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Creating unique content in videos grabs all the attention of the viewers. There are so many unique videos on TikTok. However, if you check the most viewed TikTok videos, you will be thrilled to see the list. You might have gone through my previous article about the Topmost videos on TikTok, but this article will update you with different information. You have come to the right page.

Blowing up Trending videos on TikTok attracted all of us to scroll again and again. The moment you take a break from your busiest hours, TikTok holds your attention. You always expect a watchable entertainment video so that you will tap all the hearts on videos, and your video view can give it the title of “Most Viewed TikTok Videos.”

Let’s walk down with me and see how the entire media content on TikTok is grabbing attention and creating a popular effect all around. Read the annual hit list below that created a buzz on TikTok.

Top 9 List of Most Viewed TikTok Videos

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Wondering why people love these videos? you have to see it yourself. We are sure you are going to love it!

1. Zach King’s Harry Porter Illusion | 2.3 Billion Views

Zach King’s Harry Porter illusion video is the most watched on TikTok. This video received unlimited likes around the TikTok platform and created a fantastic illusion for us. Zach has around 56 million followers. This video was among the most viewed TikTok videos.

If you have watched this video, you might have been surprised to see the person flying on a broom. People were thrilled to see his magic and imitated his magic skills. This is one of the most trending videos on every platform.

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2. James Charles Christmas Wonderland | 1.8 Billion Views

James Charles’s Christmas Wonderland videos enchanted us to see her Christmas wonderland video. She attracted all the viewers to her videos. She is a multi-talented artist. Not only is she good at showcasing her makeup skills, but she is also a fantastic singer and dancer. Her video ranked among the top viewed TikTok videos.

Go and watch her high-spirited breathtaking videos. I am sure you will love to see all the Christmas-related stuff added to her content.

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3. Zach King’s Hide and Seek Illusion | 1.2 Billion Views

Zach King has always fascinated us with his unique magic skills. His video on hiding and seek created an exceptional experience. The video created a wavy sensation all around the TikTok platform. This video deserves to be among the top the most viewed TikTok videos. You can see the different transitions in his hide-and-seek videos. I do not want to create more suspense. You can experience yourself while watching his video.

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4. Zach King’s Cake Glass Illusion | 966.8 Million Views

Zach King deserves a big round of applause for his magic tricks. If you have seen his Cake glass illusion, you will give unlimited likes to his video. The video hit the title among the most viewed TikTok videos. You will be surprised to see when he pours the water into the glass. To our surprise, it was not the glass but a cake. We ask ourselves where the water vanished when he cut the cake.

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5. Zach King’s Paint Loop | 662.2 Million Views

Zach King’s Paint Loop video is ranking high and has continued for years. If you have not seen that video, watch it now. No one can do better than him. I watched around five times, and still, I am figuring out how he made it possible. You will say he is the king of magic. This video stands among the top most viewed TikTok videos.

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6.”M To The B” video | 630.8 Million Views

Bella Poarch’s M To The B video was uploaded in August. Received around 47 million likes and comes at 6th position under most viewed TikTok videos. Everyone was using this trend and danced to this pop music. M to the B official track also received around 12m million views.

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7. Billie Eilish’s Face Warp Challenge | 332.8 Million Views

Billie Eilish won millions of hearts with her adorable music track. She amazed us with the face warp challenge when she created it on TikTok. Her video grabbed the attention of the viewers and around 36.3 likes.

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8. Addison Rae’s Wap Challenge | 309.9 Million Views

Wap challenge was the most viral sensation when Addison Rae performed her version on TikTok and gained an overwhelming response from everyone. This video earned unlimited love from the audience after all the fantastic choreography grabbed the attention all over the TikTok platform. James Charles and Charli D’Amelio also showed off their WAP moves and gained huge likes.

9. Kison Kee’s Milk Video | 300.4 Million Views

This video is considered among the top viewed TikTok videos. His video was circulating all around the TikTok platform, and people could not stop tapping tons and tones of hearts. If you see his videos, he comes with a milk jar, sings melodiously and falls on the ground with the milk jar. This video was hilarious and earned around 25.2 likes.

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Wrapping Up

Now it is time to wrap up my article. You can scroll through all the series of most viewed videos on TikTok as well as on YouTube. Stay tuned to this page so that you will never miss an update. Feel free to share this article with your friends. Have a nice day!


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