Does Ulta Take Apple Pay | Know All Payment Methods Accepted at Ulta in 2023

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the most convenient methods of payment. This is a widely used mode of payment in different parts of the world. There are some pocket locations where Apple Pay services are currently unavailable. But that does not deter a larger number of stores to accept Apple Pay. It remains to be seen does Ulta take Apple Pay. Let us dive in to find out.

Ulta Beauty was initially known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance INC. Ulta Beauty is a pioneer in the beauty industry. People love the brand even more with its unique core values of empowerment and diversity. Ulta Beauty believes in being inclusive of all people. Ulta Beauty has around 1,200 stores in the US. While many of its competitors accept Apple Pay, let’s check if Ulta accepts Apple Pay or not!

Now that I have told you about Apple Pay and Ulta let’s get back to the real question. Does Ulta take Apple Pay & how can you make payments for Ulta Beauty using Apple Pay?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to make payments for your purchases at Ulta Beauty’s stores and on the app. You can use your Apple Pay wallet to make payments at Ulta Beauty‘s app, in their offline stores, and on their website. You can easily make payments for all the things you buy with the help of Apple Pay. It’s easy to use and secure as well.

The acceptability to use Apple Apple as a mode of payment varies from store to store. The way Lowe’s accept Apple Pay is totally different from the way Starbucks takes Apple Pay.

Ulta, by and large, accepts Apple Pay payment in all its stores and made it a universal mode of payment. Whereas there are some stores that accept selected stores, or at none, or almost all the stores. Some of the famous stores like 7/11 and Starbucks accepts Apple Pay payment.

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay on its Website?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

Yes, Ulta Beauty accepts Apple Pay on their website. To use Apple Pay on Ults’s website, you can go on the website and make your usual purchase. At the checkout page, you can choose to pay using Apple Pay.

Yes, there are certain stores that entertain Apple Pay payments on their websites. One among them is Ulta, whereas many stores still are hesitant to make it available in all its stores. The testimony to this fact is the way Culver’s accepts Apple Pay. Whereas, there are still a number of stores and outlets like Lowe’s that are swaying away from this mode of payment now.

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay on App?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

Yes, Ulta Beauty takes Apple Pay on its app. You can choose Apple Pay as your payment method at the checkout page. You can use saved cards from Apple Pay to pay. It is easier and faster to use Apple Pay than carrying cash or all your cards.

How to Use Apple Pay at Ulta Beauty?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

If you are wondering how to make payments using Apple Pay, here is your answer. Let’s see how to use Apple Pay-

1. Open Apple Pay on your iPhone.

2. Hold your iPhone near the contactless reader until the screen prompts a ‘Done’ along with a tick mark.

Note: If you wish to use a card other than your default card, simply click on your default card. You will be able to see all your saved cards. Now, Tap on the new card to use it for your payment.

Alternative Ulta Payment Methods

You can use your Apple Pay, Mastercard, Discover, Visa, American Express, and Paypal accounts to make payments at Ulta Beauty’s website. You can also redeem your gift card on the website. You can also make payments at Ulta stores using all major credit and debit cards.

You cannot make payments at Ulta stores using your International cards. You can use PayPal and Apple Pay on Ulta’s app as well.

Why You Should Use Apple Pay?

Does Ulta Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is Apple’s own payment wallet. With Apple Pay, you can save cards on your iPhone and make payments as and when you want to. Apple Pay lets you save your Credit and Debit cards all in one place. You can later use any card of your choice to make payments using Apple Pay.

Wrapping Up

Now you have your answer to Does Ulta take Apple Pay? You can use your Apple Pay wallet to make payments at Ulta’s stores, on the app, and on their website. Apple Pay is the easiest and safest way to make payments without your wallet. We will keep you posted on the latest updates in Technology. Keep visiting Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Does Ulta allow Apple Pay?

Ans: Yes, you can use Apple Pay at Ulta.

Q 2: Can I use Apple Pay at Sephora?

Ans: Yes, you can use Apple Pay at Sephora.

Q 3: Does Ulta take Afterpay?

Ans: Yes, you can make payments at Ulta using Afterpay.

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