Why Was Facebook Created | Know The Real Reasons Right Now

Why Was Facebook Created |Know The Real Reasons

Facebook is among the oldest and the most popular websites on the internet today. Within a few years after the platform started, it just grew, and today, it is an empire creating employment for millions of people across the globe. Mark Zukerberg created the platform from his dorm at the university. But do you want to know the real reasons Why Was Facebook Created?

Well, we have done the entire research and have designed a news article with the real reason behind the creation of the platform. The platform is today being used by billions of users across the globe. It has also inspired other social media platforms to emerge. The platform has also become an extended family for many users worldwide.

Today we have discussed the reasons which initiated the birth of this platform and how Zuckerberg brought the platform to the place where it stands today. Do read ahead and let us know your feedback.

Why Was Facebook Created?

Zuckerberg created Facebook for various reasons. Some of the reasons you will find below. They are exciting and unique. And I am sure you would like to know them in detail. So, let’s get started.

1. Interaction During College

Initially, Facebook was created to bring social interaction of the college to the internet. Mark wanted one platform where every individual could interact and communicate very easily among themselves, even beyond college.

2. Share Information

Why Was Facebook Created |Know The Real Reasons

The primary reason for creating Facebook was to share information among themselves. His goal was to create an environment where you could share information and pictures on the platform, and other users could see them too. This was an incredible way to stay connected with each other despite the physical distance between them.

3. Privacy

Privacy was the primary concern Zuckerberg had in his mind while creating the platform. He wanted a platform where the users could control the information they share or with whom they share. Hence, you can easily share your information on the platform by letting specific people know about it.

4. Business Concerns

Why Was Facebook Created | Know The Real Reasons

Besides social interaction and other concerns, Zukerberg wanted to create a business through Facebook. He knew it would become a viable business in the future. He got a small capital from his friend to start Facebook as a business. But he did not know how massive his empire would grow with time. But today, as I write the article, it is one of the leading companies in the world.

Wrapping Up

Now you know why was Facebook created. The primary purpose was a platform of interaction for the masses. I hope you liked reading the article as much as I did writing it. Facebook has emerged as one of the most used platforms in the world, among other social media platforms. Facebook, which started in a small Harvard University dorm, has become an empire today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Facebook created?

The main motive behind creating Facebook was a platform for interaction, sharing information, and creating a business empire.

Where was Facebook created?

Facebook was created in a dorm at Harvard University.

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