How to Solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom: Get Through Easily

How to Solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom

Are you stuck at the perplexing Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom? Fret not, fellow adventurer! I am here to show you how to solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom, in this gaming guide. Let us dive in and conquer this mystery together!

Underground Blossom marks the dawn of a fresh point-and-click adventure gaming experience. In this thrilling journey, you embody Laura Vanderboom, a youthful protagonist venturing on a quest through a labyrinth of subway stations, all while striving to break free from her mystifying, corrupted mentality.

There is no need for further delay; it is time to learn how to solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom. This chapter has its fair share of puzzles, but with the right guidance, you will breeze through it. Ready to get started?

How to Solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom?

In Chapter 1 Crib Station, Laura’s mother, Rose, faces the challenge of taking care of a baby. Here is how to play and solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom:

Step 01: Your journey in Underground Blossom begins as you board the train. Click on it to make your way to Crib Station.
Step 02: Upon your arrival at Crib Station, open the train doors by clicking on them. Then, step outside by clicking on the exit area.
Step 03: As you explore the station, you will encounter a lady, Rose. Interact with her multiple times to meet Rose. She will ask for your help in looking after her daughter, Laura.
Step 04: Return to the right side and click on the briefcase. To unlock it, open both latches and grab the Matches and Milk Bottle from inside.

How to Solve Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom

Step 05: Now, head to the right side of the station. On the floor, you will discover a toolbox. Tap the box to unlock it and pick an iron saw and the cloth (diaper).

Step 06: Return to the metal gate area located on the floor. Utilize the saw from your inventory to cut the bar on the left of the frame.
Step 07: Now, with the help of the rod in your inventory, tap on the golden color key to skate it to the broken bar. Add the key to your inventory.

Step 08: Move further right to reach the Ticket Booth.
Step 09: At the Ticket Booth, utilize the key and slide upwards to lift the booth door. Inside, you will find a sleeping old lady. Use the rod from your inventory to wake her up.

Step 10: The Old Lady will ask for 1 coin in exchange for a ticket to the next station. However, since you do not have a coin, return to Rose for further instructions.
Step 11: Near the Ticket Booth, there is a Baby Trolley with Laura. You will spot a safety pin next to her; pick it up.
Step 12: Pick the cloth from your inventory to make a makeshift diaper for the baby. Secure it using the safety pin. Offer Laura Vanderboom the bottle of milk and tap on her a couple of times to receive the dirty cloth diaper.

Step 13: Locate a nearby garbage can and throw the dirty diaper inside. Now, use the matchbox from your inventory to set it on fire. The garbage bin will shatter. Locate a Scraper from its pieces and add it to your inventory. Now, go back to the area where you found the key.

Step 14: Find a poster on the wall that reads, “Win a Trip to Rusty Lake.” Use the scraper from your inventory to scratch it. It will reveal the “The future will arrive” line and a Hindi symbol.

Step 15: Memorize the symbol and visit Laura’s mother, Rose. Tap on the Golden pendant around her neck. Choose the symbols revealed by the poster.

Step 16: Tap on the segments of the Hindi word “DEV” to spotlight the correct part of the symbol acquired in Step 14. Doing so will trigger the pendant to open and display the time set to 10:15.

Step 17: Head back and move to the right side, reaching the Big Clock.
Step 18: Interact with the clock and adjust the time to 10:15 by positioning the hour hand on X and the minute hand on III. This action will signal the arrival of the next train at the station.

Step 19: Open the train’s door, and the conductor will request a ticket. Tap on the right side pocket of the conductor’s shirt a couple of times to get a coin.

Step 20: Return to the Ticket Booth and give the coin to the Old Lady in exchange for a Ticket to the next station.

Step 21: Return to the conductor and hand over the ticket to the next station.

By following these steps, you will successfully conclude the first chapter and reach Child Lane Station. Good luck!

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Wrapping Up

And that is a wrap on how to tackle Chapter 1 Crib Station in Underground Blossom! Remember, whether you choose to interact with the child at the beginning or follow the guide, as I have shown, the adventure awaits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I wake up the Old Lady at the ticket counter?

Use a rod to wake her up.

2. How do I take care of the baby, Laura Vanderboom?

Give Laura Vanderboom the milk bottle, change her diaper, and interact with her.

3. How do I solve the puzzle with the colored shapes?

Match the shapes on the pendant to the shapes on the wall.

4. How can I start Chapter 1 in Underground Blossom?

Start by boarding the train at the beginning.

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