How Did Dora the Explorer Die in TikTok | Odd Trends on TikTok Series Continues!

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Do you remember the ‘Old Grannies’ TikTok trend? ‘How did Dora die‘ is the latest addition to this odd trend on the TikTok series. Similar to old grannies, this is also a reaction video trend. Check out everything on How did Dora the explorer die in TikTok here!

TikTok is the kingdom of weird customs sometimes. Here is no censoring for sensibility. If something is trending, hop on it- That’s all! Dora, the explorer is a childhood icon for most of us. So the ‘how did Dora die TikTok’ trend cannot be that bizarre, yet questionable?

Dora is the main character of the famous cartoon, Dora the Explorer. She loves to go on adventures and took us along with her on the way. Do you want to know how Dora the explorer died? Let’s take a sneak peek at the trend first!

How Did Dora the Explorer Die | TikTok Trend Explained!

By trend, People have to record their facial expressions before and after googling ‘How did Dora the explorer die?’. Most of the time, TikTokers fakes the reaction to get more likes and comments, but this trend made some of us really shocked!

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Here is why-

When you Google ‘How did Dora the explorer die,’ various responses emerge from car accidents to crocodile attacks. A video solely on how Dora died also surfaced to spice up the things.

According to a YouTube video, Dora could have died from drowning, falling off a cliff or she could have burnt herself while experimenting with matches. The point of the video is “Exploring can be dangerous kids“, as mentioned in the caption of the YouTube video.

The YouTube video makes fun of Dora the Explorer and her adventurous ways to play. That’s why TheStringiniBros made this video to make fun of Dora the Explorer, showing multiple ways Dora could have died.

Video on How Did Dora Die

How Did Dora Die | TikTokers Reaction

Several TikTok videos are showing an animation of Dora killed by a car claiming, that’s how she died. Some screamed whereas others just sat shocked.

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How Did Dora Die for Real | Is the Show Running Still?

To ease your pain, let me tell you that Dora didn’t die for real. Dora the explorer aired for the first time in 2000 and released eight seasons up to 2019. In the final episode, the explorer finally went back to school with musical instruments.

Who is Dora the Explorer?

Dora ; How did Dora the explorer die in TikTok

Dora the explorer is a 7- year old cartoon heroine of Nickelodeon. She took adventures with both human and non-human characters to reveal mysteries and find hidden places. She was a role model for little girls to take brave decisions.

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Wrapping Up

The short video platform, TikTok is home to several bizarre trends. Weekly trends on TikTok will have new stories to share every time. How did Dora the explorer die in TikTok is a reaction video series. Here I have covered everything on this odd trend and explained who Dora is for the Gen-Z (In case you don’t know her). What are the other odd trends you saw on TikTok? Add comments.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Did the Dora Explorer Died?

Dora the explorer didn’t die in cartoons actually, but Google is showing weird answers to Dora’s death from car accident to a crocodile attack.

2. What is the Dora trend on TikTok?

Users have to search ‘How did Dora the explorer die’ on Google. Record the reaction before and after the search is the trend.

3. How did Dora die on TikTok?

Dora didn’t die in the cartoons, but somehow Google is showing weird answers to Dora’s demise like a car accident.


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