What Is Now.gg | How Does it Work & How To Play Games on it?

What Is Now.gg | How Does Now.gg Work Exactly?

Heard of now.gg but don’t exactly know what now.gg is? Got you! Here I am presenting this article for you which is completely based on your single question of what is now.gg. Many of us just know now.gg as a gaming site, but do you know that now.gg is ranked as one of the biggest mobile cloud gaming platforms? Why is it? What is it? Let’s find out below.

We all know that we can play some of the most popular games on now.gg like Angry Birds, Subway Surfers, and Roblox. Instead of just playing now.gg games, have you ever wondered what is now.gg in reality? Now.gg is just more than just a gaming cloud. Let’s find out more about now.gg.

Now.gg & now.gg games are really getting famous these days in our gaming community. I was really curious on the now.gg’s backend so I did some research and I am writing this article. Let’s find out what is now.gg website as a whole.

What Is Now.gg | Now.gg Meaning 

What Is Now.gg | How Does Now.gg Work Exactly?

Now.gg is the first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform in history to make use of the nowCloud OS, an Arm Android servers paradigm. This allows game makers to integrate their games into current Android apps and contribute to the development of cloud-native applications in the future.

Now.gg’s primary goal is to eliminate the limitations that were previously imposed by low-end mobile devices by bringing all mobile gamers together under one roof. With the help of now.gg, game developers from all over the world can quickly publish their products on a single platform where users can play their preferred games online on a browser for free with just a single tap.

What Is Now.gg | How Does Now.gg Work Exactly?

Online gaming is developing. Large traditional gaming companies and service suppliers are more aware than ever of the power of the cloud. Additionally, there are more new participants than ever before in the ecosystem of cloud gaming. And now.gg is just one of those cloud gaming platforms that is growing ever since its release. 

Gaming mobile cloud now.gg is revolutionizing the gaming experience for both customers and game developers. Now.gg gives gaming communities access to the first global mobile platform-as-a-service for game developers, allowing them to play games on any device or OS, share games instantaneously on social media, and make in-game purchases using their existing payment methods. Now.gg frees game producers from restrictions related to geography, device, or attribution while also opening up completely new revenue opportunities. So, this was the answer to the question of what is now.gg.

How Does Now.gg Work | What Does Now.gg Do?

What Is Now.gg | How Does Now.gg Work Exactly?

Now.gg games work on the cloud. Gamers may play Android games on the Cloud thanks to now.gg. Now.gg works as soon as you visit the official now.gg site and type in your game name.

Put the link to your game on your website and host it on the now.gg mobile cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). There is no need to modify the program further. Gamers on mobile devices can enjoy fantastic gameplay once it has been hosted without having to download or install any apps. 

Wrapping Up

So, this was the real meaning of now.gg. Now you know what is now.gg exactly. I know the article was short, but you can find out more now.gg articles on Path of EX. You can comment about this article in the reply section below.

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