Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay | Payment Methods at Kroger (Updated 2023)

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Smriti Razdan
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I know it is uncommon for you to be engaged in grocery shopping or other home goods shopping on weekends. It is obvious that either Kroger or Target fills your shopping basket with high-quality items. If you are also one of those who fall for Kroger’s best shopping deals, then this is for you. It is very important to think about what payment methods Kroger accepts. Of course, there are multiple ways to pay at Kroger, but in this digital era, I prefer mobile payments through apps. It is more convenient, especially when you use Apple Pay. So, finding out does Kroger take Apple Pay is needed.

When it comes to using digital payment methods, Apple Pay is safe and secure. What is good then this is when you literally grab your smartphone and do your shopping without any worry. Apple Pay gives you quick payment, so you do not have to stand for long at the checkout counters. So, if you are also here to make your shopping easy with Apple Pay at Kroger, just like you use Apple Pay at Food Lion, then let us find out does Kroger accept Apple Pay.

Does Kroger Accept Apple Pay

Click here to know more about does Kroger accept Apple Pay. Learn how to use Apple Pay at Kroger.

If you are eagerly waiting to know that does Kroger accept Apple Pay, then sadly, Kroger does not accept Apple Pay at any of their store locations. This payment update from Kroger is the latest. For wireless payments at self-checkouts and registers, Kroger Pay can be downloaded on iPhones. Now, the question is what Kroger accepts. Well, Kroger takes cash, credit cards, debit cards, and some other cards.

I know it is disappointing for you because when Trader Joe’s takes Apple Pay, then why not Kroger? To find out all your answers read more. Learn how you can still use your iPhone at Kroger for payment.

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How to Use Your iPhone at Kroger

Click here to know more about does Kroger accept Apple Pay. Learn how to use Apple Pay at Kroger.

I have mentioned about does Kroger take Apple Pay. And you are aware now that, it is not possible to use Apple Pay at Kroger. But, what if I tell you, you can still use your iPhone at Kroger for the payment? Yes!! It is possible with Kroger Pay.

Basically, Kroger Pay is the same contactless payment system that was found in 2019, and it is perfect for all iOS users because it gives the fast checkout benefit. To learn how to use Kroger Pay, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Whenever you use Kroger Pay for the first time, you will get the personal QR code on your app.
  2. When you do the checkout from the counter, you need to scan this QR code from the PIN you will see at the store.
  3. Kroger Pay automatically mixes loyalty cards and customers’ payments to give a better experience.

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Where Can I Use Kroger Pay?

Does Kroger accept Apple Pay. Learn how to use Apple Pay at Kroger.

After knowing the truth of does Kroger accepts Apple Pay now, the point is where you can use Kroger Pay. Well, you can use Kroger Pay at all the stores which belong to Kroger company. And their stores are widely available in the USA.

You will be glad to know that you can use Kroger at some more places like wine stores, street stores, pharmacies, etc. Remember one thing Kroger Pay is not available for the drive-thru pharmacy order but it is acceptable for in-store purchases.

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What Payment Methods Does Kroger Accept?

Hope you got an idea about does Kroger accept Apple Pay. And we know now that Kroger does not take Apple Pay. So, find out below what other payment methods Kroger accepts.

  1. Discover cards 
  2. Visa 
  3. debit cards, 
  4. American Express cards 
  5. Mastercard 

Wrapping Up

As I have mentioned above, Kroger does not take Apple Pay for now. But we hope Kroger will start accepting Apple Pay and Google Pay for contactless payment. You can use other payment methods at Kroger till then, which I have mentioned above. Follow Path of EX for more updates like this. Have a great Day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kroger accept other payment methods?

Yes, Kroger accepts other payment methods like Credit cards, debit cards, cash, and much more.

Does Kroger accept Apple Pay?

No, Kroger does not accept Apple Pay at all.

Does Kroger accept Google Pay?

No, Kroger does not accept Google Pay at all.


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