When Will Audible Wrapped 2023 Out to Discover Your Memories?

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Do you want to step into the world of narration and live memories?  After the release of Spotify 2023 Wrapped, Audiobook users are buzzing on the internet to look for the release of Audible Wrapped 2023. Through this release, you must be able to dive deep into your listening history and explore the diverse genres that have filled your year. Whether you are a seasoned listener or a newcomer, you can easily celebrate the unique hanging of your audiobook app experience. 

Before entering into another incredible storytelling experience with 2024, you must be curious to re-discover your 2023 memories. With the 2023 Wrapped on the Audible platform, you can easily experience the countless moments, emotions, and adventures that were brought into your life with audiobooks. Also, if you are a music lover, remember to check the eSound 2023 Wrapped.

Scroll down and learn more about the releasing details for Audible Wrapped 2023 and the steps to use Stats and Badges for this platform. 

When Will Audible Wrapped 2023 Out?

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Based on the shared X platform (Twitter) post by one of the Audiobook users, I can say that the 2023 Audible Wrapped might come out next year, i.e., January 2024, with the name Audible Stats. 

News sources also informed that the audiobook platform has released this Audible Wrapped 2023 update after the urging of many users on the social media platform. Users are happy after the launch of Spotify 2023 Wrapped. Therefore, audiobook users are curiously waiting for the release of Audible Wrapped 2023. After the requests and posts of many Audiobook users, Audible has responded and confirmed that the Wrapped 2023 platform will soon be available in January 2024 with the Audible Stats feature.

Can I Use Stats and Badges on Audible to Track My Listening Info?

Audible Stats; Audible Wrapped 2023

You can use Stats and Badges on the Audible platform to track the listening information on your audiobook. It is easy to access, and you can easily get the details for listening level and time. You can also easily get the total number of available audiobooks in your library. You can do it easily by simply following the below steps. 

  1. Open the Audible app. 
  2. In the bottom right corner, click on the profile icon. 
  3. Tap on the Badge collection. 

As soon as the Badge collection opens, you can easily find your listening statistics. Once the Audible Wrapped 2023 is out, you will get the expanded details on these available statistics for your accessed 2023 books. 

Wrapping Up

The above post will help you join the listening celebration, the power of words, and the connections that Audiobooks bring to your life. You can get the details for the release of Audible Wrapped 2023 in the above post. Audiobooks help you celebrate your individuality, stories, and incredible listening universe with the release of 2023 Wrapped. 

Are you eager to use the Audible 2023 Wrapped? If yes, please share your experience of using the Audiobooks in the comments section. Also, follow the blogs on Path of EX for the latest updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Audible Wrapped 2023 out?

As per the X platform (formerly Twitter) post, the Audible 2023 Wrapped will be available in January 2024. 

2. Can I sort books on Audible?

Yes, you can easily sort and view titles present in your in-app library. On your app’s screen top, you can find options for Audiobooks, Podcasts, Author series, Genres, Wish List, and Collections. 

3. Does Audible platform have a queue feature?

Yes, you can easily access the queue feature on your Audible platform. Tap on the three vertical dots present in the right corner for any book. Then, by selecting the Play Next option, it will be added to the queue.   

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