Biggest Cult on TikTok in 2022 | What are TikTok Cults?

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Shivangi Gupta
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After Viral Trends on TikTok, Cults on TikTok are the latest news. With the app always buzzing with something new. Even if one of the trends goes out of style, there are now TikTok cults that are gaining popularity. Let us see which is the biggest cult on TikTok. Also, should you be following any of the cults even though they are incredibly popular on the app?

TikTok users only keep on adding. The number of users on the app keeps growing by millions every week. Be it a new viral trend that has its followers going crazy. Or something new like TikTok Cults.The app never disappoints. Even with all this, TikTok has been in the news for the wrong reasons apparently. The FCC has requested Google and Apple to take the app down from their app stores.

Now about the cults on TikTok. Recently there has been an increase of Cults on TikTok. We have the answer to what are the cults all about and what they do. Read on to know which is the Biggest Cult on TikTok?

What are TikTok Cults?

Biggest Cult on TikTok

If you know what a TikTok cult is, you know it does nothing good to anyone. But what are the cults on TikTok? Firstly, let’s make it clear that the cults on TikTok don’t do the typical things a cult would do. Since it is a cult that connects virtually through TikTok, they mainly operate online. But that does not mean that these TikTok cults are all harmless.

The Cult leaders ask their followers to change their profile pictures to the same picture. The followers have to do as the leaders tell them to do. Usually, the leaders ask their followers to do online raids. Online raids consist of the cult spamming the comments of other creators. These raids can also lead to online fights amongst the cults.

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Which is the Biggest Cult on TikTok?

Biggest Cult on TikTok

TikTok has a huge user base. So consequently there are a lot of cults that are there on the platform. But do you know which is the biggest cult on TikTok? The answer might actually surprise you.

The biggest cult on TikTok isn’t by any celebrity. Step Chicken Cult is the biggest cult on TikTok. The leader of the cult is Melissa Ong, aged 29. While one might think it’s easier to maintain a cult on TikTok, it is not. These cults have to overpower other cults in raids. As such the cult leaders have to tell their followers what to do and when to do these raids.

Soon after the release of the Netflix series Stranger Things TikTok was going gaga over the character Eddie Munson. It is safe to say that Eddie Cult is the most solid of all the cults.

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Wrapping Up

TikTok cults are nothing like typical cults. These cults operate online and well, are in existence virtually. But that does not mean they are harmless. The raids they perform are a form of online bullying. When a cult of millions of followers raid the comments of any creator it can negatively affect the creator. So now you know which is the biggest cult on TikTok. More importantly what these cults do.

TikTok is used by kids that can be easily influenced. Parents need to be aware of what their child is doing on the platform to prevent their child from falling under any bad influence. While go and check on the newest trending stuff you should know, keep checking in with the Path Of EX!


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