How To Unlock Your Facebook Account | 7 Easy Steps To Follow

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Did Facebook lock your account all of a sudden? Do you want to unlock your Facebook account? But don’t know how? Don’t panic! As you are at the right post on the internet. Here is the post on how you can unlock your Facebook account if it is locked temporarily. 

From sharing photos to connecting with friends, Facebook has become the most integral part of our day-to-day lives. From famous celebrities to the common man, everyone uses this platform. It is undoubtedly one of the vast social media platforms that allow you to explore its several features to build a digital brand or gain the audience’s attention.

Even so, it allows you to do everything possible, this doesn’t mean that you can violate its terms and conditions as well. If Facebook finds you violating any of its rules, it can disable/ lock your Facebook account. However, this will not stay the same for long. You will be allowed to Unlock Your Facebook Account after a short span by following certain steps if it is locked temporarily. 

So, how to unlock your Facebook account? What are the steps that you need to follow? Is it a matter of minutes or will it take a lot of time to unlock your Facebook account if a request has been sent? Is it legal to use all these methods? So many popping questions. Right? Just hold on! You will get to know all about this below in the post. So, read along to learn about these methods to unlock your Facebook account with a step-by-step guide.

Why Is My Facebook Account Locked?

You might be thinking that your locked Facebook account is the end of your social life. Right? But, think why it has happened? 

According to the Facebook support center, your account is locked if:

1. You Have A Questionable Identity

Why Facebook has locked your Facebook account?
Source: The New York Times

Questionable identity?

What do you mean by this? 

Well, Facebook wants you to be a genuine user. 

This means that you can use its services, only if you provide your correct name and account details. However, only a bunch of people follow this rule. So, Your fancy name can be one of the major reasons because of which Facebook has locked your account.

Your incorrect username is not the only reason for your questionable identity. Along with this Facebook also checks your profile pictures and data. So, if you have a celebrity username, an account of a fictional personality, or are the admin of a fan page, this might be one of the possible reasons behind your disabled account. 

Yes, it’s disheartening, but it’s true.  

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2. Using Your Account For Misrepresentation

Well, Well, Well! 

You might be a genuine person, but this doesn’t mean that you can use your account to defame someone else. 

Facebook doesn’t allow its users to create misrepresentations about others. So, be it a politician, famous personality, or a common man, you have no right to make things worse for them. 

You can relax if you are not one of those persons. But, if you are guilty of impersonating a person or entity, you need to stop it as soon as possible, else Facebook has the authority to take severe actions against you. That is why it can lock your account permanently. 

Yes, forever! So Stop!!!

3. You Are A Spam Head

Why Facebook has locked your Facebook account?
Source: Software Testing News North America

Don’t lie! 

We know that you are the one among those persons who love to send too many messages to a person.

If not this, then you must have posted a lot of messages on someone’s wall or in a group. Is it so?

Obviously, you can use the platform to offer your services to people or show them your products. Why not? After all, it is the best social networking site. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you can send messages to people all the time or in bulk. 

Just like the other portals, Facebook is also accountable for the security of its users. So,  why would it allow you to irritate its users by being an unstoppable spam head?

Think about it! 

Even after the warning, if Facebook finds you guilty of repeating the same problem, it might disable your account permanently. Do you want this to happen? 

4. Getting Too Much Social

Now, you must be thinking that Facebook is a social networking site so how does getting social can be the reason behind your deactivated account? 

Sadly it can be a major reason!

Though Facebook aims at creating social networks yet it draws a limit on the number of groups you can join at once. You can join a maximum of 200 groups per account. So, think again,  did you exceed the limit? 

It’s not only for group messages, instead if you have too many friends this can happen. As per the Facebook guidelines, you can have a Facebook request of 5000, but not more than this number.

5. Its Something Offensive

Sometimes, we think of Facebook as a platform to express our feelings. Well, that’s true. Along with expressing feelings, it is the medium to express what we think about an incident. 

Yes, you can do so, but you need to think if it is an offensive statement or not. As Facebook doesn’t want you to offend any of its users or people in particular. 

6. Are You Even 18+?

Why Facebook has locked your Facebook account?

Remember the first time you signed up to your Facebook account, it asked for your birth date.

Do you know why?

Well, it is because Facebook doesn’t allow anyone to make an account before 18 years.

Ever wondered why?

No, it is not to create a hype of the millennial culture. Instead, Facebook is concerned with child security. As per federal law, children are not allowed to make any such account on Facebook or on any other social platform. However, despite such rules, millions of underage users are able to create a Facebook account by setting a fake age. 

Oh! You can admit it here, you are not 18+ and that is why your account is locked. 

7. Someone Has Reported Your Account

One of the major reasons that your Facebook account is locked can be that someone has reported your account.

But wait, is it because of one report against your account? 


This will never happen if one or two people report your account. A minimum of 10 reports is required to lock an account. Only reporting is not enough. After reporting, Facebook verifies your account of its own. 

If your account is found to have certain vulgar, abusive, or anti-social content, then your account is locked and this may remain so forever.

8. Common Malware Concerns

Why Facebook has locked your Facebook account?
Source: Tech Times

You have to agree that it is software and this may result in certain common malware concerns. 

Well, that’s not your fault. 

If it is a potential fault, then Facebook will show a pop-up message, whenever you try to log in to your Facebook account. This will ask you to scan your computer/ devices. You must be thinking that you have an up-to-date antivirus on your device. 

But Wait! That up-to-date antivirus may sometimes fail which can result in malware. 

These are the possible reasons for a temporary ban on your Facebook account. So, you need to keep in mind that you do not repeat these mistakes again. Else, you have to face severe consequences. 

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Now, as you are familiar with all the problems, let’s see how you can deal with all these to unlock your Snapchat account again. 

How To Unlock Your Facebook Account?

How to unlock Your Facebook Account?
Source: Help Desk Geek

You might find Facebook as your annoying old school teacher after locking your account, But remember, it is just a warning and you can get your Facebook account back. 

Oh! That’s a treat to read! 

So, how to do so? Let’s see how to unlock your Facebook account easily. But remember, this will take time. Sometimes 24 hours while in some 48 hours or maybe more. Also, you need to prove your identity. 

To Unlock your Facebook account, follow the following steps:

  • Open Facebook on your device and tap on the forget Password. 
  • Type in your linked Phone Number or the Email Address in the box. 

But what if you don’t remember both of them? In such a case you can write your entire name. 

  • A list of accounts will appear with the same name. Now, select your account and then continue. 
  • An OTP will be sent to confirm your identity. Enter the six digit OTP. Verify it with Facebook by selecting continue. 
  • Type in the new password.
  • Click on the continue Option. 
  • And, that’s it. Now you are able to open your Facebook account.  

You can Unlock Your Facebook Account by getting help from friends. 

You must have heard, A friend in need is a friend indeed and this is the time when you can rely on your friend. 

To Unlock Your Facebook Account, all you need to do is select a trustworthy Facebook Friend of yours. Ask him to visit a nominated URL so as to get a security code. Once done, you have your code, now you can use this code to log in to your account without a slip. Since it is concerned with the security of its users, Facebook takes 24hrs to complete your security check. 

So, you need to wait for that period as before this period, you will be visible on Facebook. 

However, this method is not applicable all the time. Sometimes, in case of a larger offensive, Facebook wants you to prove your identity using ID Proof. 

If your account is blocked because of a serious threat to security, You have to wait for 96 hours i.e. 4 days to log in back to your Facebook account. 

So, get a valid ID proof that shows your name, picture, and birthday clearly. You can use a driver’s license,  passport, or any other Government-issued ID.

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Still Not Working? It Must Be Hacked! 

why Is your Facebook account locked?
Source: Business Live Middle East

If your Facebook account is not letting you log in, even after following the above steps, then it’s time to be cautious. Someone might have Hacked your account. 

No matter if you are a celebrity or a normal person, this can happen to you at any time. 

So, How to check if someone has hacked your Facebook account or not? 

According to the Facebook guidelines, your account might be hacked if you are experiencing any one of these problems:

  • Username / Email / Password / Birthday has changed of its own. 
  • Friend Requests have been sent to people without your concern.
  • Someone has sent spam messages to your friends and it’s not you. 
  • Some posts are created/deleted.

What if your Facebook account is hacked? 

Well, as soon as you find the issue, you should change your password and email address to secure your account. This is the only possible way to deal with it.

Wrap up: 

These are solutions to unlock a Facebook account if your account is locked temporarily. However, if you want to know how to unlock your permanently locked account, then it will not be pleasing to hear that no such methods have been developed. 

Try these methods and tell us in the comment section, if these methods worked for you or not? 

In case you want to avoid such things in the future, you need to take some precautions. Like, 

  • Don’t be so frequent in building up networks.
  • Limit your friend request. 
  • Limit the number of posts.
  • Follow the terms and conditions properly. 
  • Never use multiple devices to log in to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will my Facebook account be locked?

Frankly saying, it depends as to why Facebook locked your profile. Depending upon the issue, if you are able to resolve the problem quickly, then it takes 24 to 48 hours to unlock your Facebook account. In severe cases, Facebook can lock your account for more than 94 hours or even permanently. 

Q. How many reports on Facebook can lock/delete an Account?

It depends. 
Sometimes, Facebook can take action against an account after a single report while in other cases it can take a longer time. Generally, 10 or more reports lead to the ban of a Facebook account.

Q. How long does it take Facebook to review your ID?

Facebook doesn’t want its users to suffer because of one user. That is why Facebook wants to be 100% sure before letting you use the platform again. It takes at least 48 hours for a response. During this period, Facebook checks if your username and other details are correct or not. 

Q. Can I unlock my Facebook account without ID Proof? 

Yes, this is possible unless your account is disabled because of a mid-issue. Else, it is not possible, you need to go through a security check.

Q. How do I contact Facebook when my account is locked?

You can contact Facebook to report the log in issue using the link:  if any of these methods are not able to lock your Facebook account. However, you need to note that it takes a little longer to unlock a Facebook account. 


    • Visit and simply login by using your number and password. Facebook will send either a link or an OTP. Enter all the details and your account will be unlocked.


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