Marvel Puzzle Quest: Lucid Wanderings | A Complete Walkthrough [2023]

Marvel Puzzle Quest Lucid Wanderings

Marvel came out with the unbelievably successful game Marvel Puzzle Quest over a decade ago, and it’s still exciting and relevant to this day. Although it’s been very long since the game launched, gamers still need help finishing it because of the deliberately confusing final mission–Lucid Wanderings.

More recent games like Marvel’s Wolverine and Marvel Snap have been thriving because of the hype around the Marvel movies. What’s interesting about MPQ is that it combines the best of Marvel’s superheroes and villains with RPG, PvP matches, and so much more.

But to know how to complete a mission, you need to know how it works and how to get its rewards. Do you want to complete the Marvel Puzzle Quest game? Read on to find out how Lucid Wanderings’s mission works in Marvel Puzzle Quest and the solutions to achieve it.

How Does Lucid Wanderings in Marvel Puzzle Quest Work?

Lucid Wanderings is the last mission in Marvel Puzzle Quest, but most people find it challenging to complete because it seems to be clarified. Most gamers need help figuring out how to complete this last mission and Marvel Puzzle Quest. So why is the Lucid Wanderings mission confusing, and how does it work?

Here’s How Lucid Wanderings Works in Marvel Puzzle Quest:

  1. Once you match the 10% damage tile in Lucid Wanderings, all the tiles with instructions about the quest disappear.
  2. Once all instructions disappear, your powers stop working, and every move you make hurts your team.

Gamers have figured out that the Marvel Puzzle Quest Lucid Wanderings has no progression rewards. You don’t earn any points because you’re playing for the community challenge.

Does the working of this Marvel Puzzle Quest mission seem confusing and deliberately complex? Luckily, I’ve got two ways to complete Lucid Wanderings in Marvel Puzzle Quest.

How to Complete Lucid Wanderings in Marvel Puzzle Quest?

Marvel Puzzle Quest Lucid Wanderings

Although the Lucid Wanderings mission instructions in Marvel Puzzle Quest could be more precise, I’ve figured out how to complete this challenge.

1. Do 10% Damage to Enemy Team

To complete the Lucid Wanderings mission, you should match the one with “do 10% damage to the enemy team.” Once you select the 10% damage, match up the 10% color to win. Remember that you can’t destroy the 10% with a 4+ match.

2. Color Shuffle

This method is for the shuffle of the colors in Marvel Puzzle Quest. In the shuffle, it will choose a color (6 tiles), then you are supposed to select a single tile which can either be the same color or will turn to the same color as the other six tiles, then will shuffle the tiles it selected.

To win, you need to clear the last tile it chooses. You can also win by destroying it with a 4+ match.

Wrapping Up

While your friends might need help to complete the final mission in Marvel Puzzle Quest Work, you can quickly complete this challenge. Using 10% damage and the 10% color match or the color shuffle, you can finally complete Marvel Puzzle Quest and rest! Help your friends finish MPQ by completing the Lucid Wanderings mission, too!

Happy Gaming!

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