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Shivangi Gupta
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You might have thousands of reasons to end up here with an Instagram alternative. No matter what, you reached the perfect paradise. We have found some most underrated apps that are gonna blow your mind. We are gonna walk you through the best Instagram Alternatives that you can explore…!

Facebook introduced several cool features (mostly copied…!) to Instagram and marketed them globally. Now everyone is on Instagram (including our parents). That neighborhood ‘Karen‘ is stalking on your Instagram? Or you are tired of scrolling through and need more fun?

What else are the reasons to search ‘Instagram like’ Apps? We don’t know, but we know one thing for sure- We got your back..! An app similar to Instagram that works best for you depends on your intention of using it. Here, we are unfolding four of the best Instagram alternatives in 2023…!

Top 4 Instagram Alternatives

Instagram Alternatives

There must be a good deal of applications similar to Instagram. Yet we picked these four because each of these Instagram alternatives targets a particular need of the audience. Not everyone surfs Instagram for entertainment, right?

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1. Snapchat

Snapchat logo;Instagram alternative

Snapchat is the rightful heir to the throne of Instagram alternatives… Yup, I mean it. Facebook might play monogamy in social media markets, but it clearly can’t produce fresh ideas all the time. They shamelessly copied a lot of features from Snapchat- Disappearing messages to stories…!!

Admiring the potential, we have to talk about the features of Snapchat other than the ‘snap and share’.

1. You can share stories with custom viewers.

2. you can create your avatar with Bitmoji.

3. Snapstreak lets you measure your friendship- it counts the number of days you and your friend have shared snaps.

4. You know the game of filters and lenses originated in Snapchat, right?

5. Snapcash – a fast, free, easy way to send money. 

I know it sounds more like Instagram. But still, Snapchat is way ahead of us. The most interesting feature I fell in love with personally is Snapmap..!!

5. Snapmap allows you to explore places and events- How cool is that?

Gear up to play store or Appstore- Snap is everywhere…!!!

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2. TikTok

TikTok logo; Instagram alternative

Here comes another prince to the throne of Instagram alternatives who needs no introduction. With excellent video editing tools and filters, everyone is a content creator on Tiktok. No one knows when it is gonna end once you start scrolling…!

Instagram reels and YouTube shorts originated from TikTok.  Direct messaging, live streaming, reaction video option- There are plenty of varieties to explore.

But how can I hide the privacy issues..? Yes…TikTok never specifies what data they are collecting from users and they sure collect a lot. If you have privacy concerns… you might want to think twice.

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3. EyeEm

EyeEm logo;Instagram alternative

This is where business talks if you are an entrepreneur. Digital marketing is the key to a successful business nowadays. You may have nice visuals on Instagram, but it is only a mere scroll-through picture for others. But in EyeEM, your visuals have value. It helps brands to find affordable visuals for their marketing- and you get paid….!!

EyeEM grooms its users by providing some briefs from their partner brands. These briefs act like a challenge for the users to fulfill. It might enhance your ability to make better visuals.

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4. Telegram

Best Instagram Alternatives in 2022 | Apps You Must Use After IG

Everyone is using famous social media platforms- Everyone knows you are online. Can’t text or snap at your boyfriend at midnight?. Can’t have a girl talk about the guy you saw across the street today?

Let me introduce you to Telegram– It might sound funny. Because it is included in the top 15 communications apps in the USA- but still not much explored…!

  1. Large file sharing capacity with minimal compression.
  2. Groups can accommodate up to 200000 people..!!
  3. Unlimited storage.
  4. Delete or edit messages. ( Telegram never lets you worry about the things you said)
  5. Group voice chats.
  6. You can text message the customer support team directly ( No need for traditional mailing and waiting).
  7. Privacy-focused communication app.

One of the drawbacks I found unpleasant is you must need a phone number to sign up – your precious email won’t work here…

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Wrapping Up

Don’t think, the list ends here. There are plenty of fish in the sea. But these are our most preferred Apps like Instagram curated just for you. In short, if you want to be socially active, go for Snapchat.

Tiktok will be perfect for a video content creator. EyeEm will never let you down on great content. If you don’t want all those glittery snaps and reels, you are welcome to dive into the introvert’s social community, Telegram.

Hope you had fun. Try and see which one works best for you…

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the alternatives to Instagram?

There are several alternatives to Instagram based on your needs. Snapchat nearly satisfies all the features of Instagram. Other Instagram alternatives include EyeEm, Telegram and TikTok.

2. Is TikTok a better alternative to Instagram?

Yes. TikTok is a better alternative to Instagram in the case of video sharing. You can’t share posts on TikTok. It is a video sharing platform.

3. Instagram alternative for photographers?

EyeEm is one of the best Instagram alternatives for photographers. EyeEm has great quality content. Several brands will pay a reasonable amount to creators for using their photographs.


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