How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle | Answer & Rewards!

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Now that the Hogwarts Legacy early access is finally here, there’s a lot of talk about what the gameplay is all about. But here’s where it has some players stuck, the Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle. Because although we do have some information about the game already, with the early access, we can finally revel in the magic of Hogwarts Legacy.

No matter what Hogwarts Legacy character you are, the difficulty levels and puzzles are the same for all. And if you’re stuck at the Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle, I’m here to help you through it.

Ready to win? Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle with its rewards. And for your convenience, I’ve added a video to help you find all the bells!

What is The Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle | Solved by the Bell

Solving the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle is more than just a random sequence of steps. You need to follow certain steps to finish the puzzle to get the assigned rewards.

Hint: You need to play the Harry Potter Theme song!

How to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle | Bell Tower Puzzle Answer

To solve the Bell Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to locate the location for the hunt quest, “Solved by the Bell.” Below, I’ll explain where you can find this quest and how you can solve it.

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle in Map

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

To reach the quest, you need to go to the Southeast portion of Hogwarts Legacy’s map, Clagmar Castle, on the Clagmar Coast.

Once you’re there, you’ll have some enemies to defeat. But thankfully, you’re a wizard who’s had practice, so you’re good with spells. Right? And this is the time to put them to the test!

Spell to Defeat Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle: Revelio (to reveal hidden enemies!)

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle Answer | Step-by-Step Guide

Now to solve this Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle, you need to gather bells with an owl face that are randomly hidden all around the Bell Tower. But that’s not all. After you find each bell, you need to place them in sequence using spells.

Place them as shown in the image below:

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

Steps to Solve Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle:

  1. Find the bells hidden in the Bell Tower one by one.
    • There is one bell on the platform below and one on the platform above. (Use Revelio to reveal where they are)
  2. Use Leviosa to lift the bells in the air.
  3. Use Accio to bring the bells toward you.
  4. Climb the stairs with the bell and place it in an empty spot, among other bells.
  5. Repeat till you find and place all 8 bells (from small to large size)
  6. When all the bells have been positioned correctly, the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle will be successfully solved. But to receive the reward, you need to play the music.

After you have all the bells in place, here’s how you can complete the Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle:

Chime the bell by hitting them with your regular cast spell in this sequence to play the Harry Potter theme. Remember that the top-most bell is 9 and the bottom-most is 1.

Bell 8 < Bell 5 < Bell 3 < Bell 4 < Bell 5 < Bell 1 < Bell 2 < Bell 4

How To Get Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle Rewards?

So far, there aren’t any specific rewards for the rewards for Hogwarts Legacy bell puzzle. It will take a few tries to get it right because the bells will fall, and the spells will fade away, but keep at it.

After you place and arrange the bells properly, the bells will ring together in no particular melody.

Watch How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Bell Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Puzzle

Wrapping Up

Ready to levitate and wing, ringing the bells like a 7th-year wizard? Let’s see what you’ve got. Share your stats after you solve the Hogwarts Legacy bell tower puzzle, and let us know if you’re just as good a wizard as Hermoine!

Wands in the air!

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