Is Owned By BlueStacks | Who Owns in 2024?

Is Owned By BlueStacks | Who Owns

BlueStacks and are the two words that are interchangeably used by every gamer nowadays. Yes, we are all using and hearing a lot about, and now we all are curious about its parent company. Are and BlueStacks partners? Or is owned by BlueStacks? Let’s find out and know who owns who among and BlueStacks. is an online gaming site, and BlueStacks is a free and popular emulator which runs android apps on Mac or PC. Since always give us the alternative to download the game in Bluestacks if not available in, we all wanna know the relationship between and BlueStacks. Is owned by BlueStacks? Let’s find out now! is a mobile gaming cloud, and BlueStacks is a mobile application development company. Both and BlueStacks are similar in many ways. Both and BlueStacks has many popular games like Fortnite, League Of Legends, and Minecraft. So, is owned by BlueStacks? Unlike me, many people think like that too. Let’s find out the truth.

Is Owned By BlueStacks | Who Owns

Yes, is owned by BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a parent company of It completely gives all credit to its parent companies that supported it and is owned by two companies. shares two companies as its parent company, they are –

1. BlueStacks

Is Owned By BlueStacks | Who Owns

Blue Stacks is the largest gaming android emulator for PC today. An American technology-based business company called BlueStacks is well-known for its cloud-based, cross-platform BlueStacks App Player. Applications for Android can be used on computers running Microsoft Windows or macOS thanks to the BlueStacks App Player. Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf, and Rosen Sharma launched the BlueStack firm back in 2009 and now BlueStacks is the leading android emulator.

2. Game.TV

Is Owned By BlueStacks | Who Owns

Game.TV is now the world’s first and best eSports gaming platform that is growing rapidly with Game.TV is a robust community of dedicated gamers, rabid eSports followers, and an ever-expanding list of game content producers who are supporting themselves by creating games on the Game.TV platform.

Wrapping Up

So, this was everything you had to know on’s parent companies. Now we know whether is owned by BlueStacks or not. We also learned a little bit about BlueStacks and Game. TV. Share this article with the ones who are in need of this information, and you can also check out my other blogs on Path of EX. That’s all for now, guys, take care and enjoy gameplay.


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