6 Best iTunes Alternatives You Can Use To Manage Your Music Collection

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Applications like iTunes can be very helpful but when it comes to the subscription plans, they can turn out to be a big no for many. However, the internet is a massive ground of treasures. There are many other applications that can easily replace iTunes and give similar, if not better, features. 

Experiencing music on your device gives you healing therapy and entertainment. Are you looking for the best elegant software options that allow you to do multiple functions like importing, organizing, and controlling your music collection like iTunes? You are in the right place and we are here to help you. 

Let’s get started! We will brief you about iTunes and its replacement options with ease. You can still manage your Apple device with multiple features by using the best alternatives. Stay tuned with us and be updated.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is a software application that allows users to purchase, play, download, manage and organize an entire media collection on their device. It runs on Mac and Windows operating systems. Apple Inc developed iTunes in 2001. It acts as linkages and manages your files on various Apple products like iPhones, iPods, and iPads. On the other hand, you want to purchase and download music, movies, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, e-books, Tv shows; you can get it on the iTunes store.

iTunes is not dead; with the updated version of Mac OS Catalina, they have just changed their place in different apps: Apple Music app, Apple Tv app, Apple Books app, and Apple Podcasts app. Still, you can access your purchased stuff from these apps. You can also sync and manage your files on an iPhone,iPod touch, iPad with Finder.

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The below-mentioned section provides you with the best alternatives that will work as multitasking software with advanced features like iTunes.Stay with us and choose smartly.

Top 6 iTunes Alternatives


WALTR PRO: itunes Alternative

If you want to convert or transfer any file into iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, WALTR PRO acts as a Pro and helps you transfer the files without any hurdle. 

WALTR PRO is an upgraded version of WALTR 2. It is available for both macOS and Windows. To transfer your file from the original destination to the targeted destination, simply drag-n-drop any file into any targeted destination. WALTR PRO automatically detects the file, changes its format, and drops it to your targeted destination.


  • Quickly transfer any file to iOS
  • Impressive UI and media converter
  • Edit Metadata and Cover Art
  • Simplest converter and Easy to use
  • Able to stream FLAC and HomePod
  • Transfer photos from ComputerComputer to iPhone
  • Compatibility with Kindle App
  • It supports all iPhones and iPads as well as the latest ones


  • It can be time-consuming over WiFi
  • Costs $29.95
  • Limited free trial

2. AnyTrans App

AnyTrans App: iTunes Alternatives

AnyTrans is a versatile app for your iPhone,iPad,iPod,iTunes, and iCloud and lets you transfer, manage, and back up iOS data in the easiest and fastest way. This app is secure and is trusted by 10+million users. 

Anytrans breaks all the hurdles and lets you transfer freely to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, and ComputerComputer. Fully manages 27 types of iOS data and ensures that your data remains secure and safe. It also gives you a flexible backup according to your preferences: Full backup, incremental backup, automatic backup, or wirelessly.

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  • One simple click and quick transfer
  • No technical knowledge or skills required
  • Covers all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • Compatible with iOS 5 and above
  • Organize your photos and videos by category
  • Transfer music without restrictions
  • It helps you to Print or Backup messages or attachments


  • Costs $39.99
  • Limited free trial
  • You cannot edit the iTunes library

3. Leawo iTransfer 

Leawo iTransfer 

Leawo iTransfer is a powerful tool that lets you transfer files between your iPod, iPad, iPhone.It helps you to transfer 12 kinds of files, like photos, music, videos, Sms, contacts, etc., between iOS devices, iTunes, and PCs.It helps you backup files from iPad, iPhone, iPod touch to your computer. Leawo iTransfer manages your music library without any limits and supports all the latest iOS devices.


  • Safe and reliable
  • Fast transfer and backup of data
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • It makes your iOS devices as flash drives
  • Easy management of data and files on iOS devices.
  • No worry about losing data as there is no sync of iTunes.


  • UI interface is outdated
  • Need some improvement in data type

4. Dr Fone by Wondershare

Dr Fone by Wondershare

Dr Fone is a complete toolkit for your device. You don’t need to worry about losing data; it solves your problems in a single click. It performs various functions from system breakdowns, data loss, phone transfers, and so on. You can easily recover your data from iOS devices, iTunes, and iCloud.The great thing about Dr Fone is that data can be recovered easily, even from broken devices via iTunes and iCloud.

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It helps you migrate data like messages, contacts, photos, etc., from one phone to another, enabling you to transfer WhatsApp messages, backup, and restore. Thus it is special software that comes up with advanced features to recover data under different conditions.


  • Secure website and the privacy of users is guaranteed.
  • Compatible with all the smart devices
  • You can preview the files before restoring
  • Expert team to handle technical trouble


  • Limited free trial
  • One time yearly plan is expensive

5. Phone Rescue

Phone Rescue

Phone rescue is one of the most reliable and data recovery Saviour for your iOS devices. It rescues your information securely with a 100% success rate. This app is a complete package for you to get back everything you require in every possible way.

It is fast and easy to use to retrieve all your data; simply find your lost data in just one click. It is a life-saver tool that helps you recover your essential files like photos, messages, contacts, etc., via an iOS device,iCloud, and iTunes backup.


  • It is safe and secure to use
  • Supports all the latest devices
  • Removes all types of lock screens on your iPhone or iPad
  • It helps you to backup your data even from encrypted or damaged
  • Unlimited free trial


  • Not available for all Android devices

6. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager

It is one of the best iTunes alternatives which you can use. It helps you to add music to your iPhone, edit your music library and title tracks. This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.One of its best use is to copy all music collections from your ComputerComputer to your targeted device.

The best thing you can do is customize your music library by adding your favorite songs, artists, title tracks, lyrics, etc. You can also manage your playlists, adding or removing songs or shuffling the music collection.


  • Compatible with Apple Music
  • It is safe and secure to use


  • Not supportive for all file types like photos, apps, or any other data
  • You should have iTunes installed on your Computer to copy your music collection

Wrapping Up

Now it is time to conclude this article. I hope we provided you with the best alternatives, advanced features, and usage to get access to your library. You can use this software on your devices without any hurdles. Your music will live on. Start downloading now. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any free iTunes alternative for Mac?

Yes, Syncios Manager is the free iTunes alternative for Mac. It helps you restore, backup, and transfer 12 types of data and is trusted by 100 million Apple users.

Does iTunes still exist in 2021?

Apple has already announced that iTunes is dying. It is better to find new places like Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcast.


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