How To Use Submissions In WWE 2k23 | Standing, Grounded & Foot Catch Submissions

Submissions In WWE 2k23

In WWE 2K23, knowing when to use a submission can mean the difference between winning and losing. So to make you win the game, here’s how to use Submissions In WWE 2k23. So scroll through the article and learn everything about the use of Submissions In WWE 2k23.

Technical-style wrestlers like Bret Hart work on body parts, wear out their opponents, win by submission, and, more significantly, make the product feel genuine among the high-impact moves from wrestlers like Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. This is replicated in WWE 2K23, where going for submissions can score an easy online and offline win, despite most players playing arcade style with flashy moves.

Now that you have an idea about submission in WWE 2k23, let’s head on and learn more about it. Read the article till the end, and you will find out everything you need to know about how to use submissions in WWE 2k23.

How To Use Submissions In WWE 2k23?

You can get a submission victory without finishing if they focus on WWE 2K23’s regular submissions holds, putting together matches against Roman Reigns with 99 across-the-board more feasible in Legend difficulty. However, knowing when and how to use them is vital because the opponent will only break out of them slowly. With the wrestler standing, the player can use a submission from any place by pressing RT/R2 and B/Circle.

After the body is sufficiently exhausted, it’s time to focus on the submission maneuvers that will differentiate you in WWE 2K23’s Universe and other game modes. First, apply the submission attacks using the instructions below.

There are three different submissions in WWE 2K23 they are:

  • Standing Submission
  • Grounded Submissions 
  • Foot Catch Submissions 

No, scroll down and check out How To Use these Submissions In WWE 2k23.

Standing Submission 

Submissions In WWE 2k23
  • The player can perform a submission from any position by hitting RT/R2 and B/Circle while the wrestler is still standing. 
  • Specific techniques, such as Shinsuke Nakamura’s armbar takedowns, have the ability to force submission from the feet to the ground. 

Grounded Submissions 

Submissions In WWE 2k23
  • To apply a lower body submission hold on a wrestler on the ground, press RT/R2 and B/Circle simultaneously. 
  • For an upper-body submission, press RT/R2 and B/Circle close to the head of the grappler on the ground. 

Foot Catch Submissions 

Submissions In WWE 2k23
  • The player’s wrestler must use a reversal to catch the foot when an opponent kicks them. In order to grab and hold the leg after the kick, press the Y/Triangle button quickly. 
  • By pressing RT/R2 and B/Circle, players will have a brief window to apply the submission to the leg. 

Note: The foot catch reversal into submission is the trickiest move, but it offers the best chance to win or wear down a rival. It works well against kick-focused WWE superstars like Rob Van Dam.

When To Use Submissions In WWE 2K23?

Submissions In WWE 2k23

Early submission attempts will cost you the match. The adversary will quickly release the hold and automatically counter the gamer’s wrestling. Wearing them down and dismantling their bodily parts in the orange and red zones is a smart idea first. 

Players must target particular portions of WWE 2K23 superstars for submissions to be successful in winning because the body will get harmed after using different moves in the game. For instance, if a player wants to submit their opponent with a Figure Four Leglock, they should focus on their opponent’s legs or arms and proceed toward a Crossface finisher.

How To Get Out Of Submission In WWE 2K23?

Submissions In WWE 2k23

You can reverse the submission before your opponent locks it in, but if you find yourself locked in, you must hit the buttons on the screen to fill up your side of the meter. The submission maneuver will be disrupted, and you will lose the submission if you fill up your meter. 

You must concentrate on the buttons on the screen in both situations because that is the only way to avoid the submission motion. You will need to keep pressing the buttons whether you are performing a submission move or are being caught in one.

Wrapping Up

That covers every typical submission that can be successful and how to use submissions in WWE 2k23. You can typically choose technical wrestlers if they want to concentrate on submission-based moves. Because of their MMA backgrounds, strikers and powerhouses like Shinsuke Nakamura and Brock Lesnar have good technical skills in WWE 2K23. You can also check out Path of EX for more WWE 2k23-related articles. 

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