Phasmophobia Halloween Update 2023: Dates, Updates, Changes & Fixes

Phasmophobia Halloween Update

The popular co-op horror game Phasmophobia is undoubtedly joining in the excitement at this time of year with Phasmophobia Halloween Update. When live service games get in on the frightening action, Halloween turns down more spooky. One of the most significant Phasmophobia Halloween updates to the game, “Nightmare,” adds a new campsite map, many ghost varieties, the strict Nightmare mode, and more. Now let’s read the article till the end to know more about What’s New With Phasmophobia Halloween Update In 2023.

The Halloween Event update, which adds a variety of seasonal treats, is a unique update that practically all games receive each fall. After Halloween, seasonal products are typically discontinued. You must use the Halloween changes because they don’t live forever. Therefore, let’s grab all the updated and spooky items of Phasmophobia Halloween Update before it gets too late.

Multiple issues from the Halloween Update are addressed in the Phasmophobia Halloween Update in 2023. The lobby is also Halloween-themed and has many Easter eggs and hidden treasures. Players accustomed to the previous lobby space will know where to look for everything immediately. These are all the adjustments made to Phasmophobia since the Halloween Update 2023. Let’s grab more info about the Phasmophobia Halloween Update of 2023 through this article. 

When is The Phasmophobia Halloween Update in 2023?

The 2023 Phasmophobia Halloween Update will release on 26th October 2023.

We’ve been waiting for the Halloween season to finally start so we can get all the new and spooky Phasmophobia Halloween updates. You might have heard that all updates and launches were delayed because of a recent incident at the Kinetic Games office, because of which the Halloween update might be delayed a bit.

All Changes From The Phasmophobia Halloween Update 2023

In the Halloween update, many of the elements from the Phasmophobia Halloween Update have been changed. While adding specific quality-of-life enhancements, the game also fixes several previously present flaws. Here is a list of all the changes.

Phasmophobia Halloween Update

Changes that can be seen in Phasmophobia Halloween Update 2023 are:

  • There will now be a confirmation prompt before resetting the player’s save.
  • The only time players can reset their save is when they are not in a lobby.
  • When an item is added to or removed from the player’s loadout, it is automatically saved.
  • Now gone is the “Save Loadout” button.
  • Which loadout the player is using at the moment is more evident.
  • You must now include a description when submitting a player report.

So you got to know about all the changes that Phasmophobia Halloween Update 2023 has for you. Now, let’s check out the fixes that are made in the game for this trick-or-treat.

All Fixes From The Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023

Phasmophobia Halloween Update in 2023 has fixed many bugs this year. The game has made the following fixes that will improve the players’ gaming experience. So, let’s check out the Fixes that Phasmophobia Halloween Update has this year for you.

Fixes that can be observed in the Phasmophobia Halloween Update this Halloween are

Phasmophobia Halloween Update
  • Players cannot be reported twice in 24 hours.
  • Leaks in memory have been repaired.
  • With lower-resolution monitors and 4:3 aspect ratios, UI Arrows now scale more effectively.
  • Reloading the main menu and fixing the UI Displaying value previous to reset are now both fixed by resetting the player’s save.
  • Equipment is once more lost upon death.
  • The invite code is concealed when leaving a game and entering a public lobby.
  • The invite code is covered.
  • Now, maps will become available on the “Level unlock” screen.
  • The statistics page will localize the name of the ghost.
  • A flaw prevented Vosk voice recognition from operating since the voice model file was empty.
  • The orientation of VR Belt objects has been corrected.

This was everything about the fixes in the Phasmophobia Halloween Update. But we know Phasmophobia’s Halloween is incomplete without Lobby Secrets, so let’s see what news we are getting from Phasmophobia for our lobby.

New Lobby Secrets In The Phasmophobia Halloween Update

Phasmophobia Halloween Update

For Halloween, Phasmophobia Halloween Update made a lot of alterations to the lobby, including replacing the glowsticks with balloons. Using the light, players can light jack-o-lanterns on the table where the daily and weekly checklists are located. Players can pick up a UV Light near the equipment to uncover many secret messages concealed throughout the area. The only statements that players can find in the lobby are the following:

  • We Told You – Found to the right of the door next to the stairs.
  • We’ll Always Be With You – Found by the staircase leading to the van.
  • We Said Don’t Leave – Found by the van near the staircase.
  • Tally Marks – Found on the right wall next to the equipment.
  • Pentagram – Found in the center of the floor.
  • Arrow – Found by the pentagram, pointing towards the door.
  • We’re Still Here – Found underneath the board.
  • Why Did You Leave? – Found above the board.
  • You Can’t Escape Us – Found underneath the newspaper board.
  • You Shouldn’t Have Taken These – Found by Cursed Possessions Trophy Case.
  • Multiple Six Six Six/666 – Found on the wall by the staircase.
  • Don’t Look In – Found by the door next to the staircase leading up to the games.
Phasmophobia Halloween Update

A gathering of ghosts and a summoning circle can be seen by looking at the door the arrow points to. The spirits will only be seen by the person who went to the door, and they will either vanish after a predetermined period. When the player gets close enough, this is the spookiest  Phasmophobia Halloween Update this time.

Wrapping Up

This is all we have for the Phasmophobia Halloween Update for Halloween 2023. I hope this article will help you with all the Halloween updates. You can grab more games and their Halloween updates for 2023 from Path of EX to make your trick-or-treat more hunting. 

Enjoy playing and updating your games with spookier themes this Halloween.

Happy Gaming!

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