How to Fix Apple Watch Not Updating Weather App | 4 Steps to Solve

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Users could typically depend on Apple Weather features for reliable forecasts and actual temperature information. The Weather application on your Apple Watch could, though, stop updating if anything really goes wrong and creates frustration. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a list of tried-and-true fixes to get your Weather app working again. Keep reading this write-up carefully to know the reasons and solutions for how to fix Apple Watch not updating weather App.

As we know, the dependency on gadgets to get advanced information on weather and temperature is increasing daily. In addition, when we use an Apple Watch-like device, it gives you accurate and timely information on weather and temperature before you plan anything for the day. I have provided many fixes in this article, which shall help to fix when your Apple Watch is not updating the weather app.

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Now get ready to walk with me through the article to learn about how to fix Apple Watch not updating weather App and get all updates back on your device.

How to Fix Apple Watch Not Updating Weather App | 4 Easy Fixes

I recommend going through all the steps and fixes below to learn thoroughly how to fix Apple Watch by not updating the weather App and getting alerts again on the device. Once you can get the updates on your Apple watch again, you can certainly plan your day more accurately and confidently. Find the fix below (Apple Watch not updating the weather App):

1. Verify That The Weather App Can Access Your Location

The application to display localized weather information requires permission to access. Therefore, be sure to dot all your i’s and check all your t’s (Apple Watch not updating weather App).

1. Tap Privacy in the System preferences on your associated iPhone.

2. Select Weather under Location Services.

3. You now have five choices:

Apple Watch not updating weather App
  • Nothing.
  • When I share, or the Next Time.
  • When Utilising the App.
  • Gadgets or While Using the App.
  • Always.

If you want the most significant outcomes, choose Always. If you frequently check the weather widget on your home screen, choose While Using the Application or Widgets.

I hope this was the solution to your issue (Apple Watch not updating weather App). If not, perhaps the following suggestion will work for you.

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2. Restart Your iPhone and Apple Watch

If you’re using the Weather app on iOS, check its connectivity to mobile networks. Ensure the Weather app has permission to use your information if you’re using cellular service on your smartphone. If it has already been permitted, disallow data usage, then restart your Watch and cell phone. Afterward, let the app access Cellular Data once more.

1. On the iPhone you’ve paired, go to Preferences.

2. Select Mobile/Cellular after that.

3. Switch off the button next to Weather as you scroll down.

Apple Watch not updating weather App

4. Restart your Apple Watch and iOS smartphone after that:

Apple Watch not updating weather App
  • You must press and hold the sound down key in addition to the side button on iPhone X and newer. Swipe to turn off after that.
  • Tap and hold the side button using an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Swipe to turn off after that.
  • To switch on your iPhone, pause a little, then click and hold the side button.
  • Keep the side button down while pressing it to reset your smartwatch. After that, move the slider to turn the Watch off.
  • Press and hold the power button once more until the Apple logo appears after a little delay.

5. Return to Preferences Mobile and activate the option beside the Weather app afterward.

Does your Apple Watch weather now update after a brief restart? If you weren’t as fortunate, consider the following advice (Apple Watch not updating weather App).

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3. Update the iPhone and Apple Watch’s Operating Systems

Do you have the most recent updates for your Apple Watch and smartphone? Or else, it’s worthwhile to update the most recent Operating system. Since it has happened so frequently, an older edition of the iPhone or WatchOS may be to blame.

Apple Updates for iPhones:

1. Make sure your cell phone is Wi-Fi-linked and has a 50% charge life span.

2. Using your iOS device, open Preferences.

3. Next, select Firmware Upgrade under General.

Apple Watch not updating weather App

4. Simply download any updates that are available as normal.

Apple Watch software must be updated:

1. Once more, confirm that your watchOS device is Wi-Fi connected. Additionally, the watch’s battery should be at least 50% charged.

2. Maintain your Watch on its battery until the upgrade accomplishes smoothly.

3. Open the Watch on your smartphone.

4. Check to see if the My Watch option is already chosen.

5. Next, select Software Update under General. If an update is offered, download it.

Apple Watch not updating weather App

Mention: If asked, provide the password for your Apple Watch or smartphone (Apple Watch not updating weather App).

I have one additional option if the application is already up to date.

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4. Reconnect Apple Watch to iPhone After Disconnecting It

It is a drastic measure that would fix even the most challenging problems with your wristwatch. Your smart gadget can be easily unpaired from your smartphone and repaired using watchOS. Your information is automatically stored, so don’t worry about it. You can quickly recover your watch from the most recent backup.

  • How to disconnect your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • How to connect your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Your Apple Watch must now operate flawlessly with the Weather app.

Wrapping Up

While going through the write-up, I hope you have fully understood the entire procedure of fixing the Apple Watch not updating weather App issues. The steps given above are clear and well-tried to fix the Apple Watch updating problem. I recommend carefully going through all these steps with full attentiveness so that you do not make any mistakes while following the procedure (Apple Watch not updating weather App).

Please let me know in the comments section below if there is any other question regarding Apple Watch not updating the weather app.


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