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Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Do you want to discover whether Hogwarts Legacy characters will be your classmates, teachers of wizarding customs, or sources of mischief in Diagon Alley? We’ve compiled a list of every character we believe will feature in Hogwarts Legacy and perhaps a few other well-known names. Head on!

Even though not all of the Hogwarts Legacy characters from the new RPG game will be instantly recognizable, they will all leave a lasting impression on your experience at the wizarding school.

Do any of the beloved characters from the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts lore, including the terrifying Niffler, brave Cedric Diggory, and cunning Lucius Malfoy appear in the brand-new open-world game? For instance, does Hogwarts Legacy feature Harry Potter? Also, Hagrid? Know about all the Hogwarts Legacy Characters from this guide.

Hogwarts Legacy Characters | Student, Professors, & Residents

Following is a list of every verified Hogwarts Legacy character thus far, both new and old. These lists will cover the legacy students, professors, residents, ghosts, and wizard allies from Hogwarts.

Four character save spaces is available in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing up to four players to progress through the main tale and have their adventure. In addition, up to ten manual save slots and five autosave slots are also supported for each Hogwarts Legacy character slot.

The prequel film Hogwarts Legacy is shaping to be one of the most in-depth explorations of the Wizarding World we have seen. But, on the other hand, there is a brand-new cast of Hogwarts Legacy characters that have never before appeared in the series. 

Hogwarts Legacy Characters are the variety of people in front of you, including fresh Hogwarts faculty members and potential companions who are pupils. And as you create your legacy at Hogwarts, you can decide how much or how little you wish to interact with them. The significant Hogwarts Legacy characters you will encounter and engage with are listed below.

Hogwarts Student | All Hogwarts Legacy Student Characters

Here is a list of the Hogwarts Legacy Characters of students that you can apply while enjoying the world of Harry Potter while gaming.

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

1. Amit Thakkar

Scholar in Ravenclaw Amit Thakkar hopes to become a well-known wizarding scholar. He is quick to assist a buddy in need, but he’d rather read or write about risky endeavors than take them on himself. Nevertheless, Amit is one of the most intriguing Hogwarts Legacy Characters.

2. Constance Dagworth

The player faces up against Constance Dagworth, a fellow student. Hector Jenkins and Nerida Roberts are her companions. She probably won’t play a significant role in anything but the Cross Wands Dueling Club. Dagworth is one of the help Hogwarts Legacy Characters that you will find in the game.

3. Everett Clopton

Everett Clopton is a disruptive Ravenclaw pupil who is constantly thinking of new practical jokes to do in the game. Everett is one of the most practical Hogwarts Legacy Characters that you will enjoy in the game. 

4. Hector Jenkins

The player squares off against Hector Jenkins, a fellow scholar, in the same match as Constance Dagworth and Nerida Roberts. He probably won’t play a significant role in anything but the Cross Wands Dueling Club.

5. Lucan Brattleby

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

Young Gryffindor student Lucan Brattleby is the leader of the Cross Wands fighting club. He is one of the fighters on the list of Hogwarts Legacy Characters.

6. Mahendra Pehlwaan

Mahendra Pehlwaan is a disciplined student who irritates others through their obsession with following the rules, in contrast to another Ravenclaw Clopton.

7. Natsai Onai

Gryffindor student Natsai Onai is intelligent, sharp, and driven to promote justice. She moved to Hogwarts from her native Matabeleland, Africa, when her mother was appointed a Divination professor there.

8. Nellie Oggspire

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

A Gryffindor student named Nellie Oggspire informs you of the existence of the Daedalian Keys. One of the most suspicious Hogwarts Legacy Characters in the game.

7. Nerida Roberts

Nerida Roberts is the opponent in the student duel. Constance Dagworth and Hector Jenkins are her companions. She probably won’t play a significant role in anything but the Cross Wands Dueling Club.

8. Lucan Brattleby

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

Young Gryffindor student Lucan Brattleby is the Cross Wands dueling club leader. He is the leading Hogwarts Legacy Character which will help you win the game.

9. Poppy Sweeting

A Hufflepuff student who is well knowledgeable and passionate about the creatures from the Hogwarts Legacy. She dislikes poachers and anyone who collaborates with them in particular.

10. Sebastian Sallow

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

From what we have seen thus far, Sebastian Sallow, a Slytherin student, has a significant role to play in Hogwarts Legacy. You have the option to join him on the path of the Dark Powers or not; he is naughty. He does have a twin sister named Anne who battles a crippling curse and longs for a fix.

11. Zenobia Noke

A Gobstone hunt quest is started by adolescent Ravenclaw student Zenobia Noke. He is the most helpful Hogwarts Legacy Character who will help you out throughout the game.

Game Fact: According to the game’s official website, Hogwarts Legacy takes place more than 100 years before the 1980 birth of Harry Potter. This implies that it’s quite improbable that you’ll run into any of the well-known characters from the series, such as Harry, Hermione, or Ron.

Voila! Here you go with all the student Hogwarts Legacy Characters. Now let’s move on and learn about Professors in Hogwarts Legacy Characters.

Hogwarts Professors | All Hogwarts Legacy Professor Characters

Here’s a list of the Hogwarts Legacy Characters of Professors. So scroll and grab your favorite character and enjoy role-playing them while gaming.

 Hogwarts Legacy Platforms

1. Professor Phineas Nigellus Black

The headmaster of Hogwarts, Professor Phineas Nigellus Black, a “cantankerous” relative of Sirius Black, is in an awkward situation because he despises his pupils nearly as much as they hate him. Nevertheless, he is among the few personalities from the books that we are previously familiar with because his picture offers advice to aspiring headmasters.

2. Professor Matilda Weasley

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

Although there hasn’t been any formal proof, we could only guess that Professor Matilda Weasley, the Gryffindor deputy headmistress, is descended from our favorite red-headed Gryffindor lineage. She is, nevertheless, essential to the plot because she shows us the Wizard’s Field Guide and the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.

3. Professor Abraham Ronen

One of the primary instructors and a teacher of Charms is Professor Abraham Ronen. He is reported to be cheerful, humorous, and incredibly enthusiastic about games because he frequently incorporates them into his unconventional teaching methodology.

4. Professor Aesop Sharp

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Professor Aesop Sharp is an expert in potions and an intelligent educator who served as an Auror for several years before being forced to leave the profession due to injuries. He now shares his knowledge of creating potions and severe droughts rather than taking an office job at the Department of Magic. Although he is difficult to please, he will genuinely be proud of students who perform well in his class.

5. Professor Cuthbert Binns

A ghost who lectures on the origins of magic is named Professor Cuthbert Binns. How long Cuthbert has been deceased is unknown.

6. Professor Dinah Hecat

Professor Dinah Hecat, who instructs Defense Against the Dark Powers, is a strict but likeable professor. Some assume her hands-on approach to teaching and a rumored stint in the Ministry of Secrets at the Ministry of Magic satisfy her need for excitement, but she is generally content to be at Hogwarts.

7. Professor Eleazar Fig

This other professor at Hogwarts is Professor Eleazar Fig. He is trying to learn the evil mysteries of Rookwood, Ranrok, and other villains.

8. Professor Mirabel Garlick

Know Everything About Hogwarts Legacy Characters In 2023

Professor Mirabel Garlick, a professor of herbs, was raised among witches and wizards and didn’t feel at ease at Hogwarts when she first enrolled as a student. Although many are concerned that she will end up leaving for just another school, she keeps insisting that she won’t ever end up leaving them. Her upbeat demeanour endears her to both students and coworkers.

9. Professor Onai

Professor Onai, who transferred to Hogwarts from the biggest wizarding school in the world, is the parent of Natsai Onai, a Gryffindor student. Professor Onai tries to teach Fortune telling at Hogwarts.

10. Professor Satyavati Shah

Professor Satyavati Shah, who was brought up by dementors and instructs astronomy, is the ideal complement to their obvious enthusiasm for the sciences.

This was everything about the Hogwarts Legacy professors. Now let’s move and have our residents in Hogwart Legacy. So scroll down and learn everything about Hogwarts Residents.

Hogwarts Residents | All Hogwarts Legacy Resident Characters

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Here’s a list of the Hogwarts Legacy Characters of residents. So now, what are you waiting for to move into your castle and wander around the land of magic?

1. Witch Cassandra Mason

Witch Cassandra Mason is the proprietor of the eerie Hogsmeade store. She only makes an appearance as a result of a PlayStation-exclusive mission. Therefore this Hogwarts Legacy Character is only available for PlayStation.

2. Deek

In Hogwarts Legacy, Character Deek is the person who first brings you to the Hall of Requirement is Deek, a house-elf employed by the school. 

3. Fastidio

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Fastidio is a  Hogwarts Legacy Character who has not been revealed to the public but appears in Hogwarts with Penny. The prevailing belief at this point would be that Fastidio is a spirit or gremlin.

4. George Osric

George Osric is a Hogwarts Legacy Character who is a representative of the Department of Magic is George Osric.

5. The Fat Lady

We all recognize and admire The Fat Lady, who guards the Gryffindor dining room door. Therefore it stands to reason that she was also defending her pupils in the 1800s; she is one of the most helpful 

Hogwarts Legacy Character in the game.

6. Nearly Headless Nick

We’re glad to see Nick, a recognizable Nearly Headless face. Early in the 1800s, Nick had already been wandering the halls of Hogwarts as a practically decapitated ghost. When you’re a Gryffindor student, he could perhaps give a special cameo in one of the Hogwarts Legacy challenges. He could be the key to enabling the Gryffindor player to locate information necessary to resolve a huge mystery, according to an official news release.

7. Peeves

Hogwarts Legacy Characters

Peeves – along with well-known evil spirit Nearly Headless Nick Hogwarts Legacy has Peeves in a minor role. On the route to class, he is among the Hogwarts Legacy Characters who have indeed witnessed him intimidating a Hufflepuff kid.

8. Penny

Penny is a Hogwarts Legacy Character except for her off-screen voiceover in the Hogwarts PlayStation Exclusive mission, and Penny is still a Hogwarts Legacy Character who is a mystery to us.

Wooh! This is all about Residents of Hogwarts Legacy Characters. Now let’s move forward and learn about Hogwarts Ghost and Wizard Allies.

Hogwarts Ghost And Wizard Allies | Hogwarts Legacy Ghost & Wizard Allies Characters

Here’s a list of the Hogwarts Legacy Characters of ghost and wizard allies. And here you wander in the land of which and wizards.

 Hogwarts Legacy Platforms

1. Ranrok

Among the key enemies in Hogwarts Legacy is a goblin named Ranrok. He is in charge of a goblin uprising with the aid of certain Dark Wizards in Hogwarts Legacy Characters.

2. Victor Rookwood

Victor Rookwood, head of a group of Dark Wizards, is a close ally of Ranrok the goblin. Rookwood is the most dangerous Hogwarts Legacy Character.

That’s it! Here’s the list of all the characters announced to feature in Hogwarts Legacy. There are already a lot of intriguing personalities we’re eager to meet and fresh acquaintances to make, no matter if any of the Hogwarts Legacy characters shared spaces you feel at home. We’ll be sure to include more when they feature in upcoming gameplay snippets and teasers, so bookmark this article to keep you updated.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about Hogwarts Legacy Characters. In this article, I have mentioned all the characters you need to know about the most awaited game of 2023. Let us know in the comment section below which character you are most excited to meet. 

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Happy Gaming!

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