5 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds | Top Jungle Seeds In Minecraft

5 Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds | Top Jungle Seeds In Minecraft

An all-time favorite among Minecraft enthusiasts are Jungle Seeds. This is why I’ve compiled a whole list of the best Minecraft Jungle Seeds, so you can get the best without wasting precious time. These seeds will take you exactly to this jungle biome right at the spawn point. 

The Minecraft seeds that have been included in our list of the Best Minecraft Jungle seeds offer a lot of loot. And to our surprise, a few of them even have Jungle Temples near the spawn point. It’s our guarantee that these Minecraft seeds will be able to run on the majority of versions of Minecraft java edition that actually do support this biome. 

But there is a catch to all of this. These Minecraft seeds would function a tad bit differently on the Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions, so keep in mind that if you using them on Bedrock won’t suffice. So, we suggest that you don’t willingly miss even a second and straight-up dive into the top 5 best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

List Of Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds

The following best Minecraft Jungle Seeds have been tested on Minecraft version 1.19.1. For your ease, we have even shared the coordinates of the best locations while giving you an idea about the jungle seed. So, let’s move ahead with the best Minecraft Jungle seeds in existence. 

1. Jungle Island With Ruined Portal & 2 Shipwrecks

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds
  • Seed: 7777777777988733304
  • Cave Spider Spawner Coordinates: X: -12, Y: 28, Z: -17
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 63, Y: 64, Z: 24
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: 29, Y: 68, Z: -74
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 42, Y: 64, Z: -4

In my opinion, this is one of the best Minecraft jungle seeds that you’ll encounter in Minecraft. Your spawn point is straight up to a completely remote island in the jungle biome. To your luck, it even has a shipwreck near your spawn point. And to make things twice as better, you’ll find another shipwreck and a ruined portal just less than 50 blocks apart.

If by chance, all of the mentioned points aren’t enough to please you, there’s more. Pretty much every single piece of land nearby will have a jungle biome, which automatically doubles the fun.

2. Huge Jungle with Jungle Temples

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds
  • Seed: 573398763507649
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: 109, Y: 64, Z: 69
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -154, Y: 75, Z: 127

If you’re one of the wilderness lovers, this Minecraft jungle seed should be your go-to. Your spawn point is right in the center of the jungle-only biome world. Even if you decide to move a few hundred blocks from your spawn point, you can only see the jungle all around.

If a base in the woods is exactly what you want, this jungle seed would be the best Minecraft jungle seed for you. To make things all the more interesting, you’ll manage to find two jungle temples just less than 200 blocks away. But there are quite a handful of booby traps, so make sure to avoid all of them. 

3. Jungle With 3 Ocean Ruins

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds
  • Seed: 783540347
  • 3 Ocean Ruins Coordinates: X: -252, Y: 72, Z: 392
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -415, Y: 37, Z: 676
  • Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -297, Y: 72, Z: 643

As a Minecraft maniac, you must know that the majority of ocean ruins generate straight up in the water, and finding one is extremely difficult. You get exactly three ocean ruins right next to the beach and jungle biome in this seed. To your luck, you may even find a buried treasure map in any one of the chests. 

Your spawn point is in a forest biome right beside the jungle biome, which has an ocean on one side and a frozen ocean on the other.  When it comes to the frozen ocean, it’s pretty easy to manage to find a shipwreck with a ruined portal nearby that might have been stuck in a glacier. Though you may not find a bruised treasure map, the loot is pretty sufficient.

4. Jungle Temple At Spawn

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds
  • Seed: 2029492581
  • Entry to Mineshaft: X: 200, Y: 65, Z: 19

Next on the list of the best Minecraft jungle seeds is this jungle temple. You spawn just beside a jungle temple which can be walked into easily. There is even a humongous desert and plains biome right in front of the temple. This is followed by the huge jungle right behind it, which can be explored plenty. 

But before you begin with your escapade, you might want to go just a few blocks right behind the temple and start digging underground at the coordinates mentioned above. If you dig straight down, you’ll end up in a humongous mineshaft. You can easily find a lot of mobs and a lot of looks in there. 

5. Taiga Forest, 2 Jungle Temples, and a village

Best Minecraft Jungle Seeds
  • Seed: -246626509256018
  • Village Coordinates: X: -215, Y: 64, Z: -179
  • Jungle Temple 1 Coordinates: X: -446, Y: 70, Z: 7
  • Jungle Temple 2 Coordinates: X: -698, Y: 66, Z: -2

this would be the first seed in our list of the best Minecraft Jungle seeds with a village near it. Your spawn point is in a massive Taiga biome but try not to get lost because just beyond the small river right in the middle has a jungle biome. The moment you enter it, you’ll easily see that the jungle temple is ready for the players to come and loot it.

To the advantage of most, this one isn’t the sole jungle temple nearby; there’s another one present there with fabulous loot. 

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the 5 best Minecraft Jungle seeds, follow the coordinates correctly so that you can easily find the locations. Just an extra piece of information, all the best Minecraft Jungle seeds work on the majority of the Minecraft Java Edition versions.

Although it may take a while to explore all the best Minecraft Jungle seeds, it’s worth every single second. So try not to waste even a second here and start your escapade!

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