iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity Free For 2 Years: Here’s How to Use It

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity

Apple has unveiled the details of the iPhone 14. I was really excited to get to know the deets on this hottest tech device. During the launch, we learned that these iPhones would have satellite connectivity. Here is what you should know about iPhone 14 satellite connectivity. iPhone Pro models will have a 48 MP camera as well.

There were a few more gadgets that were launched at the Apple Event. What we do know is that iOS 16 will now be rolled out on many Apple devices. Not just iOS but iPadOS 16 will be released on supported devices soon. Similarly, you can soon expect your Macbook to get the macOS13.

But what is satellite connectivity in the new iPhone? Here is all you need to know about iPhone 14 satellite connectivity.

What is iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity?

iPhone 14 will have a satellite connectivity feature. This will allow you to make calls in case of an emergency. Apple has announced that iPhone 14 will have satellite connectivity free for 2 years. You will be able to send SOS in case of an emergency. You can send this SOS without network coverage.

Satellite connectivity is your best option when you have no network coverage. You can easily send an SOS if you need any help. This is a really helpful feature if you frequently travel to remote locations. You cannot send text messages or make calls using satellite connectivity. It is solely meant for emergencies.

Satellite connectivity was first introduced in iPhone 13. Now the next generation, iPhone 14, will have this feature for up to two years. Let’s see how you can use Satellite connectivity on your iPhone 14.

How to Use iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity?

iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity

You can use the iPhone 14 satellite connectivity feature when you need to send an SOS. You can share your location details using satellite connectivity. You can send your location to your family and friends through Find My. There are certain guidelines that you need to know for using this feature.

Apple recommends a clear sky as a preferred condition for using the satellite connectivity feature. This is justified as the satellites are high up in the sky. It will need a clear sky to connect your iPhone to the satellite. Your location details will be sent to the concerned authorities once your iPhone has satellite connectivity.

You will be asked a few questions while your iPhone is being connected to a satellite. The questions can be, “Who needs help?” or “Is anyone injured?” This is done to know more about the situation. After analyzing the information, your details will also be sent to the related authorities. iPhone 14 also has crash detection, which will immediately notify concerned authorities in case of an accident.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know all about the iPhone 14 Satellite connectivity feature. You can use this in case of an emergency to send an SOS. You cannot send text messages or multimedia chat using satellite connectivity. We will keep coming up with more such hacks and guides on your favorite gadgets. Keep visiting Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does iPhone 14 have satellite connectivity?

Yes, iPhone 14 has satellite connectivity. You can send an emergency SOS when you don’t have network coverage.

What is satellite connectivity in iPhone 14?

Satellite Connectivity in iPhone l14 lets you send an emergency SOS even when you don’t have any network.

Do iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro have satellite connectivity?

Yes, iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro do have satellite connectivity. You can use this service for free for 2 years, as confirmed by Apple.

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