How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle | Enter The Ruin

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Hogwarts Legacy! Hogwarts Legacy! Hogwarts Legacy! That’s all we have been hearing for months. But now when Hogwarts Legacy’s pre-order is released, there has been a non-stop buzz. Everyone is trying to complete all the quest and game puzzles as fast as they can. One of these exciting puzzles is- Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle and Entering the Ruins. So, let’s see how to complete and solve Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy and figure out How To Enter The Ruins.

Hogwarts legacy has a number of exciting puzzles. From exciting Bell tower Puzzle to calculated Numbered Animal Door Puzzles, it surely has its audience on its toes. But don’t worry, gamers; we are here to help whenever you falter. So let’s help you in figuring our how to enter the ruins in Hogwarts Legacy?

If you are having any trouble completing these intriguing quests or solving these difficult puzzles- we are at your aid. So, let’s take a look at how to solve Sundial’s Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy and claim another victory for your character.

How To Solve Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy | Enter the Ruins with Magical Door

In the game, you have to solve the “Sundial Puzzle” for the quest A Bird in the Hand for Poppy and gain access to the ruin. But to complete the sundial puzzle and gain access to the ruins , you have to cross through 2 pillars and a door that is carved with magical symbols.

In the Sundial quest, you are standing in front of- A door with symbols, two pillars, and two circles on the ground with the same symbols. In front of the magical door, there is a place where you put the Moonstone, and there are two movable pillars. Once you have reached the magical door, you will have to speak to Dorran the Centaur.  After speaking to the Centaur, you’ll be guided toward a door that’s locked.

But how to solve the pillar puzzle and gain access to the ruins? Let’s take a look and learn how to solve the Hogwarts legacy Sundial Puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle | Earn Rewards

Steps to Solve Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

  1. Stand in front of the Sundial door and put the Moonstone in the hole.
  2. Two symbols will be lit. Make a note of 2 symbols that are highlighted.
  3. Find those highlighted symbols on the ground around the pillars.
  4. On finding the first symbol, walk directly to the opposite side of it.
  5. Use the spell Accio and move the pillar to the opposite side of the symbol.
  6. Place the pillar on the Round Slot.
  7. Repeat the process with the second symbol.

When both pillars are placed in their right spot, your sundial puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy is solved, and you will gain access to the Ruins Door. Voila, your Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle is solved. Now you know How to Enter the Ruins in Hogwarts Legacy

Ps– Remember, the second symbol might only light up after you have adjusted the first symbol. So, Once you are done lighting up the sun, you will need to adjust the other pillar. You will need to adjust it till the time the other symbol glows. The other symbol is the circle with the dot and the reverse “r” – on the door. If done right, the door will open.

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Watch How to Solve Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy & Enter the Ruins

Wrapping Up

This is all you need to know to solve Sundial Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy. You can easily solve the magical pillar by casting the Sun’s light and completing the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial puzzle. Hope you have a blast solving Hogwarts Legacy Sundial Puzzle and learning How to Enter The Ruins in Hogwarts Legacy. For help in other missions, quests, and Hogwarts Legacy puzzles, do refer to Path of EX.


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