Complete Outta Hand Walkthrough [2023]: Step-by-Step Guide

outta hand walkthrough

Outta Hand is a VR adventure game that lets you embody one of the hand people and ready yourself for a mission you have to complete to save lives. Just like the Please Forgive Me Walkthrough, the Outta Hand walkthrough takes you through the core gameplay and helps you succeed.

Because you have brains that most beings near you don’t, Dr. Vendelvom separates you from the herd to terminate you. Your goal in Outta Hand is to save yourself and your fellow beings by platforming, bouncing, and punching your way through the wicked old doctor’s lab.

You must take down Dr. Vendelvom and his supporters with your extended arms and unexpected strength. Read on to get the complete Outta Hand walkthrough guide and some interesting tips & tricks to save yourself from being terminated!

outta hand walkthrough

Outta Hand has thirty-seven adventurous levels, and while some are easy, others get progressively complex as you go through the game. Use my Outta Hand walkthrough guide to understand better where to go and what to do in Outta Hand!

Outta Hand Walkthrough Guide

Outta Hand opens with a strange scene where you find out you’re in a world where conscience is not appreciated. Since you have a brain activity level higher than average, you find out you might be terminated and lose your existence. Follow this walkthrough guide for Outta Hand to find out what to do next.

  1. You materialize in a strange place called the liquidation area, where you’re apparently stuck. To escape, punch the wall a couple of times till it breaks.
  2. Continue inside the entryway with “Liquidation Area” written above it.
  3. Inside, scan your hand to get access to go further.
  4. Follow the colorful Xs.
  5. Keep going straight till you find another security scanner. Put your hand on it and get access.
  6. Once inside, you’ll receive a warm welcome from the Vendel family.
  7. Keep moving and follow the Xs to know where to go next.
  8. Punch when you see an animation guiding you to do so.
  9. You need to fight everything obstructing your way as you head to the control center to meet the voice guiding you.
  10. Keep going and scan your hand where asked to.
Outta Hand Walkthrough Guide

11. Keep moving till you see a bunch of strange aliens waiting to fight you, as shown above.
12. Continue moving once you defeat the aliens.
13. Move through the complicated stairs and paths using your hands and the strength of your arms.

outta hand walkthrough

Wrapping Up

You might start confused about how to proceed since the introductory cutscene in Outta Hand isn’t enough to go on. But it’s apparent that since you have a brain activity level higher than average, you find out you might be terminated and lose your existence. Follow my Outta Hand walkthrough guide to progress like a pro!

Happy gaming!

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