How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku? 3 Simple and Easy Methods

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There can be many reasons that you may want to log out of HBO Max, even after the inexpensive price on the Roku. This issue needs to be resolved for the users who are having a hard time in the course of this action. This article is for Roku users who don’t know how to log out of HBO Max on Roku streaming device.

HBO Max is a streaming platform where users can access a pile of blockbuster movies and TV shows along with new Max Originals. This streaming platform can be available on Roku and other devices also. You might know how to sign in to the HBO Max streaming service on Roku, but How to sign out of HBO Max on Roku? That’s where people find it hard to get their way.

This article will be going to explain 3 implicit methods of how to logout HBO Max on Roku.

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku?

There are many different ways how to log out of HBO Max on Roku once you’re signed in on a Roku device.

How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku From TV?

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku? 3 Simple and Easy Methods
  1. The First thing to do is switch on your Roku device and click the Home option to see all the apps on the screen. With the help of a remote, you can navigate to the HBO Max app.
  2. Now, the HBO Max app will be opened. After that, you can see the settings icon at the lower left corner of the screen. You can control it with the help of a Roku remote.
  3. By using the Roku remote, you can scroll the list of options until you find the sign-out option on the TV.
  4. Eventually, you can Sign out from the HBO Max of Roku streaming device.
  5. Now you can track down to sign-out option beneath the account information. You can use your Roku remote to sign out of your account.

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How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku from the Website?

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku? 3 Simple and Easy Methods
  1. On your Personal computer, open the browser and go to the HBO Max website.
  2. The next step is to log in with the credentials of HBO Max to access the services.
  3. There can be more than one profile. You can select the profile of your name on it.
  4. Now you can proceed to the Manage devices. In this space, you will be able to see all the devices that are connected to our account.
  5. After that, you can easily sign out of all the devices.
  6. Although this procedure is straightforward, this should guarantee that almost all signed-in devices can be easily handled.

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How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku using the Mobile App?

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku? 3 Simple and Easy Methods

It is possible for HBO Max users to log in through the HBO Max app with the help of Login credentials without any problem. The moment you sign in, you have all the authority to handle all the HBO Max profiles and devices.

  1. The first step is to open the HBO Max mobile application and Sign in with the help of your credentials.
  2. Now, tap on the profile, which is placed at the bottom right corner of the display.
  3. After that, tap on the settings option placed in the screen’s top left corner.
  4. Now, you just have to click on manage devices, where you can see all the connected devices comprising our Roku device.
  5. Now you can sign out of all the devices you want and select the confirm button.
  6. This aforementioned will result in logging out of HBO Max and all the remaining connected devices.

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How to Sign Out of HBO Max on Roku?

Wrapping Up

We all know that all streaming devices support the HBO Max streaming services. Each and every HBO episode, historical or contemporary, is available for streaming on your Roku device, and the procedure is fairly straightforward.

This is quite worthwhile to put extra effort and watch HBO Max on Roku rather than on cable. This article has shown you the three methods of how to log out of HBO Max on Roku streaming device. Comment down if you get the step-by-step guide, and share your thoughts on watching the HBO Max content on Roku.


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