Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2023 | Guide to Free DNS Servers

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

Gamers, If you wanna enhance your gaming experience, you have to have the best DNS servers for gaming. You can get the fastest uploading and downloading speed. But what if you don’t want to pay for them? Well, in that case, I have listed the best free & fastest DNS servers for gaming.

It is obviously advantageous to switch your ISP’s provided DNS server to a private DNS server. As many people have discovered, Google and Cisco are home to some of the top DNS servers. These open DNS servers might offer substantially better latency and feature performance. Change your DNS servers to some of the fastest, free and best DNS servers for gaming.

A system structure called the Domain Name System (DNS) enables a computer to host any name as an IP address. Because it transforms all the information into a website’s name that people can understand, we can refer to it as the internet’s phone book. Best DNS servers for gaming do much more than just provide a name for the website. Let’s learn more.

What Are DNS Servers | DNS Full Form

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System.

DNS is the short name for “Domain Name System.” DNS, in short, is a database that is meant for the purpose of translating Domain names to the corresponding IP addresses. It is just like the contact list of your phone, wherein you always prefer things that can be remembered easily. In simple words, it is the Phonebook of the Internet. Humans usually get access to information online through domain names. Since Web browsers interact through Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, DNS translates the IP addresses and helps the browsers to load internet resources. 

Because people can’t access information online by IP addresses like or, it is essentially referred to as the Phonebook of the Internet.

In contrast, Web browsers exclusively communicate via IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, which are converted to IP addresses by DNS systems so that browsers can access the content.

Free DNS Servers For Gaming | 5 Fastest Servers

The DNS is categorized as an application layer. The two elements that are maintained by the internet are the Internet Protocol and the domain name hierarchy. In order to get the best gaming experience, you have to use the best DNS servers for gaming. The finest Domain Name System (DNS) for gaming in 2023 is listed below.

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare DNSDNS Server Address
IPv41.1.1.1: Primary1.0.0.1: Secondary
Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

One of the largest and most widely utilized content delivery networks is provided by Cloudflare. 2018 saw the introduction of Cloudflare’s free one-tap access DNS service called

When it comes to latency, a crucial consideration in domain name resolution, ranks among the internet’s fastest & best DNS servers for gaming. 

The app was initially restricted to Android and iOS devices. But now, Windows 10/11 and macOS users may also get free DNS apps from Cloudflare. However, you can set up Cloudflare DNS directly in the system settings using its IP address, exactly like other well-known DNS services on this list.

2. Google Public DNS

Google Public DNSDNS Server Address
IPv48.8.8.8: Primary8.8.4.4: Secondary
Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

Perhaps the most well-known & one of the best DNS servers for gaming available today is Google Public DNS. Some cutting-edge features made available to consumers can support its widespread use. However, with Google’s well-known propensity for monitoring practically everything, some customers may choose to use alternative DNS services.

Since its 2009 introduction, the service has been modified to comply with industry standards. Currently, more than a trillion DNS requests from devices are handled by Google DNS servers in a single day.

Both DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT), which are utilized on numerous platforms to secure user requests, is supported by Google Public DNS.

Additionally, it is compatible with the IPv6 protocol, which will replace IPv4 in the near future. The page loading speed can be increased by using Google Public DNS, which can provide the much-needed latency improvement that your ISP struggles with. Oh, and you shouldn’t mistake that for accelerating internet speed.

3. Quad9

Quad9 DNSDNS Server Address
IPv49.9.9.9, Secured9.9.9.10, Unsecured
Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

This public DNS server’s name is similar to its IP address, which is IBM, Packet Clearing House, and the Global Cyber Alliance jointly created the free DNS service. As you explore the web, Quad9 is designed to block harmful websites to fend off phishing scams and other online threats.

Quad9 feeds its systems with current data from numerous providers and open sources to achieve this security element. According to the public DNS service, no user-identifiable information is kept on file. In order to thwart MITM attacks, the DNSCrypt protocol, which is supported by Quad9, encrypts the connection between the client device and the DNS server.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 public DNS servers are offered by Quad9. Additionally, it supports DNS over HTTPS (DoH) and DNS over TLS (DoT) security capabilities, just like Google DNS. Let’s see the next best server in the list of all the best DNS servers for gaming.

4. OpenDNS

OpenDNSDNS Server Address
IPv4208.67.222.222: Primary208.67.220.220: Secondary
Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

Cisco purchased OpenDNS in 2015 after it was founded in 2005. Another well-known name while discussing the best DNS servers for gaming 2023 is this one.

This free DNS service is a fantastic choice for domestic and private use because it has a number of security measures to stop phishing attacks and content filtering. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are supported by OpenDNS, which also supports DoH but not DoT. Additionally, it supports the DNSCrypt protocol, which was first implemented by OpenDNS.

With more than 90 million customers globally, OpenDNS manages more than 140 billion DNS requests each day. When the free DNS service first launched, it was an ad-supported service that was eventually discontinued. To enable smooth and quicker DNS resolution in different parts of the world, it has more than 30 quick DNS servers spread across multiple continents.

5. CleanBrowsing 

Clean Browsing Family Servers –

CleanBrowsing FamilyDNS Server Address
IPv4185.228.168.168: Primary185.228.169.168: Secondary

Clean Browsing Adult Servers –

CleanBrowsing AdultDNS Server Address

Clean Browsing Security Servers –

CleanBrowsing SecurityDNS Server Address
Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

This free version of the DNS service & is one of the best DNS servers for gaming which supports all well-known security measures, such as DNSCrypt, DoH, DoT, and DNSCrypt, in terms of features. Separate IP addresses for families, adults, and security filters are freely available through the DNS resolver.

The primary goal of the open DNS resolver is to offer filters that enable parental controls and bar pornographic content. In other words, it aims to protect children from harm when they browse the internet. Compared to Quad9 or Cloudflare, CleanBrowsing is a relatively tiny service, which accounts for its narrow emphasis.

Nevertheless, it primarily provides subscription plans for a more specialized DNS service, which is also its principal style of operation. The $59.99/year Basic package includes active monitoring, 19 custom filters, and 19 blocks.

For Windows and macOS devices, CleanBrowsing offers a special program that instantly activates DNS filtering. It’s unexpected, though, that CleanBrowsing doesn’t have an Android app given how important it is.

6. NextDNS

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

When it comes to DNS Customization, NextDNS is the best in the business. Although NextDNS is a paid service, however, it provides limited free services that can be availed of up to 300,000 DNS queries a month. As you hit the said limit, it stops the processing. 

NextDNS has a lot to offer to you, including the ability to examine examinations to prevent access to suspicious websites, block advertisements, and web trackers. Remember, all these features are paid for. 

7. NordVPN

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

NordVPN has a secured DNS server upon which it operates.  Both the servers, primary and secondary servers, are public DND servers that can be accessed and used for free by anyone. However, NordVPN’s Private DNS server can be exclusively used by users who have active Nord VPN subscriptions, thereby being used by NordVPN app users. 

Some of the features of NordVPN are the speed and the protection it offers to vitiate malicious DNS-specific threats. However, these settings are not set by default, but you’re allowed to implement them at will. 

One of the unique and distinctive features of smart DNS. With the help of Smart DNS, your DNS queries are smoothly redirected to other DNS servers in case the page you are looking for is not available in your region.

8. GreenTeam

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

GreenTeam is one of the best DNS servers for gaming. It offers a lot of features like fast-speed connection, protection against malware, botnets, and adult content. It offers both the basic and premium versions. One is free, and the other one is paid version. Although the free version provides you the security and a fast connection, you are deprived of control over DNS

9. OpenNIC

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

When it comes to the best DNS servers for gaming, OpenNIC is one of the best DNS services, which allows unrestricted access to the internet devoid of the charges for the no information filtering. If you are a lover of high-quality graphic games, OpenNIC offers you a smooth and hassle-free gaming experience. Other than being the fastest DNS server for gaming, the security and the online protection features it offers make it a preferred choice.  

10. Comodo Secure DNS

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

Comodo Secure DNS can be relied upon for a better gaming experience. It is one of the fast and most reliable DNS servers available, and the speed at which it provides the response makes it a perfect choice for online gaming. The line of protection, security, and openness, other than being available for access from all devices, makes it a preferred choice.  

For Online users who want to experience a smooth and lag-free online gaming experience Comodo Secure DNS is the go-to platform, as it meets all the requisite parameters that an online gamer looks for. 

11. Clean Browsing

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

As compared to Quad9 and Cloudflare, Clean Browsing is a smaller service, which means that it can take a more nuanced approach. It allows users to browse the internet privately by disabling advertisements and trackers. The security and the online protection put in place by Clean Browsing make sure that any phishing or attack is done away with comprehensively. 

The features like custom content filtering, fast connection, and free filters set it apart from the rest and make it a preferred choice in a sense. All these features make it one of the good choices and a go-to platform when it comes to DNS servers for gaming. 

12. Alternate DNS

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

One of the ideal choices for online gaming is Alternate DNS, for being the fast, reliable, and cheap DNS server available in the market. The features like the prevention of viruses from entering the system, doing away with ads, and enabling a fast and secure internet connection make it a preferred choice for online gaming. Besides, you are allowed to use the service and browse the web without being interrupted by advertisements. 

In case you are planning to visit abroad and want to enjoy online gaming with utmost flexibility and ease, Alternate DND is the best option in such a case. 

13. SafeDNS

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS): 195.46. 39.39
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS): 195.46. 39.40

SafeDNS is a good choice for businesses, schools, and families who wish to protect their users from online threats. It is also a good option for individuals who want to improve their online security.

Some of the key features of SafeDNS are malicious website blocking, content filtering, parental control, and ad blocking, among others. 

SafeDNS is easy to set up and use. It can be configured on any device that has a web browser, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. SafeDNS also offers a mobile app that makes it easy to manage your settings and blocklists on the go.

14.  Level3

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

Level 3 DNS is a free public DNS service provided by Level 3 Communications. The Level 3 DNS can be relied on for its security and online protection in addition to the fast DNS servers and the ability to provide quick time responses to the activities that require such action. Level 3 DNS also offers a variety of features, such as content filtering and parental controls.

Level3 is one of the most reliable and fast DNS servers offering features like content filtering and parental control. 


15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

DNS.WATCH is a free and public DNS service that is designed to be fast, secure, and uncensored. It is operated by WatchGuard Technologies, a leading provider of security solutions.

DNS.WATCH offers a number of features that make it a good choice for gamers and other users who need a reliable and fast DNS server. Some of the features it offers are speed, security, and uncensored access. 

16. Verisign

15 Best DNS Servers For Gaming That You Can Try & Rely On

Primary DNS (preferred DNS):
Secondary DNS (alternate DNS):

The level of uptime and reliability makes Verisign one of the ideal DNS servers for gaming. Verisign DNS is a free public DNS service operated by Verisign, a global leader in domain name registration and internet security. Verisign DNS is a reliable and fast DNS server that is a good choice for gaming and other activities that require a quick response time. Verisign DNS also offers a variety of features, such as content filtering and parental controls.

Watch The Best DNS Servers for Gaming

Best DNS Server For Gaming (Lower Ping?)

Top 10 DNS Servers for Gaming 2023 | Paid Or Free

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

We have got you covered if you’re specifically seeking gaming DNS servers and if you are ready to pay for the finest service. We have gathered dedicated servers for gamers so they may play games without any lag or frame drops. By offering a steady connection, these gaming servers can improve your overall gaming experience. So the best DNS servers for gaming are as follows.

DNSPrimary DNS ServerSecondary DNS Server
Google DNS Server8.
Comodo DNS8.
Safe DNS195.46.39.39195.46.39.40

How Do DNS Servers Work?

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

Now that we know some of the fastest, free, and best DNS servers for gaming, let’s learn the working process of DNS servers. 

IP addresses resemble our home addresses in many ways. For instance, if someone wants to come to see us, they must use the correct address to find us. Similarly to this, if someone wants to access a specific website, they must use the correct IP address of the server hosting the page.

The DNS server transforms domain names, such as, into equivalent IP addresses (such as

How To Find Your Current DNS Server?

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

In order to switch your server to the best DNS server for gaming, you must know where to find your current DNS server. So let’s find out where to find out the current servers in Windows and Macbook.

  • Windows users should use the command “ipconfig /all” into the command prompt to identify their current DNS server. 
  • On a Macbook, go to System Preferences, Network, Choose network, Advanced, and DNS to identify your DNS server.

Benefits & Uses Of Public DNS Server

Fastest, Free & Best DNS Servers For Gaming 2022

You are willing to switch your servers to the best DNS servers for gaming available in 2023 for a reason, right? Let’s list all those benefits and perks. Here, we’ve compiled a few ideas that, in my opinion, could be significant factors to think about:

  • Better performance than what your ISP is typically delivering.
  • Bypass restrictions and unblock websites.
  • To filter objectionable stuff.
  • Keep annoying adverts and harmful websites off of your device.
  • When your ISP’s server goes down, use public DNS as a backup.

Wrapping Up

A gaming DNS server is an important tool that helps you to ante the gaming experience.  It typically has a faster response time than a regular DNS server, which can help to improve the performance of online games.  Since there are a number of DNS servers for gaming available in the market, in this article, I have enlisted the 15 best DNS servers for gaming that you can through and choose the one accordingly that can aptly meet your need and requirements. 

I hope this article will be of some help to you. In case something is missing, you can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to your valuable feedback. You can even visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which DNS Is Best For Gaming?

Google Public DNS. It offers excellent performance and low latency, both of which are necessary for online gaming.

2. What Are The Best Free DNS Serves?

Cloudflare, Google Public DNS, Quad9, OpenDNS, and CleanBrowsing are the best free DNS servers available.

3. Which DNS Are The Fastest & The Best DNS servers For Gaming?

Google Public DNS

4. Can DNS Help Reduce Ping?

Yes, DNS reduces ping & removes game latency.

5. Can DNS Make 0 Ping Possible?

No, 0 Ping is not possible.

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