Is FIFA 23 Down | Server Maintenance Status (March 22)

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Hey, Is FIFA 23 Down? Well, amidst the tournaments and matches, this is no less than a trouble to encounter. This is why we are here to let you know that this is not something major. Head on to grab the ultimate guide on FIFA 23 Server Downtime Status.

On March 22nd, EA is claiming to undertake it on Server Maintenance. And this is probably the major reason why is FIFA 23 Server Down. Scroll through this article and learn everything about this Service network error.

FIFA 23 Server Down Status | EA Server Maintenance Update

Is FIFA 23 Down | Server Maintenance Status (March 22)

Why is FIFA Server down? What is the cause behind it? Well, as per reports, FIFA 23 is claiming to go under maintenance for Title Update 9. This update is expected to bring several changes to the game and, hopefully, will introduce smooth transitions.

This is why players don’t need to worry because this is just regular server maintenance.

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Check FIFA 23 March 22nd Server Maintenance Timings

Update March 22 0:30- EA has scheduled maintenance on March 22 from 3 AM UTC to 10 AM. This is when you will not be able to avail of online services on all the platforms.

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FIFA’23 85+ Campaign Picks Not Working Error

Is FIFA 23 Down | Server Maintenance Status (March 22)

Many users are also claiming that 85+ campaign picks are not working. A Player named AhamedAnsariM recently commented on the down detector website and came up with a say that many campaign picks are not working well.

Although, there is no information regarding its reasons or solutions.

How to Fix ‘Is FIFA 23 Down’ Issue | 2 Fixes

Well, we all know that everyone is going through the same issue with FIFA 23 servers as you do. But there can be a slight chance that you would have to put in a little extra effort.

Is FIFA 23 Down | Server Maintenance Status (March 22)

Have a look below to know how you can fix the ‘Is FIFA 23 Down’ error:

Fix 1: Restart Router

The easiest way to fix FIFA 23 Server downtime error is to switch off your router and restart it to regain some connectivity from your end.

Fix 2: Check Updates

The next best method is to check for new updates and make sure you are keeping in check with all of them, depending on your device and platform. Head on to learn how you can update your game on your device:

Updates on PS4 & PS5

Here’s how you can check your update for PS4 & PS5:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Click System Software Update.
  3. Install all the updates available.

Updates on Xbox One

Following is how you can check your updates for Xbox one:

  1. Open the dashboard menu > click Settings.
  2. Select all settings > open System.
  3. Click Updates > Update Console.
  4. Go through all the onscreen instructions to finish your update.

Wrapping Up

This was all about FIFA 23 Server Down. Check out the guide and know when you can resume your mega package of thrill all along.

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