Is Kinguin Legit: Everything You Need to Know About Kinguin!

Is Kinguin Legit: Everything You Need To Know About Kinguin!

While finding deals on game code and key, you must have come across Kinguin, the game key reseller. At first, you might be amazed looking at the prices, but later, feeling alarmed is natural as the prices are too good to be true. Isn’t it? So, if you are a little apprehensive of game key prices on Kinguin and want to know whether is Kinguin legit & safe, you are in the right place. In this article, I will answer all your queries related to Kinguin. So come along!

These days, there is no dearth of online sites that sell the latest games, movies, series, and other digital content at lower prices, which actually is quite costly. However, these sites are not always safe to use, and you can get easily scammed by using one of these sites if you haven’t researched the platform well prior to buying anything from these sites. Similarly is the case with Kinguin and other game reseller sites like CD Keys and G2A, etc., and you should know about the nature of these websites before buying from them.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and whether is Kinguin legit. Why wait, then? Let’s begin!

What is Kinguin?

What is Kinguin?

Kinguin is a third-party global digital marketplace website where game keys are sold at a cheap price by private sellers or small businesses. This website falls under the category of grey market site. On this website, you will find great deals on Steam, Origin,, Xbox, PSN cd-keys, Ubisoft, etc. Apart from game keys, you also find deals on in-game items, PSN and Xbox Live cards, and even streaming service subscriptions on Kinguin’s marketplace.

Is Kinguin Legit?

Is Kinguin Legit?

If you are only concerned about whether you get what you order, then in this sense, yes, Kinguin is a Legit website. But if you are concerned about the sources from where Kinguin gets these keys, you should know that the sources are not always legit.

Is it Safe to Buy From Kinguin?

Kinguin is not completely safe to buy from; you surely get what you order, but there are chances that the game gets taken away from you later if the seller obtained it through fraud or if a complaint is filed from the developer side. It’s not an illegal site but does go against the terms of use of the products they sell, as these are not bought from legal sources. The chances of getting scammed on Kinguin are also extremely high, as stolen keys are purchased using earlier buyer credit card information, as per some reviews.

How Can Kinguin Be So Cheap?

How Can Kinguin Be So Cheap?

Kinguin keys are so cheap because they buy these keys in bulk from the developer, which gives them the leverage to negotiate prices and get them at low prices. Moreover, the keys are sold in digital form, which helps them save money on postage and related expenses, allowing them to sell keys at cheaper prices.

How Does Kinguin Work?

To buy game keys on Kinguin, you need to register and provide your address details before purchasing anything. Once the registration process is complete, you can pay either using your credit card or using PayPal, but I recommend using the latter. After making the payment, head to the inventory and claim your game code by tapping on the Claim button. On tapping the Claim button, you will get the code, which you can use to activate the game. If your game activates without any issues, you can start downloading the game and start to play, but if you face any activation issues, you need to open a support ticket.

Does Kinguin Have a Money Back Guarantee?

Kinguin does have a money-back guarantee, but only on paper. On their site, they have this Buyer Protection program, as per which you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as protection against invalid keys and fraudulent sellers. But looking at reviews and reading about various people’s experiences, it seems like the protection thing is just on paper.

Does Kinguin Give Refunds?

Does Kinguin Give Refunds?

Refunds on Kinguin are not guaranteed as they themselves are not the sellers but a marketplace where you buy from sellers like you and me who sell keys at low prices.

Is Kinguin Similar to G2A?

Yes, Kinguin is similar to G2A. Both platforms are known for selling the latest game keys at cheap prices.

Is Kinguin a GREY market?

Yes, Kinguin is a grey-market website where unauthorized sellers sell game keys that have high consumer demand.

How long does it take for Kinguin to deliver?

Kinguin usually delivers products within 15 minutes of purchase, but in some cases, it can take longer than 15 minutes.

Pros and Cons of Kinguin

Pros and Cons of Kinguin

Here are the pros and cons of buying product keys from Kinguin:

1. Greate deals on latest game keys1. Games bought can be taken away from you later if the seller obtained them through fraud or if any complaint is filed against the seller.
2. Secure transactions using Paypal, debit card, credit card, and even crypto.2. There are complaints about the use of card info to make some shady transactions.
3. Customer support service is available.3. Refunds are very hard to process.

Kinguin Customers Review

Here are a few customer reviews that I collected from various sources like Quora, Reddit, and Trust Pilot. Most of the reviews are negative as there are some complaints about the delay in customer support, receiving used keys, and warnings to use Paypal only and not debit or credit cards.

“It’s not as bad as G2A, but it’s not good either”

“If you’re going to go grey market, use CDKeys. Definitely the most trustworthy since they are selling their own keys rather than a third party. Kinguin is sketchy.”

Awful customer service and scam offers. They offer fake discounted prices from suppliers, which seem not to exist or do not offer these products. Even if you try to purchase them, after 30-40 minutes, your payment process will fail, and it will be canceled, refunding you back in their Kinguin currency. Tickets for refunding back to the original payment are completely ignored by customer service as they force you to spend that money on their website.
I don’t recommend to look here for offers.”

Is Kinguin Legit or a Scam: Final Verdict

Now it is time for the final verdict, so after researching from all the valid sources, I would say yes, you can buy game keys and other digital products from this site, but there is always a risk in doing so, and there is no guarantee that the keys will work. Many people have had a very good experience with the site and never faced any issues till today. But there are many people who have complaints about keys not working or stopped working after a few days. It is pure luck, so to say, if you get a good deal and the key works fine for you, there is a huge possibility that the keys won’t work for you. So, it is for you to decide whether it is worth the risk or not.

Did you like this review on Kinguin? If you do, our site has reviews on many such sites, which you can check before buying from these sites.

Is Kinguin Legit or a Scam: Final Verdict

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope you have got the answer to the question: Is Kinguin Legit or Scam? So you can buy keys at low prices from Kinguin, but it is not guaranteed the key will work as, in many reviews, people complain about the keys not working for them. Now, it is for you to decide whether you want to take the risk or not. And yeah, for any further queries related to Kinguin, you can comment in the comments section below.

So, guys, that is it for today. Take care! And keep visiting our website, Path of EX, for more such queries related to Social media, Gaming, and Technology. Till then, Bye! Bye!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Kinguin Office key legit?

Kinguin is legit in the sense that you get what you order, but if you are concerned about the sources of these keys, obviously, Kinguin is not legit.

2. Is it safe to buy a Steam account from Kinguin?

It’s not 100% safe to buy a Steam account from Kinguin.

3. Is it safe to use PayPal on Kinguin?

Yes, you should only use PayPal on Kinguin and not your credit and debit cards.

4. Can you buy on Kinguin without an account?

No, you cannot buy on Kinguin without an account. You need to have a registered account to buy on Kinguin.

5. Can you pay with Bitcoin on Kinguin?

Yes, you can pay with Bitcoin on Kinguin.

6. Who runs Kinguin?

Kinguin is run by Viktor Romaniuk Wanli, who is the Founder and Creative Director at Kinguin.

7. What if I bought the wrong key on Kinguin?

If you bought the wrong key on Kinguin, don’t use the key and contact Kinguin support via ticket.

8. Does Kinguin take debit cards?

Yes, Kinguin takes payment via debit cards.

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