How To Join Discord On Xbox | Get Discord Voice Chat On Xbox Consoles

How To Join Discord On Xbox | Get Discord Voice Chat On Xbox Consoles?

Discord on Xbox? Finally! Discord, a voice chat program, which is well-liked & popular among gamers, is now available on Xbox. Integrating and activating Discord voice chat on Xbox consoles requires a few steps. Users must follow a number of tasks and accept prompts from various programs. It’s not as simple as you think, but no worries; just read this article, and you will learn how to join discord on Xbox easily.

Xbox gamers may now access Discord voice chat over their consoles. Xbox users now have the option to join Discord calls from an Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X device, thanks to a recent update. It’s cool, right? We should know how to join discord on Xbox or how to get discord on Xbox in the first place. 

Fans have been waiting years for Discord to launch on Xbox systems, and now their hope is finally being fulfilled. Now, you can chat with your pals on Discord while playing on your Xbox console, how cool is that? All gamers should know how how to join discord on Xbox correctly and how to use it. Let’s find out how to get discord on Xbox quickly and easily.

What Is Discord X Xbox | Is Discord On Xbox?

According to a recent announcement from Microsoft and Discord, Xbox users will soon be able to audio chat with their Discord buddies by transferring calls to their Xbox console. 

How To Join Discord On Xbox | Get Discord Voice Chat On Xbox Consoles?

The communication barrier between Xbox and one of the most widely used voice chat programs in the world will be fully eliminated by this integration, making it simpler than ever for friends to speak online whether they are using Xbox or PC. The most recent version of Discord for phones and computers, as well as Xbox Series X|S consoles, now supports the update. To know how to get and join Discord On Xbox, you must scroll down and follow some simple steps.

Get Discord Voice In Xbox Console | How To Join Discord On Xbox?

You must download a few apps, link your Discord and Xbox accounts, and then you can join Discord on Xbox. The service was initially being tested on the Xbox Insider Program, but it has already gone live for everyone to use. Read on to know everything you need to use Discord on Xbox.

How To Join Discord On Xbox | Get Discord Voice Chat On Xbox Consoles?

7 Easy Steps To Get Discord On Xbox-

  1. Download & install the Discord app on a Desktop or Mobile from the iOS App Store or from the Android Google Play Store.
  2. Sign into your Discord account in Disocord’s app
  3. Download & install the Xbox app on the iOS App Store or the Android Google Play Store.
  4. In the Xbox app, sign in to your personal Xbox account.
  5. Go to the Parties & chats tab of the Xbox Guide menu and select the Try Discord on Xbox banner. 
  6. Scan the QR code using the Discord QR code scan option from the mobile app’s settings. 
  7. Follow the steps to sign in with your Xbox account and authorize Discord to connect with your Xbox account.

Now, you can use the Xbox mobile app to immediately communicate with your Discord pals by connecting to Discord Voice chats from your Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles.

Wrapping Up

So, this is everything you should know about how to join & get discord on Xbox. I hope you understood everything clearly and I also hope that this article turned useful for you. Share this article with friends and family who are crazy about this collab, and don’t forget to check back Path of EX for any updates.

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