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It’s no secret that Minecraft’s survival world can genuinely be a hell of a challenge if you don’t find the right villages soon. But having the best Minecraft Seeds 1.19 at your side will make it easier for you to survive. Below I’ve mentioned the best Minecraft Village seeds that will give you a major boost to your Minecraft gaming sessions.

This list will help you find essential resources and get a good start right ahead in this Sandbox game. You’ll easily manage to get food, armor, weapons, and a lot more essentials easily in the best Minecraft villages.

An even better advantage of these Minecraft village seeds is that you can trade your items with the villagers present if you’d like rare ores, ender pearls, weapons, etc. So let’s go right ahead with our list of the best Minecraft Village Seeds! 

List Of Best Minecraft Village Seeds

When it comes to finding the best Minecraft village seeds, the sources are endless, but the best ones are hard to find. To save you time, Path of EX has combined a list of the 5 best Minecraft Village seeds available. We have even added the in-game coordinates to help you figure out the key locations and villages! 

Best Minecraft Village Seeds

Now, all you have to do is explore all these amazing Minecraft village seeds and become the Master Minecrafter. 

1. Unique Savanna Village

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
  • Seed: -4308897156302709238
  • Coordinates: X:291, Y:71, Z: -898

The first on our list of Best Minecraft Village seeds is an especially interesting one – the Unique Savanna Village. With it, you are spawned in the center of an icy glacier-filled ocean. And if this isn’t enough for you, a few hundred blocks away from your spawn is the fundamental attraction of this seed: A Savanna Village. It includes various homes at the top and even the bottom, making it a breathtaking view. 

To the surprise of many, there is even an ocean with a shipwreck not far away from the village. This village is also an abode to two cartographers, a butcher, an iron golem, and lots of cats

Still, looking for more? Here’s a piece of good news. The village even has an opening of a cave just beside the butcher’s house. So it gives you an easy way to collect a majority of the resources from this sole village. But do remember to travel safely because it’s not exactly at your spawn point. 

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2. Village With 2 Blacksmiths, Caves, and More

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
  • Seed: -2998950669524933859
  • Coordinates: X:-374, Y:64, Z:-271 (Ruined Portal)
  • Coordinates: X:251, Y:66, Z:-173 (Village)

This Minecraft village seed has a lot to offer, including an architect, a priest, a number of farmers, weather workers, and two blacksmiths. An absolute dream for speed runners, isn’t it? Every single thing that you need in the overworld is provided in this village right at spawn. If even that wasn’t good enough for you, this village even has a tall snowy mountain with two things: lava coming out of it.

Now, when it comes to the ores, it has a total of 7 cave openings surrounding it that have clearly exposed iron and coal ores. Here, even diamonds are easy to find. And with a ruined portal not that many blocks away from the spawn point, it doesn’t get any better. 

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3. Desert Villages and Temples

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
  • Seed: 8638613833825887773
  • Coordinates: X:-8, Y:69, Z:-183 (Village)
  • Coordinates: X:171, Y:65, Z:155 (Desert Temple)
  • Coordinates: X:854, Y:72, Z:137 (Desert Temple)

According to all the Desert lovers in Minecraft, this is one of the most loved among the Best Minecraft village seeds! You get a humongous desert biome with 5 interesting villages and 3 desert temples. And you know what the best part is? Finding them is extremely easy as long as you stick to the map and check out the whole desert biome. 

To justify its high position in the list of the best Minecraft village seeds, know that the villages are completely packed with a lot of loot which would help your collection. You’ll even find a lot of lava pools there. In case you ever get bored with the desert, you could even check out the plains, oceans, or savanna biomes nearby. Use the coordinates provided to help you find the best loot locations nearby.

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4. Island with Three Villages

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
  • Seed: -4060839488929676108
  • Coordinates: X: -108, Y:65, Z:-121 (Shipwreck)
  • Coordinates: X: 239, Y:67, Z:134 (Pillager Outpost)

If you’re the type of gamer who feels that the best Minecraft village seeds involve having multiple villages at spawn, this would be perfect for you.

With this seed, you’re spawned on an island, which includes 3 villages that sit toward the edges of the island. One of the best parts of this Minecraft village seed is the shipwreck on the fourth edge. Another plus point is that the closest piece of land to this island even includes a pillager post exactly on its edge, which you can attack. 

Note: All these villages include iron golems and a variety of villagers. If a resourceful kingdom-style base is exactly what you’re looking for, this is one of the best Minecraft Village seeds for you!

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5. Hidden Ice Village

Best Minecraft Village Seeds
  • Seed: -4919525955627568481
  • Coordinates: X: -28812, Y:75, Z:14596

This seed has a deceiving nature, which makes it one of the best Village seeds. As soon as you spawn in this village seed, it looks standard. But, if you travel as far as you can, you will learn why it is one of the best village seeds in existence inside the Minecraft world.

If you travel thousands of coordinates away from your spawn, you’ll see a gorgeous snowy mountain with a village on the top. The top, bottom, and the part in-between the mountains have a lot of houses and farmers on them. In my opinion, finding a unique seed like this is highly unlikely.

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Best Minecraft Seeds For Non-Stop Gaming

If you want to read more about the best Minecraft seeds in general, we’ve got you covered. Click on the button below to get access to the best Minecraft seeds for non-stop gaming sessions!

Wrapping Up

Now, when it comes from the most peculiar spawns to the interesting ones, all the best Minecraft village seeds never fail to surprise every player. I assure you that you can easily experience the maximum with these best Minecraft village seeds. Although, you have to keep in mind not to use the seeds and coordinates wrongly. 


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