How Accurate is Find My iPhone? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Find my iPhone is an extremely useful application provided by one of the popular tech giants Apple. The ‘Find My iPhone’ feature lets users remotely locate their Apple devices, such as iPhones, iMacs, Apple Watches, and Airpods. It is fearsome to lose your expensive Apple gadget somewhere without the realization. It can happen to anyone at any point in time. To help you out, Apple devised the Find My iPhone to search for your missing or stolen Apple devices. But how accurate is Find My iPhone? Let’s find out.

This feature was enumerated in the Find My application on the iOS 13 versions and iPadOS 13 in later 2019. Besides using the Global Positioning System, simply called GPS, Find my iPhone essentially uses a variety of things, such as Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspots, cellular sites, and the internet connection, to identify the accurate location of your device.

How Accurate is Find My iPhone? This question revolves around various factors depending on the device’s accuracy.

How Does Find My iPhone Work?

How Accurate is Find My iPhone? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

There are plenty of factors that help to maximize the certainty of finding the missing Apple device. These factors, such as Bluetooth, WiFi Hotspots, cellular sites, and the internet connection, assist in locating the misplaced device. Furthermore, It is also determined by your phone’s settings, Battery health, substandard weather conditions, or dense trees.

There are two ways in which you can judge the desired location. If a blue dot appears on the map, then the location shown on the device is exact. On the other hand, if a green dot appears on the map, then the location shown on the app is approximate. 

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How Accurate is Find My iPhone?

How Accurate is Find My iPhone? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Find My App is a beneficent application that helps you to locate your devices that are either misplaced or stolen. As we have earlier discussed, the factors that assist in finding the misplaced device. There can be a possibility of accurately finding the iPhone or not. It should be noted carefully that before you accuse the suspect, just because the green circle is hovering over their location does not mean that your phone is lying there. 

If the Find my app is activated on your device, It will make sure and help you locate the exact or approximate position. The exact position is directly sent to iCloud, and you can find your device with the help of a sound which further helps you to find the device easily. The accuracy of Find My iPhone is high because

  1. This feature will help you to detect your location within the range of limited feet. If there are good weather conditions, you can expect it to go to foot accuracy.
  1. It works by using the phone’s internet connection and eventually sending its position to iCloud. If the internet connection is unavailable, it will connect to all the closed WiFi access points and send the position. If there is no WiFi available around the iPhone, then it will catch every passing Bluetooth signal of the individuals that further send the encrypted text to the iCloud account.
  1. In the most critical situation, even if your iPhone is switched off due to the deficiency in the battery life. It seems to be switched off, but you can receive a distress message to your iCloud account every 15 minutes after shutting down the iPhone. This feature that helps in doing this step is the Power Reserve Mode. This mode uses a slighter power that doesn’t require the phone to be turned on.

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How to Use Find My on iPhone?

Wrapping Up

It is concluded that the Find My iPhone feature works extremely accurately. Sometimes, It can hamper the accuracy due to bad weather conditions or other factors.

As iPhone users, no one likes to always keep the internet connection on, which directly disturbs the capability of the Find My iPhone for some users. Even though some users keep the data connection all the time, the chances are very less that the battery remains active for a long. I hope you understand How Accurate is Find My iPhone and come to know about its accuracy efficiently.


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