes, a newer characters list emerged. The Subway Surfers cast has grown to include characters from all over the globe and even from outer space, making it impossible to keep track of everyone who has been part of the game as a character or as a skin. Want to become a pro at knowing the names of Subway Surfers characters? Path of EX has a comprehensive list for you below. 

All Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

Subway Surfers is one of the best casual, and top-performing mobile application games present out there. This awesome game has so many exciting and amazing characters. With the Subway Surfers crew as your guide, we’ll provide you with basic info on all Subway Surfers Characters list. Let’s get exploring:

1. Jake

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

Subway Surfers’ default character is Jake, portrayed by Zachary Bennett. In Subway Surfers, he’s the first character you see and the first one you can control when you start off. A self-confident, charismatic, and charismatic Subway surfers character, Jake is described as the spirit and leader’ of the Subway Surfers. He’s one of the Subway Surfers’ Characters who is always looking forward to the next exciting adventure.


  • Core crew
  • Dark outfit
  • Star outfit

2. Tricky

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

Collect three Tricky’s Hat (TrickyHatIcon) tokens and voila you get to unlock a Subway Surfers Character named Tricky. Tricky is voiced by Kristin Fairlie. Tricky is the second most important character in the game after Jake, thanks to her accessibility. Every member of the Subway Surfers team loves Tricky, but she’s not the best at following directions. She’s the most intelligent of the group, and she works hard to achieve perfection in all she does, including her breakdancing and skateboarding. 

Fun Fact: She has an Elf Tricky alter-ego in the Christmas edition of Subway Surfers.


  • Core crew
  • Heart outfit
  • Camo outfit

3. Fresh

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

All you need is to collect 50 Fresh Radio icons, and voilà you unlock another Subway Surfers character named Fresh. Fresh is one of the Subway Surfers characters voiced by Kevin Duhaney. He is a boy with a military-style hairstyle, brown eyes, and skin that’s just a little darker than his hair color. He is seen clutching a radio everywhere he goes.

When it comes to music, Fresh is a master of the 80s-themed era. This Subway Surfer Character does most of his talking via his boombox. Interesting! Isn’t it? He’s intelligent and philosophical, yet maybe a touch cynical. In any case, he’s the one who keeps the crew together.


  • Core crew
  • Funk outfit
  • Sport outfit

4. Yutani

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

Gather 500 Yutani, and you get to unlock a mysterious green Subway Surfers Character known as Yutani. Yutani, voiced by Sarah Gadon, is the most difficult token character to obtain among the original crew since it demands the most tokens. Yutani is a completely different character from the rest of the crew. Yutani is a computer prodigy who has a deep interest in science, and she enjoys nothing more than coming up with new contractions. Some of the other subway surfers characters think she may not be from this planet at all. This character’s skin may be a girl in an alien suit.

The suit has two antennae, two huge eyes, and four arms. She seems to be a girl in an extraterrestrial outfit that is green with dots at the bottom. Upper arms seem to be the actual limbs, whilst lower arms are an aesthetic choice.


  • Core crew
  • Gadget outfit

5. Spike

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

Spike is the Punk Rockstar of the group. You get to unlock this rockstar Subway surfers character skin by collecting 200 tokens of Spike’s guitars. Spike loves and lives for rock music, and it shows in his style too. Like Ella and Tasha, he alters his hairstyle to match his attire. Outfits based on different kinds of music are the inspiration for this character. His rock outfit seems to be inspired by the Black Metal music while the Punk outfit seems to be inspired by Punk Rock Music. Spike is definitely one of the coolest subway surfers characters.


  • Punk
  • Rock

Other Fascinating Subway Surfers Characters

Subway Surfers Characters | A Complete List Of Fun & Thrill 

True Subway Surfers fans know that the list does not end here; instead, there is a longer list of fascinating Subway Surfers Characters waiting to be explored. Besides the core Subway Surfers, there are a number of characters in the game that players can collect. All Subway Surfers Characters are differentiated with clothing and styles that are influenced by a wide range of cultural traditions. So, let’s see what these characters are:

  1. Super Runner Jake
  2. Lucy
  3. Tagbot
  4. Ninja
  5. Tasha
  6. Frank
  7. King
  8. Zoe
  9. Ella
  10. Broody
  11. Price K
  12. Dino
  13. Zombie Jake
  14. Elf Tricky
  15. Tony
  16. Carmen
  17. Roberto
  18. Kim
  19. Harumi
  20. Coco
  21. Sun
  22. Alex
  23. Eddie
  24. Jamie
  25. Jay
  26. Mina
  27. Rosa
  28. Olivia
  29. Edison
  30. Wayne
  31. Jasmine
  32. Buddy
  33. Noon
  34. Rex
  35. Izzy
  36. Amira
  37. Macro
  38. Nikos
  39. Zuri
  40. Mike
  41. Jenny
  42. Jaro
  43. Aina
  44. Carlos
  45. Jia
  46. Bjarki
  47. Ramona
  48. Lauren
  49. Malik
  50. Jolien
  51. Philip
  52. Freya
  53. Salma
  54. Lee
  55. Diego
  56. Alex
  57. Manny
  58. Alba
  59. Mankbot
  60. Sofia
  61. The Scream Team
  62. Andy
  63. Nicolai
  64. Frankette & Spacebot
  65. Rat & Ox
  66. Zayn
  67. Lana & Darryl
  68. Bonnie
  69. Buzz
  70. Trym
  71. Pride Crew
  72. Alexandre
  73. Akira
  74. Koral
  75. Cleo
  76. Taha
  77. Bob the Blob
  78. Mala
  79. Pheonix
  80. Clementine
  81. Hasina
  82. Tiger
  83. Charlie
  84. Pink
  85. George
  86. Dummy

Subway Surfers is filled with lively-quirky characters like Jake, Tricky, and Spike. Some of the Subway Surfers characters are free-to-run; however, some of them cost you some collectibles. Nevertheless, every Subway Surfers character is a wholesome passion and thrill that keeps the player going and going until they crash.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it, all Subway Surfers Characters that can be unlocked and played with on Subway Surfers. Looking for something more? Why don’t you head on to our Path Of EX website and explore the informative articles there? We have various interesting information and tales to tell. 

That’s it for today folks. See you next time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best character in Subway Surfers?

Here are my top characters in Subway Surfers!
1. Brody
2. Jia
3. Rex
4. Jenny
5. Mina
6. Tony
7. Harumi
8. Tasha

2. Who is one of the fastest Subway Surfers characters in the game?

The fastest character in Subway Surfers is Karim Mayur.

3. Who is the girl from Subway Surfers?

Tricky is a girl with a red hat, black-squared specs, tank top, black belt, light-blue pants, blonde hair, and shoes that look like Jake’s. 

4. Who is Zoe in Subway Surfers?

Zoe is a character that can be unlocked by purchasing with 120,000

5. How Many Characters are there in Subway Surfers?

The game has a total of 91 Subway Surfers characters. Out of these 50 characters can be equipped while running on the tracks. These characters can be unlocked in the Me section at the bottom of the home screen by spending coins, keys, money, completing tasks, or using character tokens

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