Please Forgive Me Walkthrough Guide: Haunted Apartment (2023)

Please Forgive Me Walkthrough Guide

If you’re in the mood for a horrifying game that scares you to your bone, Please, Forgive Me is the perfect psychological horror for you. If you want help completing this game without losing lives, I’ve got this comprehensive Please Forgive Me walkthrough guide explaining everything you need to do. 

We’ve seen many horror games, like the infamous Escape The Backrooms and one that rocked Roblox fans, Roblox’s Murder Mine. But what’s different about Please, Forgive Me is its chilling environment and scary escape-based storyline.

From creepy beats to the horrifying backstory of a relator who didn’t know better, Please, Forgive Me delivers a nightmare for sure. But what do you need to be wary of, and can you avoid the scary, terrifying ending? Read on to get the complete Please Forgive Me walkthrough guide.

Please Forgive Me Walkthrough Guide

Please, Forgive Me starts with a solid backstory for the horror that’s about to happen. You, Pavel, are asked to check out an apartment before you leave for your honeymoon. You agree to check it out for a 30% commission but are unaware of what’s waiting for you. When the game starts, all you know is to get on the elevator and find the apartment, but someone has other plans.

Steps to the Please Forgive Me Walkthrough:

1. Find the Key

Please Forgive Me Walkthrough Guide

The Please Forgive Me Walkthrough starts off at the bloody floor, where you will need to search for a key to somewhere important.

  1. Explore the building
  2. Get on the elevator and get off, where it drops you to a bloody floor
  3. You’ll find a note stuck to the pillar right in front of you that hints at a key hidden beneath one of the doormats
  4. Go to your left and try walking into the hallway.
  5. A mysterious door behind you will automatically open (leave it for now).
  6. Stop at the first door to your right and interact with the floormat to reveal the hidden key.

2. You Need a Flashlight

Please Forgive Me Walkthrough Guide

Now that you’re in, you find out that everything is too dark. It’s time to look for a flashlight amidst the clutter of the scary apartment to proceed with the Please Forgive Me walkthrough:

  1. Continue to the end of the hallway, where you will find a weeping woman in all black with her back to you.
  2. When she disappears, you’ll find a note stuck to the door
  3. When you explore a bit, a cutscene will trigger.
  4. You find that you’re locked in the apartment, so you decide to stay till the morning.
  5. Since the room is extremely dark, you need to find a flashlight (more on this soon)
  6. Enter the first room with the drawers in front of you and move to the right, which will light up the room (if it doesn’t, first explore around a bit)
  7. Head to the next room in front of you, where you’ll find a television playing static.
  8. Move to the next room with a dinner table lighted up, which will trigger another cutscene.
  9. Now, you can simply press F to turn on a flashlight.

Wrapping Up

Please, Forgive Me can be classified as a horror game with moderate-level difficulty, but what makes it hard to complete is the psychological horror. From finding the key to exploring all hidden notes within the game, it’s no easy task to avoid giving up. How was the Please Forgive Me walkthrough experience for you? Share your thoughts by commenting!

Happy Nightmares!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Is the Please, Forgive Me Game?

It takes, on average, fifty minutes to complete the Please Forgive Me gameplay.

Q2. Is Please, Forgive Me Easy?

Please, Forgive Me features a moderate-level gameplay

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