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Best 10 Games Like Pode | PC, PS4, Switch & Xbox One

Puzzle games turned out to be my favorite since COVID-19, and I enjoyed playing Pode during that time. Now I am looking for more such games like Pode, so why not we should do it together and have fun exploring more games like Pode?

Pode brings the player to a new world of puzzle gaming with multiple levels of challenging exploration. So is the alternatives of Pode that lets you explore similar challenges like in Sky: Children of the light, Ball Short Puzzle, and many other games. Puzzle games like Pode are available on iOS, Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and other platforms.

Get to know these amazing puzzle games, including Pode, and enjoy puzzles with friends, family, or yourself. Now let’s take a look at these top puzzle games like Pode, mentioned below.

Best Puzzle Games Like Pode To Stimulate Your Brain

Pode is a puzzle game where two players can work together to advance a sweet little plot by using their individual skills to help one another unlock new regions of a lovely universe. It’s a fun game if you enjoy cleverly mixing skills and solving problems with a friend, but it can also be played solo by alternately controlling the two main characters.

Games Like Pode

Features Of Pode Game

  • Exploration
  • Adventure Puzzle
  • Co-op or Single player
  • Unique art style 
  • Music 

Intriguing! Isn’t it? Now, let’s take a look at more such amazing games like Pode to give healthy exercise to your brain.

1. Unravel

Games Like Pode

The platform games like Pode Unravel and Unravel Two make you control a character made of wool while jumping, swinging, and running. In these games like Pode, wool is used to turn around and interact with objects, giving him a super-cute appearance.

In this alternative to Pode, you discover information about the house he came from as you move your created figure through the environment. You visit locations and encounter events that significantly impact the homeowners’ life, and you also learn about their memories of the sites. The story begins upbeat and joyful but also has darker, more depressing moments, such as the memories of the older woman’s husband passing away from a heart attack.

Features of Unravel

  • Content Rating: PEGI 7
  • Release Date: 09/02/2016
  • Platforms: Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Narrative, Platform, and Puzzle
  • Developer: Coldwood Game (@ColdwoodGame)
  • Players: 1

2. Moving Out

Games Like Pode

In these action-puzzle Moving Out games like Pode, you take on the role of a moving business. It takes you and four other players to transport stuff from the house to the van. At first, it may seem straightforward, but you soon discover furniture with unusual shapes that need two people to lift.

Additional in-game purchases, like games like Pode, are available for things that improve the gameplay. To add more unique mover characters, you can purchase other materials within the game, such as the “Employees of the Month” pack. If you pre-ordered the game, this is free.

In this alternative to Pode,14 extra levels set in a tropical paradise can be added by purchasing the Movers in Paradise DLC. In addition, it has new gameplay elements, four new characters, and ten arcade levels. There is much more to explore and learn, from enquiring crustaceans and sneaky monkeys to ensnaring vegetation, surging seas, or ancient ruins guarding rare treasures.

Features of Moving Out

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Skill Rating: 6+ year-olds
  • Release Date: 29/04/2020
  • Platforms: Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One
  • Genres: Platform and Puzzle
  • Developer: Smg Studio (@SmgStudio)
  • Players: 1-4

3. Captain Sabertooth And The Magic Diamond

Games Like Pode

You may run, jump, and explore the movie’s universe in the pirate adventure Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond. It is mentioned as the best game in the list of games like Pode and is definitely a must-play game. You can choose to play as Pinky or Veronica and join Captain Sabertooth’s gang of renowned pirates as they search for an enigmatic magic diamond.

In this alternative game of Pode, you travel across a dangerous yet beautiful globe as you set out to distant islands to investigate pirate harbors, old ruins, and ominous castles. Find hidden wealth, get new skills and upgrades, and engage in combat with the wicked Maga Khan and his army of monkeys.

Features of Captain Sabertooth And The Magic Diamond 

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Skill Rating: 8+ year-olds
  • Release Date: 20/11/2020
  • Platforms: PC and Switch
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, and Platform
  • Developer: Ravn Studio (@RavnStudio)
  • Players: 1

4. Pile Up

Games Like Pode

In this running and leaping game, Pile Up, you collect up to four players to take on the role of boxes. In this alternative to the Pode game, you get through the level of difficulties to finally become the ultimate winner. You must jump gaps, open doors, and solve riddles while running (sliding?). To go across the vibrant cardboard worlds, you must cooperate.

At any point, a player may enter or exit the game. In a game like Pode, the challenge is simple: to find the number of active players. Competitive mini-games are available in addition to the main problems.

Features of Pile Up

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Release Date: 18/03/2021
  • Platforms: Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One
  • Genres: Platform and Puzzle
  • Developer: Handy Games (@Handy_Games)
  • Players: 1-4

5. Voyage 

Games Like Pode

In the puzzle game Voyage, two survivors must solve a mystery to find their way home. It is a fantastic game in the long list of games like Pode. The game can be played solo or collaboratively, and all you need to do is interact with objects and solve riddles to proceed. Its cinematic style and the two characters’ sense of connection and cooperation are notable.

This alternative of Pode makes you explore the world and solve puzzles by rearranging bricks, jumping, and interacting with detailed hand-drawn environments. However, unlike other puzzle games, there is no item collection to combine or employ to advance. Instead, you must pay attention to the world, which is the puzzle, to understand it.

This alternative game of Pode is created by two brothers from Sweden who are passionate and non-violent. This alternative of Pode emphasizes exploration as a communal activity that anybody can enjoy and includes gorgeous hand-painted settings. The shared exploration is fascinating, and features of cinematic aesthetics are also appreciated. This game also uses a mystery, wordless trip to tell a tale about the need we all share for one another, similar to other games like Pode.

Features of Voyage

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Skill Rating: 7+ year-olds
  • Release Date: 19/02/2021
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S
  • Genres: Adventure, Narrative, Point-and-Click, Puzzle, and Traversal
  • Developer: Venturous Games (@VenturousGames)
  • Players: 1-2

6. Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons 

Games Like Pode

In this alternative to Pode, the action-adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, you will find a single controller to control two brothers simultaneously. They must locate some water from the Tree of Life after their mother dies in order to save their father. The narrative is powerfully woven into the controls, creating a one-of-a-kind and poignant experience. You can play Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons on the Nintendo Switch, and other multiplayer games like Pode can be enjoyed on their gaming platforms.

Features of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

  • Content Rating: PEGI 16
  • Skill Rating: 13+ year-olds
  • Release Date: 07/08/2013
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and iOS
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Platform, and Puzzle
  • Developer: Starbreeze AB (@StarbreezeAB)

Players: 1-2

7. Koloro

Games Like Pode

Koloro is a one-button game involving sliding and jumping, similar to other games like Pode. In this alternative to Pode, all you have to do is navigate your square figure through challenging maze levels and engage opponents, and you must time jumps and avoid swords.

The game features adorable characters, creative graphics, an ethereal soundtrack, and straightforward controls. This game like Pode contains a cooperative mode, where you can play alone or as a team with a friend. Koloro is a game that you can play in extra hard mode after you finish it.

It has more than 300 levels and is a touching tale of love and friendship. Big boss battles, secret bonuses, and other challenges make this game challenging enough for expert players and other games like Pode.

Features of Koloro

  • Content Rating: PEGI 7
  • Release Date: 22/12/2018
  • Platforms: PS4 and Switch
  • Genres: Platform
  • Developer: Qubic Games (@QubicGames)
  • Players: 1-2

8. Biped

Games Like Pode

In the adventure game Biped, two players work closely together to navigate stages and resolve issues. It is a joy to share with the family because it offers unique controls and warm, endearing characters that you may also find in some of the games like Pode.

Each player controls Aku or Sila. In this alternative to Pode, you require a joystick to walk on the gamepad to prevent each leg. It enables you to carry out a variety of actions, like walking and sliding.

To locate all the planetary beacons, you proceed through fascinating locations on the globe, exploring woods, valleys, waterfalls, and ice mountains. You can purchase amusing headwear and gather prizes along the way.

The puzzles test your reflexes, teamwork, and strategy, as in games like Pode. Each level requires a significant amount of speech to be completed. Your flexible legs can accomplish more when you operate together than when you work alone, as this becomes more complicated.

Features of Biped 

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Skill Rating: 10+ year-olds
  • Release Date: 01/07/2020
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One
  • Genres: Platform and Puzzle
  • Developer: Next Studios (@NextStudios)
  • Players: 1-2

9. Blanc

Games Like Pode

Blanc is a black-and-white adventure for two players. This alternative game to Pode makes you take on the roles of a fawn and wolf cub lost in a vast, icy wilderness. You two together create an unexpected alliance as you travel the world together, using each other’s skills in the hopes of locating both of their families.

Play entails getting out and about, shifting barriers, leaning on one another for support, and assisting one another over gaps. The tiny cub can squeeze through narrow openings, and the quick fawn can leap higher and further.

As a result, a unique two-player adventure tells a tale of friendship, tenacity, and how differences aren’t necessarily bad, which makes this game a must-try in the list of games like Pode.

Features of Blanc

  • Content Rating: PEGI 7
  • Skill Rating: 7+-year-old
  • Platforms: PC and Switch
  • Genres: Adventure, Narrative, Puzzle, and Traversal.
  • Developer: Casus Ludi (@CasusLudi)
  • Players: 2 (2 online)

10. Death Squared 

Games Like Pode

Death Squared is cooperative puzzle games like Pode for 1, 2, or 4 players. In this alternative to the Pode puzzle, you and the robot navigate to a color-coded objective to solve puzzles. Because there are dangers and traps on each player’s path, getting there requires cooperation and communication.

After finishing the main game with one or two players, enter the four-player Party Mode for a fun, family-friendly experience. It’s an easy concept you can also find in other games like Pode.

Features of Death Squared 

  • Content Rating: PEGI 3
  • Release Date: 14/03/2017
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and iOS
  • Genres: Puzzle
  • Developer: Smg Studio (@SmgStudio)
  • Players: 1-4

Wrapping Up

Wooh! You gotta know so many Games like Pode. So now enjoy playing these games mentioned above, listed in the list, and relish puzzling. You can grab more puzzle games from Path of EX and enjoy playing these games on Mac, IOS, Switch, and other platforms.

Happy Gaming 

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