8 Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites and Apps in 2023

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It can get annoying when you get spam calls again and again. How can you know which number is a spam caller? You can do a reverse lookup on the number. Here are free reverse phone lookup sites you can use. I have listed some apps below that will help you block spam or scam callers automatically.

A free reverse lookup site gives all the information based on the number. Many of these sites have extensive records that you can get based on just the number or name of the person. You can use these sites to collect much information about your contact. Some of these sites also have an e-mail address, local address, and the work history of the individual.

So, which site should you use for a reverse lookup? Here are some of the best sites and apps that I recommend for free reverse phone lookup.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

You can do a reverse phone look up using free websites. Here are the 5 best free reverse phone lookup sites I would recommend. Some of these sites are quite old, and some are new. Each site has something unique to offer. Read and compare to find the sites best suited for you.

1. CocoFinder

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

CocoFinder is the best app to do reverse phone lookups. You can use the site for free. It has the most accurate records. You can do a reverse lookup by using a single name, phone number, or any other piece of info on the person. The site is really simple to use. But as the site has accurate information, you might have to wait a bit to get the search results.

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2. Search Quarry

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

This is one of the oldest websites that is known on the internet. You can use this to do a reverse lookup for any individual. You can simply use the phone number you have to do this. This being the oldest website with a vast database, the accuracy of the results is doubtful.

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3. Instant Checkmate

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Next on this list is Instant Checkmate. You can do a reverse look-up for any person you want using their phone number. You will find a detailed report with all the information about that individual. This site goes as far as to keep track of the individual’s criminal history, e-mail address, and contact information. You might also be able to get their entire work history and their local address. This website also has a paid version for faster and easier searches.

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4. AnyWho

Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites

If you want to get all the information that is out there about someone, then AnyWho is for you. This site has a huge database of local citizens. You can do a reverse lookup with the phone number of any person. The one drawback of AnyWho is that it takes some time to show results.

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5. Spokeo

Free reverse phone lookup

My final recommendation for a free reverse phone lookup site is Spokeo. This site takes pride in its simple and easy-to-use interface. Another major plus of using Spokeo is that your data will remain private. But you might end up getting information that might not be true. You can get a paid membership of Spokeo for the same.

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Free Reverse Phone Lookup Apps

You can use apps on your phone if you want to block spam callers. Here are the best 3 free reverse phone lookup apps. I have explained these apps in detail. Compare and select the app that suits your needs.

1. Reverse Lookup

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

You can use Reverse Lookup on your Android phone as well as on your iPhone. You can download this app on your phone, and you are good to go. It is a free-to-use app. This app can do a reverse search using a person’s phone number. You can use this app to block spam callers and report the numbers.

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2. Truecaller

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

You can use Truecaller to do a free reverse phone lookup as well. You can find the caller’s information using Truecaller. You can do this by searching the phone number of the individual. Truecaller is a free app. It also offers a paid version with added features such as auto-blocking top spammers. The free app works just fine for reserve phone look-up.

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3. Mr. Number

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

The final one on the free reverse phone lookup apps list is Mr. Number. You will be able to find and block top spammers and scammers. You will not be able to find vast info from the number. But you can use this free app for finding and blocking unwanted callers. This app will help you block calls from spammers, scammers, and fraudulent callers.

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Wrapping Up

So, now I have given you a list of the best sites and apps you can use for free reverse phone lookup. The apps mentioned in the list are available on iOS and Android. These apps and sites are easy to use for free reverse phone lookup. We will keep developing more curated lists for the best apps and sites. Keep checking in with Path of EX!


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