PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3: Which One Is Better | Full Comparison

PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3: Which One Is Better | Comparison Drawn

Which is a feasible option: PSVR 2 or Meta Quest 3? Well, that is a debatable question. Read along this page and learn everything in regard to PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3, and which is a preferable option to choose. Go on and let us know which one intrigued you the most.

Meta Quest 3 is making its way to us pretty soon, and we, as total bingers, can never be less excited about this. However, what about the buzz in regard to PSVR 2?

Worry not! Anyone can get confused when we have two amazing options on our table. Head on through this page, and you will embark upon the multiple factors used to compare Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2. Have a look, and you will get all your answers on Meta Quest 3 Vs PSVR 2.

What are Meta Quest 3 & PSVR 2 | Meaning?

PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3: Which One Is Better | Comparison Drawn

Before we dive into our major concern for the day: PSVR 2 vs. Meta Quest 3, let’s clear the air and learn what each one of these actually means. Read along:

Meta Quest 3

The recent launch by Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Quest 3, is a third-generation VR headset that is indeed a higher resolution and a better performer headset among all the three quests. It features all of the games by Quest 2 and has an improvised battery life. Although, the negative side is that you might have to wait till fall to get your hands on it.


PlayStation VR2 is a second-generation VR headset by Sony that works perfectly fine with PS5. It is referred to as the only console VR that competes with Meta and features exclusive VR games and PS5-compatible VR games.

However, is this enough to decide what you should add to your collection: Meta Quest 3 or PSVR 2? No, not at all! Hence, I have drawn a detailed comparison of both headsets, depending on various factors. Go on!

PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3 | Comparison

Following is a detailed comparison between Meta Quest 3 and PlayStation VR 2 on the basis of various graphic compatibility factors, Have a look:

FactorsPSVR 2Meta Quest 3
ConnectivityConnected to PS5Standalone and PC link functionality
Resolution2000 x 20402064 x 2208 (predicted)
Maximum Refresh Rate120 Hz120 Hz
Backward CompatibilityNot backward compatible with PSVR gamesBackward compatible with Quest 2 games
Price$549Starts at $499

Below is detailed information on all the factors defining PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 3; go on:

PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3: Which One Is Better | Comparison Drawn

1. Software & Games

Meta Quest 3 owns its exclusive library of VR games, with over 500 games and apps, that can be accessed via the headset itself. Whereas PSVR 2 doesn’t own much extensive library due to less backward compatibility.

Hence, Meta Quest 3 really outshines PSVR 2 in regard to software and games due to better backward compatibility.

2. Display

Meta Quest 3 is assumed to come up with a display resolution of 2064 x 2208 pixel LCD per eye, 120Hz. However, PSVR 2 is wholly known for its amazing display of a 2000 x 2040 pixel OLED screen per eye, operating at 90Hz or 120Hz.

If the assumption regarding Meta Quest 3 is just right, its resolution will surely surpass PSVR 2. Even so, it cannot match PSVR 2’s OLED display by any chance.

Hence, PSVR 2 surely deserves a hit in regard to its display feature.

3. Price

Talking about the price, the 128 GB model of Meta Quest 3 is $499, and PSVR 2 costs $549. Hence, Meta Quest 3 is clearly on the affordable side.

PSVR 2 works with PS5, which itself is charged at $500. So, it clearly justifies why one should choose Meta Quest 3 above PSVR 2 in terms of budget-friendly devices.

4. Gameplay & Graphics

In terms of gameplay and graphics, Meta Quest 3 features a high-fidelity color passthrough that allows them to look into the surroundings deeply and get extensive details about everything.

On the other hand, PlayStation VR 2 also has cameras in the front, but it has low quality and is only used to know the play boundary.

Hence, Meta Quest 3 is a good option to look upon if you need a wider approach to your game

Which One is Better | Meta Quest 3 Or PSVR 2?

PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3: Which One Is Better | Comparison Drawn

If you own a PS5, have a budget, and are looking for the ultimate VR experience, PSVR 2 has to be your first choice. It has an amazing OLED display, and its ultimate features are truly worth a shot.

However, if you are looking for an affordable option, Meta Quest 3 has to be your handy device for today.

Wrapping Up

This was all about PSVR 2 Vs. Meta Quest 3. Check out the above guide and learn everything about the same, which one is better to choose and why. Have a look and draw an extensive comparison on the basis of various factors.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you asap.

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