How to Get Your Instagram Wrapped for 2023: Find Your IG Stalker!

How to Get Your Instagram Wrapped

Since the advent of Spotify Wrapped, the trend of wrapping up the year has taken the online kingdom by storm. Now, everyone is craving that satisfying glimpse into their Instagram year. If you are one of those eager souls, you are in luck because I am about to show you how to get your Instagram Wrapped. So, stick around!

Instagram Wrapped is a surefire way to add a dash of excitement to your Instagram journey. Unlike Spotify Wrapped, IG Wrapped is not an official deal. It is a third-party app that delves into your year on Instagram, unveiling fascinating data from your top friends to the hours you have dedicated to IG scrolling. It will not tell you who has been secretly clicking your links on Instagram Story, but it will paint a vivid picture of your year-long Instagram history.

Are you intrigued? Well, you should be! Join me to discover how to get your Instagram Wrapped. I promise you, it is going to be a fun ride through your Insta-history. So, let us enjoy the magic together!

What is Instagram Wrapped: What Does it Calculate?

how to get your Instagram Wrapped

Before I let you know how to get your Instagram Wrapped, let us learn about Instagram Wrapped first. Instagram Wrapped, also known as IGWrapped, is a third-party application for iOS that offers users an extensive analysis of their year-long Instagram journey. But here is the twist — it is not an official Instagram feature, and it has no direct ties to Instagram or Meta.

So, how does IGWrapped work its magic? It relies on the data you can readily download from your Instagram account, including your profile details, posts, stories, and interactions with fellow users. Using this data, IGWrapped compiles an intriguing array of insights about your Instagram journey, including:

  1. The individuals who viewed your profile most frequently.
  2. Your closest companions on Instagram in 2023.
  3. The number of users who took screenshots of your posts.
  4. The total hours you devoted to Instagram in 2023.
  5. A comprehensive breakdown of your follower count, including the male-to-female ratio.
  6. The count of users who decided to block you in 2023.

So, are you ready to get started on how to get your Instagram Wrapped? Read on!

How to Get Your Instagram Wrapped?

Are you ready to unlock the fascinating insights into your Instagram journey with Instagram Wrapped for 2023? Follow these simple steps to find Instagram Wrapped on your iPhone:

Step 01: Download the IGWrapped App
Begin by downloading the Wrapped for 2023 app from the App Store.

Step 02: Connect Your Instagram Account
Once the app is installed on your iPhone, open it and connect it to your Instagram account.

Step 03: Generating Your Wrapped
The app will initiate the process with a message: Generating your Wrapped.

Step 04: Wait for the Magic
Exercise a bit of patience as the iOS app works its magic. In a short while, your personalized Instagram Wrapped will materialize.

Step 05: Explore Your Highlights
Tap the screen to scroll through your Instagram Highlights reel, enjoying the glimpses of your Instagram journey.

Step 06: Share the Awesomeness
Are you feeling excited about your Instagram Wrapped? Share the excitement with your social media circles by tapping the Share button.

Ta-da! You have now learned how to check Instagram Wrapped for 2023!

Is Instagram Wrapped Available for Android Users?

Unfortunately, as of the current situation, Instagram Wrapped, also known as Wrapped for 2023, is exclusively available for iOS users. This means that Android users are currently unable to access this intriguing feature provided by Wrapped for 2023. So, if you are an Android user, you might have to wait for Wrapped Labs, the app developer, to release it on Google Play. However, there is no confirmed news regarding its Android launch.

The app has made quite an impact in the iOS App Store, claiming the top position in the Utilities section, which is a testament to its widespread popularity and the anticipation it has generated among users. Additionally, while basic analysis is offered for free, those seeking more in-depth insights can opt for the Wrapped Diamond subscription, which provides exclusive access to additional analytics, detailed data on their Instagram activity, and weekly summaries of their data for a one-time fee of $9.99, which is a recurring subscription.

Wrapping Up

That is all there is to it, folks! I hope this article unwrapped the mystery for you. Now you know how to get your Instagram Wrapped for 2023. Go forth and learn all about your Instagram habits, so you can become a more effective social media influencer. Or, you know, just have some fun. For more Instagram insights, drop by Path of EX regularly. Our team is always on the hunt for the latest tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Instagram Wrapped for 2023?

Instagram Wrapped is a cool year-end report of your IG activity.

2. How to get Instagram Wrapped for 2023?

To get Instagram Wrapped, download the Wrapped for 2023 on your iPhone, connect your IG Account, and find Instagram Wrapped for 2023.

3. Is Instagram Wrapped available for Android users?

No, as of now, Instagram Wrapped is not available for Android users. Android users might need to wait a bit longer as there is no confirmed news about its release on the Google Play Store.

4. Can I access Instagram Wrapped for free on iOS?

Yes, you can get basic analysis on your Instagram activity for free. However, more in-depth insights are available through a subscription, ‘Wrapped Diamond,’ which gives exclusive access to enhanced analytics for a one-time fee of $9.99.

5. What kind of data does Instagram Wrapped for 2023 provide?

Instagram Wrapped analyzes your top friends, most-liked posts, active hours on Instagram, and more interesting details about your Instagram journey in 2023.

6. How long does it take to generate an Instagram Wrapped report?

Once you have downloaded the app and connected your Instagram account, the app generates your Instagram Wrapped report after a short period. The wait time can vary.

7. Is Instagram Wrapped for 2023 even worth my time?

Yes! It is a fun and informative way to recap your year on Instagram.

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