TikTok Favorites Not Working? Here Are 6 Easy Fixes That Work

TikTok Favorites Not Working

Ever had those moments when you are eager to bookmark a TikTok video only to find the darn ribbon icon refusing to cooperate? Yep, been there. Just this morning, I was trying to save Khaby Lame’s epic Fortnite collaboration but it was like the ribbon icon had its own mind. Frustration mounts as repeated attempts fail. And guess what? It got me thinking, “How do I kick this TikTok Favorites not working issue to the curb?”

In the past, I dealt with the comment fiasco. Not being able to figure out who dropped a line on my videos was like a riddle I couldn’t crack. And just when I thought I had it sorted, the likes notification decided to play hide and seek. It is like these solutions were playing a game of tag with my sanity. And now, guess what? The latest woe on my list was TikTok Favorites not working! But hold up, the good news is that I managed to find a way to show it the exit door.

So, if you have ever been stuck in the same frustration pit that I was, you will know the struggle. The solution is not a galaxy away, though. Soon, you will have the lowdown on why is TikTok Favorites not working. Plus, I have got the playbook to fix this annoyance. Just a quick scroll more, and you will be the master of saving videos once again. Ready? Let us dive in.

Why is TikTok Favorites Not Working?

If you are having trouble with TikTok Favorites, here are a few things you can check:

1. Server Issue: TikTok’s servers as busy highways. If they are jammed or taking a breather, it can mess with the app’s mojo and features. And cause issues like TikTok Favorites not working.

2. App Issue: If your TikTok app is stuck in the past (aka outdated), it might not understand the whole Favorites thing or could glitch out.

3. Wonky Internet: Picture a rollercoaster ride with shaky tracks – that is how poor internet can mess with TikTok’s groove and mess up your Favorites.

4. Account Glitch: Your TikTok account might be playing tricks on you. If you have been tinkering with your account settings, they might be keeping your Favorites locked up.

5. Bugs or Tech Glitches: Even tech wizards can’t escape glitches. Sometimes, sneaky bugs invade the TikTok app and cause issues like TikTok Favorites not working. Report the issue to TikTok so they can shoo the bugs away.

These are the usual suspects when issues like TikTok Favorites not working occur on your smartphone. Time to put on your detective hat and get things back on track!

How to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working?

TikTok Favorites Not Working

Understanding the possible culprits behind the TikTok Favorites not working issue is just the first step. Now, let us effective solutions that can help you regain the use of this beloved feature.

01. Wait for Server Restoration to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

If you suspect server problems are causing your Favorites to malfunction, take a breath and be patient. Server disruptions are usually temporary, and your Favorites might start working seamlessly again soon. Relax and allow the servers to recover their performance.

Meanwhile, check the status of TikTok’s servers on Downdetector or through your social media circle and friends.

02. Update Your App to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

Is your TikTok app running on an outdated version? To fix TikTok Favorites not working, make sure your app is up to date. Visit your app store and find the latest TikTok update. Installing the newest version can refresh your app and potentially resolve issues causing problems with your Favorites. Keeping your app up to date is a proactive approach to ensuring smooth functioning.

03. Secure a Strong Internet Connection to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

To ensure a smoother experience, check your internet connection’s strength and stability. Switch to a more reliable network if necessary, and watch as your Favorites start syncing with your commands again. A solid connection guarantees seamless interactions with TikTok, sparing you from frustrations caused by Favorites not working.

To fix it, try restarting your WiFi device and give it some time to cool down. Then, check if it is working properly. You can also contact your ISP for further assistance.

04. Reset Your Account Settings to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

Our accounts act as control centers for our digital activities, and even a small adjustment can lead to unintended issues. If tweaking your TikTok account settings has left your Favorites in disarray, do not worry. Logging out of your account and then logging back in can act as a reset, restoring your settings to default and potentially resolving any setting-related problems affecting your Favorites. This simple method can quickly restore harmony between your account and the Favorites feature.

05. Address Technical Glitches to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

To troubleshoot the technical glitches causing TikTok Favorites not to work, start by clearing TikTok’s app cache in your device settings. If this does not resolve the issue, the next step is to restart your device to refresh its system. If the problem persists despite these efforts, you can consider reinstalling TikTok by removing and then reinstalling the latest version from your app store. These progressive actions can help restore the functionality of your TikTok Favorites, ensuring a seamless experience.

06. Report Those Pesky Bugs to Fix TikTok Favorites Not Working

Even well-designed apps can sometimes encounter bugs or glitches in the vast digital landscape. If nothing helps you out to fix TikTok Favorites not working, consider reaching out to TikTok’s technical support. They have a team of experts dedicated to resolving such issues. By reporting the problem, you are not only seeking help for yourself but also contributing to the overall improvement of the app. While a fix might not be immediate, you are actively playing a role in enhancing TikTok for everyone.

With these effective solutions, you are well-prepared to tackle the challenge of TikTok Favorites not working. Each solution addresses a specific aspect of the problem, so feel free to try the one that best fits your situation. By taking proactive steps, you will soon restore your Favorites feature and continue enjoying your TikTok journey.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it, the lowdown on TikTok Favorites Not Working. We have dived into what is causing the issue and served up some nifty solutions. Hopefully, this article and these fixes have got you covered.

If you are hungry for more TikTok tips, do not forget to swing by Path of EX on the regular. Our squad and I are always cooking up fresh content to keep your TikTok game strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is TikTok Favorites not working?

There are a few reasons why TikTok Favorites might not be working. Here are some of them:
• Servers may be down.
• An outdated version of the TikTok app.
• Problem with your internet connection.
• Bugs in the TikTok app.

2. How do I fix TikTok Favorites not working?

Here are some things you can try to fix TikTok Favorites not working:
• Check the status of TikTok’s servers.
• Update the TikTok app to the latest version.
• Check your internet connection.
• Restart your device.
• Uninstall and reinstall the TikTok app.
• Report the issue to TikTok support.

3. How do I add a video to my TikTok Favorites?

To add a video to your TikTok Favorites, follow these steps:
1. Open the TikTok app.
2. Find the video you want to add to your Favorites.
3. Tap the Kebab Menu icon in the right corner of the video.
4. Tap the Ribbon icon. That is it

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