Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle | Staircase Arithmancy Numbered Animal Doors

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Guide: How To Solve The Numbered Animal Door Puzzles

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle is like many other open-world RPGs that came before it. Though Hogwarts Legacy offers various puzzles, its numbered animal door puzzles put a distinctive spin on them. So let’s move forward and enjoy the monster maths puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

How in the world do you figure out the Hogwarts Legacy locked door puzzle solutions, and what on earth do all the symbols mean? The addition is Hogwarts legacy door puzzle answers. Each large circle has a number around the edge that adds to the large number in the center. However, some of these numerals have animal images in their place, which can make the Hogwarts legacy triangle puzzle a little challenging. There are two other ways to figure it out, in addition to the letter posted someplace in the school that translates numbers to animals.

Have you encountered an astronomy wing door puzzle? Knowing the answers to the questions will make a difference in whether you spend hours trapped at the door or enter them easily and take the treasure hidden inside. But don’t worry, I have got you covered with the complete Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle answers.

Hogwarts Legacy Door Symbols Meaning To Solve Staircase Numbered Animal Door Puzzles

Solve Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle

Here’s the complete list of what all the symbols in the door puzzle mean. Use them to solve the Hogwarts Legacy dice puzzle:

SymbolNumber Assigned

How To Solve The Numbered Animal Door Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy | Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Door Answers

In Hogwarts Legacy, there are a lot of closed doors that you will come across as you explore the school’s corridors. One of these doors features a variety of magical animals on the frame and a blackboard with images and numbers in the center. Unfortunately, since there is no instruction on how to solve them, you probably need to learn how to open them when you first see them. 

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Guide: How To Solve The Numbered Animal Door Puzzles

Steps to Solve the Numbered Animal Door Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. Finding the Arithmancy Study Guide Page, which is clarified as “A page torn from an Arithmancy study guide that gives a list of numbers circulated to different magical beasts,” is the first and most crucial step in solving the numbered animal door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.
  1. Going to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, striking out the rafters, turning right at the first opportunity, discovering the numbered animal door puzzle next to a blackboard, and opening the blue box will lead you to the next step of solving the puzzle.
  1. You can see on the Arithmancy Study Guide Page that each animal’s emblem corresponds to a particular number once you move through the Divination classroom. 
  1. Once you reach there, you will find the numbers around for the door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Numbers of Creatures are: 

  • Owl: Zero
  • Unicorn: Number One
  • Goat: Number Two
  • Three-headed Dragon: Number Three
  • Bird Perched on a branch: Number Four
  • Five-legged creature: Number Five
  • Salamander: Number Six
  • Creature with four tentacles: Number Seven
  • Spider: Number eight
  • Creature with multiple tentacles: Number Nine. 
  1. The next step is comprehending how the animal door problem uses this code. The numbers on the outside sum up to the number in the middle of each animal door puzzle’s triangle equations.
  1. Lastly, you will get the answer to the first problem, which is represented by a question mark. It is the animal symbol that matches the given number. Though it may seem complicated, it is straightforward in practice. 

Since the number in the middle (nine) is the sum of two, three (the three-headed dragon appears at the top, which represents three), and five—which is the mystery number required to solve the puzzle—and five, the first triangular equation’s correct answer would be five, resulting in the appearance of the creature with five legs.

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle Guide: How To Solve The Numbered Animal Door Puzzles

The mythical creatures encircling the entrance represent the digits 0 through 10. But that information wouldn’t be available to you until you came across a piece of paper labeled Arithmancy Study Guide Page (based on the image above). This document is located in a chest near the classroom’s chalkboard, directly above the Divination Classroom Floo Flame. Once you clear these steps, your Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzles will be unlocked.

How To Solve Charms Classroom Puzzle | Hogwarts Legacy First Staircase Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle

The door puzzle with the Hogwarts Legacy symbols that you can see in the lounge next to the Charms Classroom is the first Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle. The two formulas and answers to solve this grand staircase puzzle are as follows:

  • Top: 3 + 0 +? = 5, which indicates that “?” is an elephant-like beast.
  • Bottom: 4 + unicorn (1) + ?? = 12, you need 7 which is the squid creature.

You can open the door once you’ve “rolled” or picked the appropriate animals for the circles. You can find a chest here that rewards you with a piece of high-end, rare gear. In our situation, we acquired the fashionable blazer school uniform (rare).

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Puzzle | Hogwarts Legacy Symbol Door Puzzle Solution

Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle

Finding Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle answers is easy once you get the basic idea. Numbered animal door puzzles and interesting to solve. Another instance of the Hogwarts Legacy Symbol Door Puzzle is shown here. This one can be located in the Central Hall close to the corridor that leads to the Transfiguration Courtyard. Here is the solution –

  • Top: 11 + elephant (2) +? = 21, so you’ll need an 8—the spider—to complete the equation.
  • Bottom: Crab (5)+anemone (9)+?? = 17; that means the Hydra. Since it’s considered number 3.

Next to the door itself is the “?” symbol. The “??” orb, meantime, is perched directly above that. This Hogwarts Legacy Symbol Door Puzzle can be solved, allowing you to open your chest and take something of rare quality.

Watch How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle

Wrapping Up

This is all about Hogwarts Legacy Door Puzzle. There’s a fair possibility that if you’ve wandered about Hogwarts, you’ve come across the enormous wooden doors that are hidden behind mathematical calculations and are encircled by weird animal symbols.

These puzzles are called Arithmancy Doors, and despite their scary appearance at first, they are rather simple to solve if you understand what the symbols mean. You may learn everything you need to know about completing the Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Door problems from our puzzle door guide here.

Happy Gaming!

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