How To Make a Boat in Minecraft: 6 Easy Steps | Minecraft Boat Recipe

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Boats in Minecraft are supposedly one of the most consistent and economical methods of traveling through extensive regions of water as fast as possible. Due to their various relevant features, as a Minecraft enthusiast, knowing how to make a boat in Minecraft has officially become a necessity.

Boats have been an extremely relevant staple in Minecraft ever since 2010 due to a very straightforward crafting recipe. The speed of their travel completely depends on which block they decide to travel on. Players often use the steps on how to make a boat in Minecraft because the Minecraft boats help in transporting mobs to far lengths in case leads are not an option, like the villagers in Minecraft. 

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Now, whether you wish to simply start with just the basics, a manageable boat for you and your pet, or if you wish to check out the vast ocean in a vivacious ship. Our tutorial on how to make a boat in Minecraft should be your go-to guide as it’s the perfect help!

How To Make A Boat In Minecraft:

In case you wish to create a Minecraft boat just to get yourself started, I’ll suggest you to just practice your basic rowing skills before you go ahead and make a much bigger boat. Now, let’s explore how you can make a Boat in Minecraft and what materials you require for creating your Minecraft Boat.

Materials Required For Making A Boat In Minecraft:

Steps On How To Make A Boat in Minecraft:

how to make a boat in Minecraft

1. Craft the wood planks to make sticks.

2. Add a shovel through the crafting table.

3. Place the stick.

4. Add the wooden planks again right on the crafting table when you want to obtain a shovel.

5. Place the wooden planks and the shovel right on the crafting table.

6. Finally, your boat will be prepared.

How To Make a Boat in Minecraft: 6 Easy Steps | Minecraft Boat Recipe

P.s- Although you can use whichever type of wood you wish to. Focus on the type of aesthetic you’re after, it’s necessary to be the same type (mixing and matching the different types of wood simply won’t work.)

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Usable Wood Types For Making A Minecraft Boat

We have listed the variety of wood types which are available for your use when it comes to making a boat in Minecraft

How To Make a Boat in Minecraft: 6 Easy Steps | Minecraft Boat Recipe
  1. Oak Planks
  2. Spruce Planks
  3. Birch Planks
  4. Jungle Planks
  5. Acadia Planks
  6. Dark Oak Planks

In case you’re using the Bedrock Edition, you’ll be required to use the same type of wood if you wish to add a wooden shovel right in the middle space of the crafting grid. Also, in case you end up in the jungle, Use the Best Jungle seeds and collect all the treasures to build you a city.

How To Use A Boat In Minecraft?

Below are all the required controls for how to easily use a boat in Minecraft:

Mount– This key can be used by you to get in the boat.

Exit– This key can be used by you to exit the boat.

Forward, Left, Right, Backwards: This key can be used by you to change the direction of your boat.

Vision– This key can be used if you wish to increase the field of vision.

how to make a boat in Minecraft

You are officially the honored owner of your simple boat. It seems that our guide correctly instructed you on how to make a boat in Minecraft. There are a few things which you’re required to know. The water current influences your boat, hence it would move completely in the exact direction of whichever way the water is flowing. Either that, or by your controls. In case you end up running into dry land, you can go ahead and try other Minecraft seeds to set up a safe area to sail away your new creation. Try different Minecraft seeds like Island Seeds, Mansions seeds and Village seeds to survive in this extraordinary world

The only way that one can actually destroy a boat is with a weapon . It can be destroyed by it with just a single blow as they only have four health points. But other than that, boats are pretty safe. Another plus point of learning how to make a boat is that it would never let you be hungry, which makes it quite an exceptional way to perambulate the universe, it also saves you on stock as you go on with your journey. 

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Uses Of A Boat In Minecraft

how to make a boat in Minecraft

As boats are one of the quickest, low priced, and easiest ways to go through long stretches of water, let’s get to know some of the uses of a boat in Minecraft. 

  1. Exchanging and fueling necessary items.
  2. Easily transfer materials, animals, etc. 
  3. You can simply transport the players across the water body.
  4. It can be quite well used for fishing requirements.

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Wrapping Up

Boats are a convenient item in Minecraft. A dock or port can also be decorated other than normally sailing in the water. We genuinely hope that our step-by-step guide taught you how to make a boat in Minecraft easily. You can make an amazing boat in your game as long as you correctly follow our instructions. 


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