Is Cheater Buster AI Free? What Does it Have to Offer?

Heartbreak here, Heartbreak there, everywhere you look today almost everyone is walking with fake smiles, camouflaging a broken heart. Why does it happen? Why is there betrayal in love? There are no exact answers to these questions. While some of us accept and move further, others are asking the question, is Cheater Buster AI Free?

What is Cheat Buster AI? People who do not know about it will be surprised or shocked to know AI’s progress. Cheater Buster AI is a new AI tool that is used to expose infidelity. Yes, you thought right; this tool will help you know if your partner is socializing behind your back.

In detailed terms, Cheater Buster is an AI tool that can track someone’s presence and activity on the online dating app Tinder. According to the Cheater Buster team, it uses an algorithm to navigate almost everything about someone’s Tinder account, including their activity, just by using their name, location, and gender.

Tinder; Is Cheater Buster AI Free?

Is Cheater Buster Ai Free?

The Cheater Buster team has answered this question in a very professional manner. As they have clarified, their need to charge a price is directly at par with their need to provide the best service. 

When asked this question, the Cheater Buster team replied, “We wish we could have provided Cheaterbuster as a free product, or at least offered a Cheaterbuster free alternative, but unfortunately, servers are not free. As we want to be the best – being best comes with a cost.”

According to the team, a free alternative would have been a compromise on accuracy and result speed. Which, in my opinion, would make this tool a total sham. Because without its accuracy, it will be just a play of lies, nothing more.

Pricing Plans

CheaterBuster price; Is Cheater Buster AI Free?

If you are interested enough in this tool, then the price should not be a very big deal for you. Given below are the plan prices access all features of this tool:

  • $9.99 for a One time search
  • $14.99 for three searches a month
  • Yearly plans are also available, but there are no fixed prices.

Prices vary according to the number of searches you want, so the best thing to do might be to check for prices on the spot on the CheaterBuster AI official website.

CheaterBuster; Is Cheater Buster AI Free?

Pros and Cons

CheaterBuster being a spying AI has its own benefits but also has problems that could arise with its use. Mentioned below are the pros and cons associated with Cheaterbuster AI make sure to read so you can choose:


Some of the benefits provided by CheaterBuster are:

  1. Quick Results.
  2. 97%-99% Accuracy Rate.
  3. Easy to Use.
  4. International Searches are Allowed.
  5. Easy Navigation.


Cons to CheaterBuster AI are:

  1. Limited to Tinder only.
  2. Results are only as accurate as the information provided.
  3. The cost might be considered pricey.
  4. Spying

I have mentioned Spying as one of the cons because Spying on someone else’s personal information is a crime, and in the wrong hands, it could really hurt someone’s reputation and whatnot. So be responsible.

How to Log and Use CheaterBuster?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to Log in and Use CheaterBuster AI:

  1. Visit the Official Website.
  2. Click the Login Button and Register as a New Customer.
  3. Provide an Email ID and Create a New Password.
  4. Confirm the password, and You Will be Ready to Search.
  5. Now, Re-Launch the website.
  6. Fill All the Necessary Fields With Personal Information of Your Target.
  7. In the next step, you will have to provide 2-3 pictures of your partner.
  8. Click on Search results.
cheaterbuster form; Is Cheater Buster AI Free?

Is CheaterBuster a Game Changer?

Cheaterbuster is a Game Changer!

Wrapping Up

I hope you got your answer to “Is Cheater Buster Ai Free?”. On a personal level, though, I would suggest you save the money you will spend unnecessarily on this app. You will have to move on without knowing many things, so why give in to those insignificant insecurities? Every relationship problem can be solved with just a little bit of conversation, and if it can’t, It is best just to let it go.

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