Why is Instagram Search Not Working? Here’s How to Fix it

Why Instagram search not working |Get The Latest Updates

Instagram is the most trending photo-sharing app. It boasts of more than one billion users globally. But it has recently been in the news for the wrong reason. This has happened due to the constant glitches taking place on the app. The most recent glitch is the Instagram search not working. This issue has agitated users globally, and they are sharing the news on other social media platforms.

The few glitches that have been trending in the past have put the app’s reputation down, and the support team of Instagram has also not issued any statement regarding these. We have discussed the entire news in detail below.

Why is The Instagram Search Not Working?

The Instagram search bar is not working for many users worldwide, and hence there is massive outrage on the platform regarding the same. The recent glitch is experienced when someone is accessing Instagram through a browser, not the app.

You would still find the search bar on the app with a hashtag to search for something. The next moment you would find an error message on the computer or the browser with the message, “We could not find anything for that search.” Instagram users from different parts of the world have complained about this glitch, and Instagram has not made any statement about it.

Instagram Down Trend

Due to the glitch, Instagram users have been trending #InstagramDown on Twitter. The users are clueless about the recent glitch in one of the most important feature. Some people are resorting to Twitter to share their experiences. And Some users are frustrated about the feature not working for days together.

Recent Issues with Instagram

Recently Instagram has been surrounded by controversies. And each time, people have shown their anguish through other social media platforms. Users were annoyed at not being able to send and receive DM.

Even the permanent dark mode on the app and the dysfunction of the camera while recording a story agitated the users to a greater extent. So, the controversies against Instagram are building up each day.

Wrapping Up

The search bar not working on Instagram has led to so many controversies on Instagram that people are shocked with the app’s functioning and find the app quite annoying. For the latest news on the social media platforms, please refer to our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Question

Why is The Instagram Search Not Working?

The Instagram search not working properly as the app is dysfunctioning, and users across the globe are facing this issue.

Why are people resorting to Twitter about Instagram?

The Instagram search is not working; people resort to other social media handles like Twitter to share their problems and anger.

What are the other controversies on Instagram?

The other controversies on Instagram in recent times are the permanent dark mode on the app, the camera not working, blurry image updates not available, and more.

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