How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone | Refresh Screen Time on Your iPhone

How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone

We mainly make calls, listen to music, and use our camera and other social media applications when using an iPhone. It is useless if you do not know all the uses and features of an expensive gadget like the iPhone. There is one such great feature of the iPhone: Screen Time.

Screen Time helps you in several ways to keep track of several things. Such as, it keeps track of the total usage of the phone; you can limit the usage of applications installed on the phone and keep an eye on your wife, girlfriend, or child that is using their phone and what applications are installed in their phones. However, if you want to know how to delete screen time data on iPhone, you need to stay on this article till the end. 

We will help you, irrespective of your technical knowledge and understanding of how to delete screen time data on iPhone. You will find the detailed instructions underlying in the article, which will guide you step by step to know exactly how to delete screen time data on iPhone. Since you have an iPhone and want to get rid of it, I suggest you do not temper with its settings until you get all available options here on board.

To know all the options in detail and how to implement them to understand how to delete screen time data on iPhone, you need to go through the article until the end.

Is it Possible to Delete Screen Time?

Remove/Clear/ Reset Screen Time Data or Report on iPhone, iPad

Screen Time is an in-built feature of iPhone gadgets, and one can not completely delete it from the phone. Only the data can be removed in the Screen Time feature. There is an option to turn off the feature; if it does, it will no longer monitor or track the time when talking about each app.

Here are some of the steps to turn off the Screen Time:

1. Head to Settings on your iPhone.

2. Read down to Screen Time and click it.

3. Toggle off Screen Time by scrolling down to the bottom of the webpage. To switch it off, hit the Accept.

How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone

If you’ve previously switched off Screen Time, you shouldn’t have to bother with any Screen Time data.

How can you Get rid of your iPhone’s Screen Time History?

There is no method to delete the portion of the history that Screen Time keeps records of, but shutting off Screen Time will erase much of the information and wipe the history completely. You may switch it again when you choose, but all of your Screen Time histories will be deleted. Unless you want to remain to utilize Screen Time, follow the same steps above to switch it off, subsequently hit Turn on Screen Time, and follow the set-up procedure.

How do I Get Rid of Screen Time if I Don’t Have a Password?

How to turn off screen time on iphone without password - if you forgot passcode ios 14/13

When you set a password to use the Screen Time feature initially on your iPhone, you will need to log in with the same passcode to turn off the Screen Time. However, if you do not remember the passcode, there is still another way to turn off the Screen Time on your device. In order to do so, you will need to change the passcode for that.

1. Navigate to the Settings.

2. Click on Screen Time.

3. Hit on Change Time Passcode.

4. Hit it again to Confirm.

5. Press on Forgot Passcode.

6. Provide the same iTunes ID that was used at the time of setting up of Time Screen Password.

How to Delete Screen Time Data on iPhone

7.  Fill in your new Passcode and hit on Confirm.

Now, you shall receive the new Passcode, and the same Passcode can be used to turn off the Screen Time

 Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have got all your options now with you when you want to know how to delete Screen Time Data on iPhone. The Screen Time feature mentioned above in the introduction helps you keep track of the end number of things. You can not only monitor the usage of apps and the phone; you can most beautifully keep an eye on your girlfriend or wife if you have any cheating.

Frequently Asked Questions

On an iPad, how do you delete Screen Time?

Screen Time and other application control could be used to protect the iPad. It could be turned off in the same way an iPhone does: Turn off Screen Time in Settings > Screen Time.

On the home screen, how can I take off the Screen Time Banner?

To avoid seeing the advertisement on  the main screen:
1. Maintain Screen Time turned on and alerts turned off.
2. Click back to Screen Time under Settings > Notifications.
3. Turn to Allow Notifications off at the end.

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