All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes 2023

Destiny 2 exotic changes

Have you heard the news? Bungie has recently implemented a series of exotic changes that have left the community buzzing with excitement. Do you want to know all the Destiny 2 exotic changes from the recent update? Then come along and read this article to the end. 

Destiny 2, the beloved online multiplayer first-person shooter, continues to captivate players with its thrilling gameplay and ever-evolving universe. One of the most enticing aspects of Destiny 2 lies in its exotic weapons and armor, which offer unique abilities and game-changing perks. Now, let’s check out all the Destiny 2 exotic changes from the recent 7.0.5 update patch notes.

In this article, we will explore all the new Destiny 2 exotic changes, delve into the impact they have on gameplay, and uncover the thrilling potential they bring to every Guardian’s arsenal. Let’s get started.

What Are Exotic Changes In Destiny 2?

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

Exotic changes in Destiny 2 refer to updates and adjustments made to exotic weapons, arenas, and armor in the game. These changes can include buffs, nerfs, bug fixes, and balance adjustments to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Let’s discuss all the recent Destiny 2 exotic changes in detail below.

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

Update 7.0.5 is a long-awaited patch that has brought a plethora of exciting changes, including significant buffs to primary weapons, fixes for specific missions, and more. With these alterations in place, the community is abuzz with speculation about the impending meta-shifts. Notably, numerous existing primary weapons have received substantial damage boosts for PvE encounters, promising an exhilarating gameplay experience for Guardians venturing into battle. Let’s check out all the Destiny 2 exotic changes and patch notes of update 7.0.5.

Destiny 2 Exotic Changes In Activity Updates

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

Let’s discuss the changes in Destiny 2 activity ground, be it in the battleground or dungeons. Let’s check out all the Destiny 2 exotic changes in activities. 

1. Seasonal Battleground

  • Addressed the problem where the Consecrated Essence had the potential to manifest as duplicates.
All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

2. Crucible 

  • Introduced a fresh rotation for 6v6 connection-based matchmaking (CBMM) Weekly playlists, featuring Clash, Zone Control, and Rift. The existing 6v6 Party Rotator now consists of Mayhem, Momentum Control, and Scorched.
  • Updated the tutorial crucible quest to align with the revised playlist options.
  • Implemented a new metric to showcase your Competitive Division rank.
  • Players in the Ascendant Competitive Division now have the opportunity to acquire an emblem from Shaxx.
  • Resolved issues with erroneous awarding and gilding of the Glorious and Dredgen titles. All players who have completed the necessary Triumphs must reclaim or re-gild their titles.
  • Enhanced the potency of the respawn over-shield in Crucible matches.
  • Adjusted Rift mechanics to prevent activating Grapple from dropping the Spark.
  • Implemented restrictions in Rift gameplay, disallowing players from dunking the Spark while moving faster than 15 meters per second or utilizing a Grapple ability.

3. Vanguard Ops

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes
  • Legend difficulty in Defiant Battlegrounds now undergoes weekly rotations for their weapon overcharge mechanic.
  • Upon defeating Tormentors, players will now receive revive tokens, similar to Champions and Hive Guardians in certain activities.
  • Harmonized the behavior of Hive door locks in Heist Battlegrounds across all versions of the activity.
  • Adjusted the difficulty level in Heist Battlegrounds found in Vanguard and Nightfall playlists.
  • Resolved an infrequent crash issue that could occur shortly after picking up the initial Solar Cell in The Arms Dealer mission.
  • Addressed the problem where enemies in The Arms Dealer mission, who constantly respawn to drop required Solar Cells, could be exploited for unlimited points.

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4. Raids & Dungeons 

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes
  • Addressed a bug within the Duality dungeon that prevented the Nightmare of Gahlran from teleporting back to the encounter area after falling out of the environment.
  • Fixed the issue of shared checkpoints between Legend and Master modes in raids and dungeons.
  • Resolved a problem in Root of Nightmares where the Scission encounter occasionally caused a soft lock, halting progress.
  • Corrected an issue in Root of Nightmares where the intended visual effects on the screen would not display when players failed the encounter.
  • Fixed a bug in Root of Nightmares where Nezarec would sometimes fail to initiate a wipe when intended.

5. Exotic Mission

Addressed a bug where players occasionally experienced being forcefully pushed through walls by Vex traps, resulting in getting trapped within the wall.

Destiny 2 Exotic Changes In Gameplay & Investment 

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

Let’s discuss all the changes in Destiny 2’s gameplay & investment, be it armors or PVEs. Let’s check out all the Destiny 2 exotic changes.

1. Armor 

  • Addressed a bug where the reload perk of Peacekeepers would fail to activate after stowing an energy slot SMG.
  • Resolved an issue with Phoenix Cradle where the extension of the Sol Invictus buff was not consistently occurring when equipped with Burning Maul.

2. Weapon

  • Fixed a problem where specific Gambit weapons were not counted towards the Dark Age Arsenal Triumph.
All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

3. PVE Primary Weapon Balance

  • The damage output against red and orange-bar enemies in PvE has been enhanced for the following weapon categories as follows.
  • Auto Rifles: Increased damage by 25%.
  • Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, and Sidearms: Increased damage by 20%.
  • Scout Rifles: Increased damage by 10%.

Destiny 2 Exotic Changes In Weapons 

Now let’s discuss all the changes in Destiny 2’s weapons, be it rifles to guns. Let’s check out all the Destiny 2 exotic changes in weapons.

1. Submachine Guns

  • Adjustments have been made to the Ikelos SMGs to rectify an issue with the custom scope tuning, which resulted in an unintended reduction in recoil. 
  • The recoil has now been aligned to match that of other Aggressive SMGs as intended.
All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

2. Hand Cannon 

Addressed a bug that resulted in the Adept Exalted Truth having a smaller magazine size compared to the standard version.

3. Fusion Rifles

  • Rapid Fires
  • Damage per burst: Increased from 245 to 260
  • Damage per bolt: Increased from 27.2 to 28.9
  • Damage values in PvE remain unchanged.

4. Trace Rifles

  • The base damage of Sniper Rifles has been augmented by 4%, resulting in an increase from 12 to 12.5.
  • The precision hit multiplier has been lowered from 1.4x to 1.35x, leading to a decrease in critical damage from 16.8 to 16.9.
  • Flinch has been reduced by 10% when the stability stat is at 100, with scaling adjustments at lower stability values.

5. Sniper Rifles

  • Rapid-Fire Sniper Rifles now exhibit a 50% reduction in recoil, resulting in improved stability during use.
  • The total ammunition capacity for Rapid-Fire Sniper Rifles, which includes both the magazine and reserves, has been increased by 30%.
All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

6. Heavy Grenade Launchers

  • Addressed a bug that caused Omolon Heavy Grenade Launchers to lack visual effects (VFX).
  • Resolved an issue where the weapon known as Dimensional Hypotrochoid could be acquired with a range masterwork. This fix ensures that the weapon no longer drops with a range as a masterwork and converts any existing copies with a range masterwork to the corresponding handling tier.

General Destiny 2 Exotic Changes

Now these are the general Destiny 2 exotic changes you can take note of. These general updates and changes play a vital role too. Make sure you check these out.

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes
  • Introduced the Best Dressed Commendation to the game.
  • Addressed a bug where completing a dungeon solo, known as Solo Spelunker, did not count previous completions before reaching Guardian Rank 10.
  • Resolved an issue where completing the raid on Master difficulty did not count previous completions before reaching Guardian Rank 10.
  • Players who have crafted their first Exotic Glaive from The Witch Queen expansion can now obtain the Patterns for their other characters from the Evidence Board.
  • Veteran players will now receive the correct number of lore books upon reaching Guardian Rank 7 for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from progressing beyond Guardian Rank 3 if they had previously acquired all available subclass Aspects.

How Can I Stay Informed About The Latest Exotic Changes In Destiny 2?

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

To stay updated on Destiny 2 exotic changes, you can visit Bungie’s official website or follow their social media channels. These platforms often provide official announcements, patch notes, and developer insights regarding exotic changes and other updates in the game.

Or else you can follow Path of EX for the latest changes and updates on exotic changes of Destiny 2.

Do Exotic Changes Affect Both PvP And PvE Gameplay In Destiny 2?

All Destiny 2 Exotic Changes | Update 7.0.5 Patch Notes

Yes, Destiny 2 exotic changes can impact both PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) gameplay in Destiny 2. The adjustments made to exotic weapons and armor aim to maintain balance and fair gameplay experiences in both game modes.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about Destiny 2 exotic changes. These recent exotic changes in Destiny 2 have brought forth a wave of excitement and anticipation within the community. With adjustments to weapon damage, bug fixes, and enhancements to various exotic gear, Bungie has demonstrated its commitment to refining and evolving the game’s experience. 

These changes not only breathe new life into existing exotics but also pave the way for fresh strategies and gameplay possibilities for Guardians to explore. As Destiny 2 continues to evolve, players can look forward to a dynamic and engaging universe where their exotic arsenal remains a vital component in their quest for glory and triumph.

Thanks for reading…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How Do Exotic Changes Impact Gameplay In Destiny 2?

Exotic changes can have a significant impact on gameplay in Destiny 2. They can alter the effectiveness, abilities, and perks of exotic weapons and armor, which in turn can influence the strategies and playstyles of players. These changes aim to maintain a balanced and engaging experience for all Guardians.

Q 2. When Do Exotic Changes Typically Occur In Destiny 2?

Exotic changes can occur during major updates, patches, or expansions in Destiny 2. Bungie, the game’s developer, regularly releases these changes to address community feedback, improve gameplay balance, and introduce new features to the game.

Q 3. Can Exotic Changes Make Certain Exotics More Powerful Or Less Useful?

Yes, exotic changes can make specific exotics more powerful or less useful depending on the adjustments made. Some changes may enhance the performance and effectiveness of certain exotics, while others may introduce balance changes to ensure fair gameplay and reduce any potential dominance of particular exotics.

Q 4. Are Exotic Changes Reversible In Destiny 2?

Exotic changes made in Destiny 2 are typically permanent unless otherwise stated by Bungie. Once adjustments are implemented, they remain in effect until further changes or updates are made by the game developers.

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